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If your workplace doesn't look like this, you are a vile, hatemongering Nazi.

Underrepresentation (aka Not Enough Niggers or Not Enough Cunts) is a made up "atrocity" invented by butthurt liberals. You know what this show/fictional work/government/workplace/industry/crowd/Star Wars sequel needs? More people with brown skin! And more people with vaginas! And more faggots with HIV! Everyone knows those features are more important than skill! Terms related to "underrepresentation" include "invisible minority" and "diversity crisis" and "Silicon Valley boys club."

Crying about underrepresentation is mainly an SJW disease, but anyone can catch it. Underrepresentation is a fancy word for "inequality" (aka difference), based on the realization that different things are not equal (but they "should be" because equalityyyy). It grows out of a warped sense of "fairness" or "justice" that metastasizes into totalitarianism. Being "underrepresented" is like being "undernourished" but instead of your body starving for food, your ego is starving for attention. The only thing that can die from "underrepresentation" is your unwarranted self-importance.

Bitching about being "underrepresented" is the leading cause of black Human Torches, female Thors and muslima Captains Marvel and #OscarsSoWhite.

What the fuck is this?

The University of Wisconsin shoops in a black guy (left) from original (right) to dissuade white women from enrolling

Underrepresentation is the bullshit idea that every person in the media (or in any position of power, or any position really) should be a perfect amalgam of seven billion humans. Or if that's not possible, that every media item should be a perfect statistical sample of a viewing demographic (like BET). Because role models or some shit? The entire media bending over is much simpler than just staring in the mirror if you want to see someone who looks like you.

Whining about underrepresentation is a result of pounding "tolerance" and "equality" and "diversity" and "multiculturalism" into gullible children's heads, and it leads to an irreversible victim complex. Anyone is a potential victim of "underrepresentation" since each person happens only once (as opposed to production where consumer goods and digital media can be repeated ad nauseam). Of course, only privileged minority groups get to baww about it.

The underlying assumption is this: if we are all the same and if everyone is equal (which liberals have brainwashed kids into thinking), then why do different people behave in different ways and pursue different goals in life, and why do some people seem better at certain things than others? The SJW answer is, of course, systematic institutionalized oppression, not any variation between individuals, genes, diet, microbes, physical activity, environment, climate, education, practice, training, culture, media exposure, stimuli, experience, or how many hours a day you sit on your ass.


Some argue groups can either be a) overrepresented, b) represented, c) underrepresented, or d) non-represented.

SJWs and feminists will say that white hetero male cis scum shitlords are overrepresented, while every other demographic is underrepresented. What would perfect representation look like to an SJW? The question of perfect proportions is hampered due to feminists thinking women are beautiful at any size. Also, women always blow everything out of proportion (like their hips and pregnant bellies).

The retarded logic behind all this

Blacks do however exceed the 10% mark in other important areas

Underrepresentation is the basis of the idea of equality of outcomes.

In theory, SJWs believe that if 50% of the population is female, then:

Of course, no SJW truly believes this, since they're only concerned with playing the victim to acquire power and privilege and prey on others' sympathy.

SJWs believe that if 10% of the population is black, then:

However, if all media was perfectly representational due to affirmative action and imposed equality, it would validate every stereotype due to sheer majorities (most blacks can't swim, most women are sociopaths, etc). On the other hand, at least it would solve the problem of our Jew-swamped media and government (2%), and fags and Chicks with Dicks (4%) would become properly invisible. As they should be.


Charlie Brown schools the Token Black Guy

Bitching about underrepresentation takes many forms:

Crime against humanity

Prisons display a shocking amount of underrepresentation

Underrepresentation is a modern day Holocaust according to SJWs, liberals, and other delicate flowers. To be "underrepresented" is the worst crime ever according to SJWs, and it is the basis of all their whining and moaning.

Claiming someone is "underrepresented" basically just means that minorities exist. Liberals refuse to believe that different people may have different strengths or weaknesses (like Sherpas who can breathe in the Himalayas without oxygen tanks, or Kenyan long distance runners).

Liberals believe that underrepresentation can be solved with affirmative action for fucking everything, where someone is given something solely because they are in the minority. It is basically an effort to "redress grievances" and try to fix the past by artificially fucking up the present like electing a president based on skin color or ovaries.

Complaining about underrepresentation is an outgrowth of representative democracy, where people are conditioned to vote for others to represent them and their interests, as if it was still the fucking Iron Age and people had to travel by horseback and the Interwebs did not exist. It is also a result of humans looking to other people to do shit (so they'll have a scapegoat to blame when shit goes south).


Diversity is our greatest strength.. goy..

People who whine about underrepresentation don't acknowledge that self-segregation exists. Self-segregation can be seen in ethnic enclaves such as: Chinatown, Koreatown, Japantown, Currytown, Little Italy, Nazitown, Beanerville, Greektown, Mictown, Pollacksberg, The Res, The South, Rivendell, Gondor, The Shire, Vulcan, the gorilla pen at the zoo, and the Ghetto. Also in Fagtown, Trannytown, The Terror of Tiny Town, Geezerville, gated communities, island nations, every country before air travel existed, school clubs, cliques, the Country Music Awards, the NAACP Image Awards, political parties, religions, websites, tribes, every organization ever, prison, and in the wild. It's almost as if "birds of a feather flock together" or something.

People who bitch about underrepresentation notice when a lot of people are similar and then demand that different people be sent in, just because. It is a claim that there are "not enough" of a certain type of person. Of course, people who complain about underrepresentation are speciesist and only talk of humans being "underrepresented." The only equivalent in the animal kingdom are the terms "endangered" and "extinct." SJWs see the giraffe pen at the zoo, and think that lions are "underrepresented", and wouldn't it be good if kumbaya and can't we all just get along? SJWs want to go against nature and force dogs and cats to live together like some fucking Android commercial. To further prove their speciesm, they also get offended by aliens, robots and other non-human sentient beings in science fiction movies, believing them to be part of a conspiracy to avoid including in human minorities, hence the decline of non-human sentient characters in film and overall scifi and fantasy media, with even elves these days being played by all manner of dull and lifeless human skin colors despite being their own race in most fantasy stories rather than a separate species.

Underrepresentation is the epitome of a First World Problem. The only people "underrepresented" in third world countries are people wearing clothes with food in their bellies and access to clean water.


Whining about underrepresentation is caused by deep prejudice, where an SJW wants to see and be surrounded by others just like them, otherwise they'd have to be tolerant of different people. Naturally, the SJW solution is affirmative action. Affirmative action is the inversion of Martin Luther King Jr's quote about judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. Fuck character. What's important is selecting people based on minority traits instead of actions. If you can't tell, "underrepresentation" was invented by women, who always value appearances over actions.

SJWs fail to understand that the only truly free speech is anonymous speech, while they complain about being stalked on social media. They spend all their time focusing on the "identity" of the speaker and not whether their actual words make any sense or are fucking retarded. This leads to hilarious things like a white male poet being rejected 40 times from poetry anthologies, until he submitted his poem under an Asian pseudonym.


This platoon has literally one black guy but they zoom in on him a lot

One is all that is needed

A multiracial TV gang including white guys!

Diversity explained

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The famous "melting pot" of multikultur in action

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