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Just as bad as Windows.
If you ever recommend or redistribute GNU/Linux, please remove Ubuntu from the distros you recommend or redistribute. [...] In your install fests, in your Software Freedom Day events, in your FLISOL events, don't install or recommend Ubuntu. Instead, tell people that Ubuntu is shunned for spying.


Richard Stallman, [1]

Ubuntu Goatse Edition Logo
Default Ubuntu wallpaper
Lunix for Jews. YA RLY.
Typical Ubuntu server manager.

Ubuntu (moar liek jubuntu, amirite?) is currently the most bloated Lunix distribution funded by Mark Shuttleworth's Canonical Ltd, to provide a distribution for those that fail at computers and was especially designed for niggers who cannot afford Windows. It is said to have over 9000 users, although this may not be true because Ubuntu users are known to download Ubuntu at least 100 times while fapping to it downloading. Ubuntu's unpopularity is due to it being ridiculously n00bish, yet still empowering users with the arrogance and unwarranted self importance that goes along with using Lunix. The Ubuntu project is built on the ideas enshrined in the Ubuntu faggotry, including that software should be available free of charge and that software tools should be usable by people in their native language- important goals for a distribution that targets Africans, but the earthy brown theme, jungle drums, and simple interface has a wider appeal than its common name, "Debian for niggers" suggests, reaching beyond the African community to most of the Lunix-using community.


At a press conference on July 2006 on the Ilse of Man, Canonical CEO and Free Software spokesnigger Mark Shuttleworth announced the immediate availability of version 6.06 of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. The latest version, known by its code name, "The Diaper Drake," includes special features designed to make Linux easier and more comfortable for niggers the world over.

"Niggers have always had trouble understanding new technology," Shuttleworth began. "Computers are no exception. Some people have said this is because niggers are dumb, but I believe the real problem is that technology has traditionally been designed for white people. Ubuntu changes all that. It was developed from the ground up with niggers in mind. It will usher in a whole new era of Afro-ergonomic computing."

Shuttleworth presented an overview of some of the features users could expect in the latest version of Ubuntu, including an Ebonics-to-English converter, African "tribal beats" sound and desktop theme, and a collection of rap music and gay pornography, "which of course will be encoded using patent and royalty-free formats," Shuttleworth added, smiling. He proceeded to elaborate, but OpenOffice.org Impress crashed at that point.

"But this release isn't just about new features," Shuttleworth said, making a quick segue to the humanitarian and ideological concept behind Ubuntu. "This new version brings black men closer together than ever in the spirit of Ubuntu." Shuttleworth then demonstrated the concept of Ubuntu by getting on his knees and sucking a young black boy's erect penis.


Ubuntu is based on Debian, a distribution known for its excellent package management and selection of packages, including such excellent games as The Battle for Wesnoth and Quake Live. Ubuntu has packages for everything, including some faulty wireless drivers- but in order to connect to the internets to download them, you need to reboot into Windows.

Ubuntu is to Debian as UFW is to iptables


—Typical Debian user

The Ubuntu Community

One of the strongest selling points of the Ubuntu distribution is its shitty community and excellent community support. Ubuntu community members often sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and get it notarized in internet court, after which they call themselves ubunteros. Provisions of this code include platitudes and blind obedience to Jane Silber.

Web Forums

The Ubuntu community has a strong n00b presence, and a forum with more fanboys and faggotry than almost anywhere else on the interwebs. It is encouraged to troll, and not search for similar postings before asking. The first few posts after your question will probably be other people agreeing that they have the same problem or asking you to visit their mini city, but if you wait long enough, you might get a real answer, such as:

1) "You are a fucking noob who is too dumb for Lunix and you should just stick to Windows" (these tend to be banned by the admin and end up posting their shit on the MySpace forums)

2) "(Link to a previous thread describing the same problem) - Please use the search function next time. LOCKED."

3) A long and laborious set of arcane, daemonic chants that you write down on paper, reboot into Lunix, and then type in the terminal. These usually will do what you want them to do, if you wanted your mom raped, your cat run down and your problem only half fixed, to bite you in the ass later.

Expecting Ubunteros who have accepted the Ubuntu Code of Conduct to be answering their questions, are enemies of the lulz, as they do anything they can to prevent trolls from suggesting to n00bs to type 'sudo rm -rf /' into their terminals. You might try telling one to overwrite /var/lib/dpkg/status, thus ruining his package management, /etc/hostname, thus preventing him for using 'sudo', or to play with something in /boot/grub, rendering the bootloader useless and making the user want Windows again.

#ubuntu moar liek #unhelpful

A fun trolling activity is spamming #ubuntu on freenode. If you can not think of something to spam them with, just repeatedly paste entire pages of the bible at a time. It is also fun to spam #ubuntuce (Ubuntu Christian Edition) with links to Ubuntu Satanic Edition. When they get butthurt and permaban your IP, just reset your router, get a new IP, rinse and repeat. Lulz will ensue.

Note that the Ubuntu IRC channels are already is flooded, 24 hours a day, by whining Ubuntu n00bs, but flooding it more allows for even further lulz. Whenever a n00b is using Ubuntu (which is anyone using Ubuntu, amiright?) assuming he knows anything about IRC, instead of actually trying to find out how to fix it himself he heads straight for #ubuntu, like a child running into his parents' room after a bad dream. Because of this, #ubuntu is kept at 800 whiny losers bitching and moaning until some faggot Ubuntu pro comes along and faps to fixes one of their problems, at which point they might say kthxbi, or they might just say thx before continuing to fap flood with a different question. Even so, #ubuntu takes an even moar hard-line stance against trolling than the rest of freenode, understanding that anything that happens in #ubuntu will reflect badly upon the Ubuntu distribution. Advice is always welcome, especially if is a disguised link to some goatse.

What you'll see in #ubuntu scrolling by really fast

How do I get BlueRay working?



My mp3's don't work how do I fix this?


— somebody who needs to go back to Windows

How do i customize Unity, it sucks


— somebody who will soon be instructed to install over 9000 packages in order to obtain customization

The Homosexual Connection

While Macs used to be the computing system of choice for homosexuals everywhere, Ubuntu has recently taken over that niche, drawing numerous former Mac fags into the Lunix community, and the Ubuntu IRC. There is no one reason for this, but Ubuntu was built from the ground up with a conscious effort towards ending heterosexuality in operating systems, starting with a pleasing brown theme reminding homosexual users of buttsex. There used to be an Ubuntu social networking site at gaybuntu.com, but it was shut down and permabanned from the internets after some users were meeting up IRL and spreading AIDS.


Unity is the lulziest thing that has ever happened to Ubuntu and has sparked over 9000 flame wars across the tubes.

Starting from Ubuntu 11.04, a new buggy, sluggish, and shittastic interface called "Unity" was installed by default on Ubuntu. Due to how unresponsive Unity was, many Ubuntufags bawwed and raged at Canonical.

Unity was designed to look and feel like a blatant ripoff of Mac OS X due to the dock that was stapled to the left side of your screen. Unity had no way of allowing a user, who just upgraded from 10.10, to access existing apps that were not pinned to the dock, used up over over 9000 Niggabyte of RAM, was slow on single core processors, and most people reverted to GNOME2 after upgrading. However, Ubuntufags were unable to revert to GNOME2 when 11.10 dropped the GNOME2 interface and because 11.10's version of Unity ran on top of GNOME 3, which GNOMEfags hated because it looked and felt nothing like gnome and because GNOME3 is just as bad as Unity.

Due to the launch of Unity, over 9000 Ubuntufags switched to Lunix Mint and Ubuntu's market share in the Linux market dropped by 99%

It wasn't until 11.10 that Canonical fixed all the problems that Unity had. Disregard that, Unity still sucks.


Canonical added adware promoting the Ubuntu One music store and amazon.com to Unity in 12.10, causing much butthurt among the freetards who used to claim that Linux users never have to worry about unwanted programs collecting personal information and inserting ads onto their desktops. Ubuntu apologists claim that all their spyware is easily removed should you search google for detailed removal instructions. In other words its the exact same advice they give to Windows users for cleaning up a toolbar infection minus the words "You wouldn't have this problem if you ran Ubuntu!".

Ubuntu, a widely used and influential GNU/Linux distribution, has installed surveillance code. When the user searches her own local files for a string using the Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu sends that string to one of Canonical's servers. (Canonical is the company that develops Ubuntu.)

This is just like the first surveillance practice I learned about in Windows. My late friend Fravia told me that when he searched for a string in the files of his Windows system, it sent a packet to some server, which was detected by his firewall. Given that first example I paid attention and learned about the propensity of "reputable" proprietary software to be malware. Perhaps it is no coincidence that Ubuntu sends the same information.

Ubuntu uses the information about searches to show the user ads to buy various things from Amazon. Amazon commits many wrongs (see http://stallman.org/amazon.html); by promoting Amazon, Canonical contributes to them. However, the ads are not the core of the problem. The main issue is the spying.


Richard Stallman, [2]

Gallery of bawwwww

sucked so bad... i went back to... MS!


— A Lunix newbie

......this is madness!!



sudo apt-get remove unity


— The first thing someone will do after upgrading to 11.04 or higher

If it is work in progress, then it should not be the default option. It does not even recognize my dual monitor system.


—Some retard who cannot tell the difference between a good GUI and a bad one

Hi, yes, Ubuntu?

Fuck Unity!

  • sorry, but wtf kind of shell is that? (!?)


—He'll end up moving on anyways

But gnome3 is just as stupid as Unity. To be direct, one for all, switch to XFCE ASAP.


Well said

Unity sux so much – let Canonical know! Sign this petition (futile or not, just let them know) – [3] – and share it!


—Raging nerd

The ubuntu user base has too many @ss clowns roaming the forums. Juvenile responses by spoiled brats. Don't get me wrong, I love ubuntu, but a lot of users are just mindless fools. And that includes some of the people responding here too. Get a freakin life, losers


—Ubuntu fanboy



—Some newfag

This is an amazing 2d work of art. The whole thing looks absolutely amazing and it is a wonder it is not 3d accelerated. It is an amazingly acceptable alternative to GNOME3 shell for slower computers, and doesn't have nearly as many problems.


—Either canvassed by Canonical or legit? I don't know.

Use LXDE, you bitch


—The new forum response to Unity complaints

% sudo dpkg --list |grep "lens" | awk '{print $2}' | xargs sudo apt-get remove
% sudo dpkg --list |grep "scope" | awk '{print $2}' | xargs sudo apt-get remove 
See? Easy as pie. Absolutely anybody ought to be able to do this. Ubuntu is not like Windows where users are assumed to be incompetent morons. On Ubuntu, every user is smart, skilled, and infinitely patient. It's paradise, really.



—A slashdot user demonstrating the ease of removing Ubuntu's bundled adware

Ubuntu Derivatives

There are also some derivative distributions which are based on Ubuntu which are intended to solve other problems than giving niggers a pleasing computing experience, such as:

Ubuntu Releases

This is the cock all the Ubuntufags suck.

Because Ubuntards wanted to make it look like Ubuntu is actually getting better between each release, the version numbers are in the format of the year Ubuntu was released followed by a numerical representation of the month. A new Ubuntu is released every 6 months, which makes users update to the newest version very often. This usually results in broken systems, and Ubuntu fags BAWWWWWing on the Ubuntu forums. Also, Ubuntu is known for having retarded names that include the name of an animal. This is to make the operating system appeal to furries.

Version Code Name Release Date
4.10 Wanking Walrus 2004-10-20
5.04 Horny Hedgehog 2005-04-08
5.10 Breezy Bastard 2005-10-13
6.06 LTS Dapper Dyke 2006-06-01
6.10 Emo Eft 2006-10-26
7.04 Fellatio Fawn 2007-04-19
7.10 Goatse Gibbon 2007-10-18
8.04 LTS Hairy Hardon 2008-04-24
8.10 Incest Ibex 2008-10-30
9.04 Jewish Jackalope 2009-04-23
9.10 Klansman Koala 2009-10-29
10.04 LTS Lulzy Lynx 2010-04-29
10.10 Masturbating Monkey 2010-10-10
11.04 Nutting Narwhals 2011-04-28
11.10 Occultist Ocelot 2011-10-13
12.04 LTS Pedophile Pangolin 2012-04-26
12.10 Queefing Quetzal 2012-04
13.04 Rapacious Retard 2013-04-25

System Requirements

A fully working Ubuntu system



Correction: Ubuntu doesn't work.

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