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FoundationJune 2009
Major Boards/gc/, /c/
Epic WinsPwnt by /b/

U-18Chan is an image board that's managed by furs who think they're Nazis. The group was originally known as AuroraFurries. They flooded /b/ with yiff in an attempt to make a name for themselves. Naturally, /b/ responded accordingly and Aurora Furries Theater happened.

A Nazi kitty was U-18Chan's original mascot. Because it wasn't slutty, it was replaced with Valkyria. Newfags are immediately flooded with propaganda upon arrival. Soon they will believe unemployed basement dwellers are members of the master race and that Hitler smiles down from Heaven upon their homosexual, deviant sickfuckery. New recruits wear the pawstika proudly, even in public.

Somewhere on the Internet, there is a rule that states no furfag group is complete without those in denial. This group is no exception. Like all furs, they imitate everything. Be prepared to endure though misused and old memes.

The B& Hammerers

Hi Kit!
U-18Chan Oh Edge.jpg

SpazzyKoneko drew the abomination U-18Chan calls a mascot. Being the only female in the group, it is no surprise that she's a fat dyke. If you wish to contribute to this monstrosity, commission her to draw something. Payment upfront is required and she will get to your drawing someday. Alternatively, for quicker results, visit Artist Beware and BAWW because you were fucking retarded enough to give her money!

Jay isn't talkative but encourages members to tweet him stupid questions. He monitors his Twitter 24/7... waiting for someone to make him feel special.

Di is was their best programmer but more about him later.

Edge claims he was a member of the Patriotic Nigras. However, no true nigra would accept a janitor position at a furry porn theater. At best he found the download link to their hacked Second Life Viewer. He confuses Encyclopedia Dramatica with Oh Internet and rants about how it sold out. Oh Edge.

Kit joined at the impressionable age of 17 and was quickly advanced to choir boy. He denies being furry even though he wears fuzzy ears, has a boyfriend and a kitsune fursona. The young admin is kind of a big deal and will tell you all about it. He earns enough to support both he and his boyfriend. Oh and he only trolls for important causes.

Trapper is extremely paranoid and doesn't want you to know he lives in Saarland, Germany. And never mention his address which is... just kidding! The inspiration for his name comes from M*A*S*H; if you knew that, you're probably an old fart who is experiencing nostalgia right about now.

Don't worry, the real Trapper wouldn't lift a finger if his fanboi was in need of immediate medical attention. He'd sooner help a North Korean who got scuffed up while killing an American in hand-to-hand combat.

I can now officially say, for the first time since U-18Chan came into existance, I am not proud of it. I’m ashamed.


—Jay, who should be ashamed

When the site became the home of the Aurorafurries it was called U-18Chan, as a joke about submarines because the site was hiding from 4Chan retaliative attacks.


You faggots sold out to Oh Internet



Are we ever going to start caring about people online in a way thats not laughted at by people that don't understand?



Image Board

Kit was so excited to meet the boy that he did a double backflip!

U-18Chan is in a competition with FurAffinity to see who's the most unreliable. So good luck accessing their AIDS infested crap. If somehow you manage to do so, be warned that even people who drink Diet Coke with Splenda will find their discussions distasteful. Standard topics include dying alone, Aspergers, acts of faggotry, BAWW and obviously dog fucking.

Anybody who admits to being underage is warned to keep it a secret. Behind the scenes admins will Google their information and say hello on a social network or instant messenger.

I'm gay and currently single, when I'm between relationships with humans I let my dog fuck me whenever I want it.



p.s. I personally prefer animals cuz i dont get any emotional attachement to humans cuz they have that anoying need to feel better so i go with male dogs xD



Humans also have that need for sex so i dont see whats so bad about satisfying our needs by letting my male dog mount me, i need to get fucked and he needs to fuck... But apparently, you would prefer to chop his balls off...




U-18Chan Standard Greeting.jpg
"If you're going to use a porn site and you're underage, at least learn how to lie about your age... Otherwise you're a complete idiot and deserve this ban." - Admins, brb Google

U-18Chan uses Xat, the most troll-friendly chat network known to the Internet. Visitors are greeted by members eager to disclose their age, sex, location, sexual orientation and species. Lurk until some idiot offers nude pictures. If invited to join a video conference, locate and memorize where the Print Screen button is. You will find it indispensable.

That's just fine, however I would appreciate it if you would cease from kicking people from the chatroom for "being autistic."





The admins clearly state they are no longer obligated to remove content from DMCA requests. Any artist who endangers the image board's advertising revenue will be publicly shamed!

Members are indirectly encouraged to harass these dastardly individuals. Who cares about either side but why not have some fun? Go piss off a furry artist or two. Conversely you can submit false DMCA claims. Be unspecific so the admins will bitch on their Copyright N' Takedowns board.

The goal is to keep these faggots hating each other. Remember, furry drama fuels Encyclopedia Dramatica. Now relax and enjoy the pissing match.

On some occasions we have been affected by third party takendowns. These are DMCAs made indirectly against us, either against a Google Search result for us or sent to our advertiser to try to cut off our source of revenue and force us to shut down. Needless to say the only person to sink to this level so far has been Onta.



Operation: Allied Storm

Admins kick and ban themselves in the chaos.

Getting banned is the only entertainment available at U-18Chan. After a night of drinking, a Russian and British soldier decided to pay the Nazis visit. Trouble started when the drunks stumbled into the admins and proceeded to offend them. The banhammer fell and it was on!

The Russian decided to take his new botnet for a drive. Trapper swung his banhammer fiercely but was unable to keep up. He rage quit when told, "You can't stop this train faggot!"

Meanwhile Kit attempted to psyops the other soldier by asking if he felt bad for making fun of a fur had who recently died. No.

Feeling left out, Edge attempted to impress the Allies with talk about the Patriotic Nigras. The Russian asked, "So who were you in PN so I can SWAT you accordingly?" Edge knew what that meant and shut up.

Pool's Closed

Bad news

During the utter chaos the Nazis attempted to protect the motherland by activating Xat's "protect shield." Unable to carry on with his verbal assault, the British soldier decided to play detective.

It was then discovered that Di, their best programmer, owned several domains. His identity was revealed with the help of whois, The Wayback Machine and Google. Not being a complete faggot, Di was given the option to GTFO or else. And he did just that.

What about that awesome new software that was being built from the ground up just for us and our needs? Too no big surprise, our coder bailed on us. Again.


—Jay, blaming anyone but himself

News of Di's departure was a major setback for U-18Chan. Later that day, the admins were forced to ban longtime member Party Pat for posting child porn. This couldn't be swept under the rug because of continued surveillance by the Allies.

U-18Chan's chat is now restricted members only.

Jay doesn't want to play anymore :(

Coup D'Etat

After the other members of the staff got sick of Jay's extreme faggotry (ironically), they killed him and buried his corpse behind a 7/11 near the mexican border. Then LeonFox was declared the new owner of the site.

New Site Staff

Trying to get rid of their nazi stereotype, they decided to hire two new moderators from minorities (even still locking them in the basement). Those were G-Birkin, a straight fox furry (yes, you read it right), and Ron_Something, a mexican that is a living combination of all fucking races, except for Argonian.

Then they created a area called basement, where furries sickier than normal can post their disgusting naked bodies, feral porn (basically drawn versions of a mating scene from a NatGeo documentary), Cub (furry pedophilia, which is ironic since they shun real one), and gore (basically furry torture porn).

Example of the content in /gore

That didn't stopped the shit to hit the fan though, since the gay furries (redundancy?) still complain about anything, asking for a /bi board every time a female tit appears on a gay comic, and other things that make even the staff of the site afraid to moderate /gc.

JayCoin and Discord

After they killed Jay, the rest of the AuroraFurries banned the remaining staff of their sodomist orgies group. In a brief moment of lucidity, they realized Xat was crappy, and decided to make a Discord server.That moment only took the time to create it thought, since they came back to their sick habits.

Then they realized, after their expelling of AuroraFurs, they become broke as fuck. So a admin called Ro decided to create a new cryptocurrency called Jaycoin, to get money from either the fags who liked to eat Jay's ass, and the dumbs that invest in cryptocoins with real money instead of using them to get a hooker



Pissing Match

How to play:

  1. Piss off Furaffinity-favicon.png Onta
  2. And these faggots
  3. Submit unspecific DMCA requests on behalf of those furfags
  4. ????
  5. PROFIT!!!

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