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"I'm going to watermark this so nobody will steal this!"(As if anybody would want to)

Deviantart-favicon.png TwoToneDearly is a lolcow babyfur who's most active on the drama-infested Sparky's 101 Dalmatians forum. Her real name is Naomi, although you wouldn't know by following her various online accounts, as this loser has centered her entire online identity around a fictional cartoon dog named "Two-tone".

Her fursona

Two-tone is a fictional character from Disney's 101 Dalmatians, and is featured in 101 Dalmatians: the series. The series version is the version this furfag picked to be her online persona. For whatever reason, Naomi has a creepy obsession with this character, to the point where she will post on peoples' pictures and fanfics on deviantART pretending she is in fact, Two-tone. The reason most people hate this person however, is the way she completely and utterly ruins any semblance of this utterly uninteresting and ugly background character. According to Naomi, Two-tone is a good girl whose interests include looking cute, dressing in diapers and hiding from pedophiles. Despite claiming she hates pedophiles, Naomi loves to see porn of Two-tone doing the do with her own fucking brother, "Lucky". Sometimes in diapers, but most times without. Naomi is a complete and utter advocator of incest in this regard, since according to her Lucky and Two-tone are the most perfect kawaii desu brother and sister pairing to ever grace the internet. But don't you DARE pair up their incest ridden puppies! Oh no, that's BAD. Naomi's list of hypocrisies could fill an entire book. Naomi is a huge hypocrite and often preaches peace and tolerance but then turns around and cries and whines when other people draw pairings she doesn't like. And if she does something wrong she's ALWAYS the victim because NAOMI IS A PERFECT MARY SUE PRINCESS.

Naomi and LuckTone

Ah, now we're getting to the heart of the matter. Naomi is even more eerily obsessed with pairing Two-tone with her own brother, Lucky, the main pup from the aforementioned mediocre 90s' TV series. Obsessed, to the point where she will feverishly defend the pairing, even in the face of fucking logic and solid evidence to suggest otherwise. The best way to piss this lolcow off is to insult her favorite incest "couple" and say you like other pairings. This causes her to fly into a childish rage, the likes of which can only be described as head-scratching and lolworthy. According to the gospel of Naomi; Lucky and Two-tone are the most perfect couple ever and must never ever be seperated. They must be drawn together, written together, attached at the hip in roleplays, and engage in mind-blowing sibling sex. Despite the fact that they're brother and sister, their puppies must ALWAYS be fucking perfect, and NEVER paired together. Because we wouldn't want INCEST now would we? At the defense of this pairing which most people don't even CARE about or know who they are, Naomi will comment on pictures of pairing she doesn't like and request that Two-tone be drawn with Lucky instead, or try to argue that "X pairing doesn't make sense because LuckTone".

What makes TwoTone butthurt

>>Acting as if she's actually a dog
  • Pairing her favorite puppy with Buster from Lady and the Tramp II.
  • Pairing her favorite puppy with anybody that isn't Lucky or personally approved of by her
  • Pairing Lucky with Rebecca
  • Using her real name
  • Telling her she isn't actually a dog
  • Telling her 101 Dalmatians is shit
  • Telling her her art is shit
  • Telling her Teen Titans GO is good, or anything other than bad
  • Telling her she's wrong and not the victim

Naomi and Rebecca

Rebecca is a one-shot character from said mediocre 90s TV series based on the 101 Dalmatians movie. Despite CLEAR evidence that Lucky was interested and even fucking asked her to come through the gate of her cursed town at the end of the episode, Naomi will swear up and down that that "love" was only the cursed town and Lucky never paid a fucking lick of attention to Rebecca after he was broken from the spell. She will also claim as stated above that Rebecca is Lucky's ancestor, although this is never confirmed canonically, and that means they MUST be related! Therefore deformed pups! Amirite? MAKES SENSE. According to Naomi, this sweet heart-spotted pup is the DEVIL INCARNATE, and people who pair her with Lucky are just out to spite her! Indeed, how could you POSSIBLY love a pairing that makes so much more sense and is not an incestual sibling relationship? FOLLOW THE GOSPEL OF FUCKING NAOMI. REBECCA IS THE DEVIL AND MUST BE EXTERMINATED AT ALL COST. Or at least don't ship her with Lucky, because Lucky belongs to Two-tone and has no fucking free will of his own to decide who he wants to be with. Naomi is also the creator of the crack couple "Buster x Rebecca", but we all know that's just a ploy to get her two most hated characters together and out of her's and Lucky's incestual pubic hair. The pairing makes no fucking sense BUT THAT'S THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO NAOMI. SHIP THEM LIKE FEDEX.

Naomi, Bri and Tex

The most INFAMOUS lolfest ever has to be when Naomi decided to start a flame war with dA users KHWhitelion and themelancholics, Bri and Tex respectively, who, GASP, ship Lucky with Rebecca and Two-tone with Buster!! DOWN WITH THE EBIL PAIRINGS!!! This sad excuse for a fight included hate art from both sides, and a hate fic penned by our little innocent Twotonedearly brutally killing off all of KHWhitelion's BustTone pups for teh lulz. Despite intense and hate-filled journals from BOTH sides alongside the hate art and hate fics, to this DAY Naomi claims to be an innocent victim and pawn of dah ebil Bri and dah ebil Tex. EVERY PIC THAT INCLUDES REALISTIC LUCKTONE IS A BASH AGAINST HER. DON'T YOU SEE? IT'S SO OBVIOUS!!!! Even though the people who she's gone to "war" with have all but forgotten she exists and are just having their own fucking fun, our little furfag continues to insist that it's all about her. BECAUSE IT -IS- ALL ABOUT HER. NAOMI THE MARY SUE PRINCESS IS THE CENTER OF EVERYONE'S WORLD, AND EVERY PICTURE OR FANFIC DRAWN AGAINST HER WISHES IS BASHING HER.

Naomi and Realistic Lucktone

Another way to piss off this hilarious lolcow is to write or draw pictures involving realistic Lucktone puppies. Which means fucking deformities and GASP, not perfect personalities!! According to the gospel of Naomi, this must NEVER be!! Lucktone puppies despite being inbred must be perfect!! Perfect health, perfect looks, bland as fuck personalities and no flaws at all! DON'T YOU GET IT?!! PERFECT DESU INCEST COUPLE EQUALS PERFECT DESU PUPPIES!! EVERYONE WHO DRAWS REALISTIC PUPS ARE JUST OUT TO BASH HER!!! NO ONE COULD POSSIBLY LIKE LUCKTONE AND STILL MAKE THEIR FUCKING PUPPIES REALISTIC!

Her RL Boyfriend

Sources claim that this furfag somehow has a real life boyfriend. But who are we kidding? Naomi's one true luv is Lucky and no one else. Not Two-tone's. Naomi's. And any idiot stupid enough to get together with her automatically HAS to take on the moniker Lucky and pretend to be her fictional character true wuv. Because that makes sense right? That's not completely fucking insane. Oh no. This year's Lucky is a loser who goes by Deviantart-favicon.png Luckydearly1988. He deserves an article all his fucking own, simply because this loser has no personality except to comply with Princess Naomi's wishes. A great way to get this guy butthurt is to insult Naomi and wait for the lulz to ensue. For some reason, this guy also shares Naomi's insipid beliefs that Rebecca is ebil and Lucktone is the ONE TRUE INCESTUAL LOVE. I guess they really are perfect for each other, if for no other reason other than Naomi has a nice male mirror to see herself through and give her asspats whenever she gets "hurt" by someone who's angry with her for being a troll.

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