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Atomic.gif Warning!
This article has a sickfuck with a cheerleader fetish in it!!
What is it now?

ultragamma is my char

Well, lets start off here. About 100 years ago a retarded Sonic furfag made her "original" character, Ultragamma. Ultragamma is the single most AWESOME character EVAR. He's a cross breed of a hedgehog, fire, bird, shark, and dragon. He's part articuno and part dragon and part pikachu. Along with being a great ninja, great wizard, great weapon specialist and great kung-fu master. Plus he's also the ultimate super hero with Mario's hat.

Well, that's shit, just complete SHIT. His character is now the king (queen?) of the Mary Sues. Along with that piece of shit she also lieks cheerleaders, and he will also near ALWAYS ask you for a picture of Amy or Princess Peach as cheerleaders. Either you draw them, or you get a specific Amy and Peach picture from DeviantArt


She also likes to talk about how he doesn't steal art and that she's a 15 year old boy. And if you question her reasoning, she'll call YOU the art thief and demand that YOU go steal a picture for him.

In recent times a large number of people who are not being Anonymous have started attacking the little retards page about how it can't draw. Usually it will get into a long argument with you. Also, we find that it's sick fetishes are from it's rapist friend!


In Recent Times

In light of current events UltraGamma is still pretaining a fucktarded status!

Raids have started at SheezyArt with people in non-anonymous accounts, since you cannot be banned at Sheezyart! It seems that until now it has been unchallenged, but with the coming of ILUSF118 It has started to have its true self shown!

Some of the best Quotes:

"Now you're telling people on Sheezyart what to draw?"

"Go to hell. Now. You're demanding art from people you don't know at all. Thats rude. You're not having any courtesy for the artist and forcing them to do it just shows even more that you don't have any at all."


And a tl;dr one by Truth to be Told

Lulz on FurFaggotry

Since when did Amy have a penis?

He went back to FurAffinity, now known as starhero3. We're not sure why the fucktard went back, and even admitted that it was him in his recent journal, obviously asking to be banned again. He did though, actually draw a picture of his retarded fetish of Amy Rose cheerleader, and proudly stated he did it himself. EVEN THE BACKGROUND HE DID. Wow, he's got some talent here folks.


So, starhero3 account was banned, and now he MADE ANOTHER NAME as yoshiking2. Remember, this guy has autism, so it's going to take a while for him to realise we DO NOT WANT his faggotry bullshit begging.

starhero3 is now known as starhero33 - Very clever!


UltraGamma does not like SpongeBob or Eggman.

Reasons why are probably because they're evil. See his FA journal for more details. [1]

He also doesn't want you to know that he's moved away from his SheezyArt account where some kid, claiming to be his step-cousin, put up valuable information!

  • ZOMG!!!
    *gasp* He lives at sheezy art! How 'ya doing Jacob? >.> <.<

I think you have a major crush on harley, which would be so wrong considering the fact you're cousins. Did you know Harley just got discharged from the hospital? She's allergic to wheat. Weird, huh? And are you still bothering people for cheerleader amy rose art? look... if your going to ask someone for something, try these;

1) Try to atleast be polite

2) Form some kind of friendship with them first

3) Try to sound like a human when asking

4) I know it may be hard, but TRY not to sound like an idiot.

Have a nice day! ( weird, mental, rude, begging, 13-year-old step-cousin of mine.)
what the fuck was that

It's Moved Back to dA

IT is confirmed that LULtraGamma has moved back to DeviantART and has immediatley started to ask for pictures of Amy as a cheerleader from, EVERYONE. Even those who state they do not draw, and from this gay guy who doens't even draw Sonic.

He's also trying to make a fanclub. ^_^

Sorry about that, he got BANNED from dA. WHOOPS.


Apparently sources tell us that Lultragamma was banned from DA because someone hacked into his account.

We don't know the details, but if this did happen we would LOVE some fucking lulz on this, and how it was done. Screencaps, whatever. He went around blamming people on FurFaggotry that they hacked into his account.

He is totally butthurt about this.

He hates the following

People that know well about him

Sally Acorn, King Koopa, and Homer Simpson as seen here http://www.youtube.com/user/OudieStadium

Spongebob and Robotnik/Eggman


In a recent turn of events, UltraGamma's "girlfriend" has mysteriously appeared on dA. Though, this is quite the sudden turn of events, because UltraGamma's cousin stated that he has a crush on his cousin. Though, she is an art thief who doesn't even bother to color an image, which leads us to believe that she is lazy, and therefore a fatass. MOAR TO PUT UP AS IT WILL HAPPEN.

She is there for actually a fatass as shown here. [2]

She was once known as EvieTheHedgehog and now recently known as RowanDaRabbit.


lol wut

Here are a few artist's gifts to the awesome UltraGamma. If you have any lulzworthy pictures, please add.

Deviantart-favicon.png UltraGamma (currently banned)

His Sheezypage

His FA page (currently banned)

His other FA page (BANNED)

His other OTHER FA page (Banned)

His other other OTHER FA page (Banned)

His other other other OTHER FA page. (Banned)

His other other other other OTHER FA page.(Banned)

his other other other other other OTHER FA page. (Banned)

His new Youtube Account. OH NOES!!!


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