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Recent changes patrol

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Info non-talk.png "Whack-a-mole" and "Whack-a-troll" redirect here. For other meanings see: You Are Ban
Police man update.png This user is a recent changes patroller.
The RCP in action.

Recent changes patrol is a purely voluntary form of indentured servitude that many free Wikipedia editors with self esteem issues and no life all ASPIRE to and will willingly subjugate themselves to on a daily basis just to keep in the good books of Jimbo and his team of pedohand-picked Wikipedo 'A Team'. Users like Muzemike, Rodhullandemu, j.delanoy really enjoy patrollin wikipedia because jewbo gives them extra pedo banging at wikimanias, that's why they look like total crap. This in the quest for the Holy Grail of TOW: being an admin—something resembling the 'power' and control over their peers that they lack in their daily lives. In reality, however, being an op at a poorly sourced and erroneous encyclopedia catalogue huge stinking pile of misinformation is about as much of an honour as being the towel and lube flunky on a pr0n shoot.

For that matter, RC patrol transcends TOW and is existent on many other wikis such as Wikia and Uncyclopedia (where RC patrolling is redundant since even the lamest vandal at Uncy is funnier than the contributors). While the need for it could virtually be eliminated by simple measures, the higher ups of those wikis are fucking retards and allow anyone to edit anonymously.

Urban Rose Quits

WTF is a chick this hot doing on TOW to begin with?
Urban Rose surrounded by Wiki Jew penises. Can ED save her?

After the Grawp trollfest on TOW, RC patroller Urban Rose become disillusioned with "the project." Out of frustration from their general faggotry, UR made an account on ED and posted the following on her user page:

I go by "Urban Rose" on TOW. Or at least I did until I realized how ridiculous it is what average people have to go through just to keep the site functioning because of the policies that have been set in place by those in change

I've decided that what Wikipedia should do if it ever decides that it wants its legitimate contributors to be treated with respect is require account creation and an email address (for that matter, this site should to, but that's a different story). This would not deter legitimate contributors and would virtually eliminate petty vandalism and sockpuppetry.

It would possibly mean fewer passing by typo corrections, but it's my bet that the majority of Wikipedia's articles are written almost entirely by a few dedicated editors. This idea that good articles arise from many contributors adding small amounts of information at a time is false. I can't prove this unfortunately, but if I were to look at statistics, I strongly bet that I would find this to be correct. That said, I've come to feel that even editing this site is a better use of my time than reverting graffiti by school kids and tagging sockpuppets of autistic sockpuppeteers for hours on end.

Once the administration decides to implement these changes (require account creation and an email address), I just might return, but my days of being a slave to the rollback button are over. Who knows, perhaps I just might become a legitimate contributor to this site (not likely, but who knows). Internet culture isn't really my thing, but this site could serve as a medium through which I constructively make my views known to the world.


—Urban Rose


The benefits of rollback are well known to all.

UR then created the page that you are reading right now, to troll the douchebags on the Recent Changes Patrol, causing much butthurt and wikidrama.

I'm thinking of writing an article called "RC patrol". But I have other things to do so I doubt I'll end up becoming a full time contributor to this site. I may occasionally add opinions to Wikipedia-related articles but as a whole writing about internet culture is not my thing. I'm contributing more to make a point on Wikipedia.


—Urban Rose, shortly before creating this article

She also attempted to start a deletion review of the ED page on TOW (which according to Wikipedia doesn't exist) just to spite them, in particular user Sceptre.


Needless to say, Sceptre closed it and appealed to his sysop friends to have Urban Rose b& for being disruptive. As if that wasnt enough he also got a bunch of faggots to spam her talk page.

After she was banned, users finally started to question Sceptres' bullshit. As a result he had his rollback privileges and his access revoked, making him look like an even bigger asshat (if that's possible).

00:33, 5 May 2008 AuburnPilot (Talk | contribs) changed rights for User:Sceptre from rollbacker to (none) ‎ (Per discussion on WP:AN; abuse

Per Sceptre's abuse of the rollback function, and the concerns noted above, I have revoked his access. - auburnpilot talk 00:34, 5 May 2008 (UTC)

  • RickK would've loved you. Sceptre (talk) 00:43, 5 May 2008 (UTC)

Because he totally wasn't butthurt or anything, Sceptre then blanked both his user and talk pages, committing Wikicide. Many have tried but Urban Rose was the only one successful in ridding the internets of Sceptre and his arrogant, ham-fisted faggotry.

Successful Troll Is Successful

Rule 34 satisfied!

As a result, Urban Rose has become somewhat of an icon on ED, and she will probably go down in history as the most attractive person to successfully troll TOW.

I've been getting requests for tit pics and stuff like that.


—Urban Rose

If by "stuff like that" you mean shaved vagoo pix...then put me on the request list.



I'd hit hit.



UR is currently working to get an ED article at TOW, or at least getting ED mentioned in other relevant articles.


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Sceptre going nuts

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