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FoundationDecember 24th, 2011
Major Boards/a/, /b/, /int/, /p/, /t/
Epic Wins#OpHungary raid

Turulchan is currently the greatest (it's the only one that's not entirely dead) and most cancerous Hungarian imageboard. It was founded by asae (or asage, as called by most channers to evade a funny wordfilter set on his name), an unknown person after the previous most visited Hungarian chan lohere was shutted down by its owner, sedthh. Asage vanished into thin air since that, some believe that he's currently in prison, or never even existed. It's running on kusaba x. In 2013 May, on the old domain the site became unreachable. This situation was taken advantage by a cancerous group that is organized on irc for years, and they carried out a succesful coup d'état with the help of their embedded agent. In the action they moved the entire chan with all its content to a new domain where the quality is now decaying more exponentially than before.



An average usteam thread
USTEAM picture gallery

The first Hungarian board was founded by Ebbencs in 2004 and was called "USTEAM picture gallery", frequently called as "tegőz" (back-translated from "u steam" instead of the original "us team"). USTEAM is originally an otaku forum for a closed hungarian anime-loving society, so its boards are full of namefaggotry, rather than a "classic" imageboard. There is even a board for posting pictures of the members themselves. When imageboards were getting mainstream, newcomers started to make jokes of the well-known members and usteam was flooded with trolling. The opening of lohere was a turning-point in the lifespan of usteam, as most old members already left the chan to that point, and the new members preferred the new site which reminded them more of their beloved 4chan. So, it has never been popular, after 8 years of existence has less than 10 000 posts on its /b/. The board is only accessible with a Hungarian IP.


The following board, lohere (founded in February 2007) was much more successful. The name "lohere" translates to "clover", but it can be translated literally to "horse testicles". Its favicon was a three-leaf clover. The site belonged to sedthh (real name: Richárd Nagyfi), who's identity was well-known from the start, as he created the board for his fellow freshmen at Budapest Science University. The board started as "a calm place where you can share funny pictures of cats", posting Gore, furry or cp resulted in instaban. It's first overhaul came in 2008, when sedthh heavily modified the existing wakaba engine, and the boards' color scheme was changed from the original futaba-like to a characteristic light-green, which became conventional for Hungarian imageboards since then ("loherezöld": #b9e456). The new engine (called wakablak) also had a very unique and funny feature: anonymous posters got a random funky name (like Mike Litoris, you get the idea) based on their IPs. Although anon wasn't very fond of this function, several memes and lulz were born from it. For the story of the fall of lohere, see sedthh.


Specific terms

Most of the turulchan slang consist of badly translated 4chan terms but there are some original ones as well:

  • LÉGHAJÓ: literally means airship but it's used instead of LEGION on turulchan. Legion is 'légió' in Hungarian, and its pronunciation is similar to 'léghajó'. A nickname for #OpHungary or any other "fake anonymous community".
  • Öcsinimusz: Something like LÉGHAJÓ, but used instead of Anonymous. For details see #OpHungary raid
  • lulzh: a misspelled version of lulz, it's origin is that lzskiss used it this way several times.
  • Bökkenő?: an embarassingly bad translation of Problem? / U MAD? to Hungarian. It originates to the Bökkenő raids.

Notable raids



Before the ultimate purgatory of memes got mainstream, the Hungarian internet consisted of funny blogs created by old mature people that collected funny original content for example pedobear and trollface from western sites like funnyjunk, translated them badly to Hungarian, marked them with their own watermark (since it's original content, do not steal!) and shat it out for the audience. Because they stole each others crap as well, this watermarking lead to situations where an image had several watermarks on top of each other.

Magyaranon got tired of this faggotry in early 2010 and decided to kill these sites with their own weapon and create a blog called bokkeno.blog.hu (the site is now defunct) that was intended to collect awfully bad image macros and ragecomics. The original aim was to spam its content on Facebook or other sites, getting the readers of the original cancerous blogs disgusted with the whole rageguy thing. Since it was like pissing in a sea of piss, the project failed big time obviously, but because most of these pseudo-cancer comics was oc created by magyaranon and the continous spamming during the raids resulted some real butthurt, it created shitloads of lulz.

Bökkenő Gallery About missing Pics

#OpHungary raid

The fall of the Hungarian LÉGHAJÓ
Névtelen szocialista jelölt.jpg

Kiss László Zsolt aka lzskiss is a 40+ years old ex-paratrooper who has an army of Brazilian guerilla warriors and hunting dogs, so you better be careful with him. His profession - by his own admission - is "buddhist hacker and renaissance hermetic warlock". Before magyaranons' visit he was one of the main fellows on the IRC channel of the Hungarian occupying 1337 h4x0r community, #OpHungary.

OpHungary is not realated to turulchan or any other Hungarian chan community, it started as a Facebook group and it's members are 12yo newfags who has never even heard about imageboards, let alone turulchan.


Dr. Nagyfi(Vezekényi) Richárd

Dr nagyfi richard.png


Dr. Nagyfi Richárd is a meme popularized by the defunct Hungarian imageboard lohere.net and it’s successor, Turulchan.net. The character of Dr. Nagyfi Richárd is based on the former owner of lohere.net, Richárd Nagyfi, AKA sedthh. Since the creation of the site, Richárd enjoyed an internet celebrity-status similar to that of 4chan’s moot. In 2011, users on lohere.net’s /b/ board began posting short stories poking fun at the site’s owner as a form of “Mods are Asleep” threads. The alternative surname


These short stories are called "ricsipastas": the word it self is a portmanteau of the name Richárd (often shortened as Ricsi) and copypasta.

Most of them follow a strict format: the narrator unexpectedly witnesses (or becomes part of) some kind of shocking, absurd or disturbing event, sexual, scatological or otherwise obscene in nature. At the end of the story, he finds a business card with the name Dr. Nagyfi Richárd, followed by a ridiculous profession (such as anal stretching-expert, pubic hair-gardener, feces-hacker, glans-specialist) implying that he was responsible for the events we just read about. Most of the time, the story ends with sentences like: “I heard the owner of the business card can be found on this site, I sincerely ask him to explain why he had done this to me.” or “Have anything like that ever happened to you?” A few Ricsipastas are written from the point of view of Richárd himself.

English translation of a popular Ricsipasta:

I work as a dentist in Budapest and something really strange happened to me this week. I was browsing the interenet after the working hours when an upstanding young man walked into my office without even checking in and told me that his anus hurts badly and that he needs treatment immediatly. I told him this is a dental clinic and he came to the wrong place, but by that time he narcotized himself with the nitro that I like to inhale after working hours. I quickly ran out of the office to get help but first I too inhaled a healthy dose of gas, then I put a half cucumber into my anus that I was keeping specifically for this purpose, in order to avoid the bout of diarrhea caused by the loosening of my sphincter, an effect of the gas. When I returned to my office the young gentleman was pleasuring himself anally with my drill while he smeared pure Lidocain under his foreskin. When he noticed that he has got company he ran away with my drill in his hand, but on his way he dropped a business card that said: “Dr. Nagyfi Richárd Special Rapporteur on Anal Dentistry”.
Have anything like this ever happened to you?

Sedthh’s reaction

By his own account, sedthh enjoyed the ricsipastas and approved of them (at least in the beginning). However, as lohere was indexed by Google, his name was effectively Google-bombed. It's quite hard to find a job nowadays, especially with references in the anus streching business and years of expertise in feces-hacking. The stories contributed to Richárd’s popularity that eventually lead to the falling out between lohere.net’s users and Richárd. After pictures of sedthh’s sister were found on Facebook, some anons created and posted Rule34 images as a way of “trolling”. In reaction, sedthh closed the site. Soon a new imageboard called Turulchan.net was created and most of the former users of Lohere.net found their way there. Although sedthh is gone, Ricsipastas and exploitable images of him still flourish on the new site.

Outside imageboards

In the march of 2012, some users of Turulchan began printing mock businness cards of Dr. Nagyfi Richárd to leave them at public places. A few days later, Hungarian Member of Pairlament Staudt Gábor’s Facebook profile was hacked and a Ricsipasta was posted on his wall.


An average night for a 8 years old Hungarian boy

KMFS (Kisfiúkat Megkúró Futanari Succubus, literally 'Boy-raping Futanari Succubus') is a character based on an old Hungarian fairy tale that mothers used for scaring their sons in their early childhood. It's something like the tooth fairy, but instead of lost baby teeth it steals your rectal virginity.

Most magyaranons had experiences with the KMFS, there are several short stories about it.



It's a well-known fact that due to his monkey-like behaviour Steve Ballmer loves exotic countries. Because of that he spent his well-earned vacation in Hungary in 2008. The Hungarians were so happy about his visit - and because Hungary is a unbelievably rich country - that they instantly bought 25 000 000 HUF worth of Windows license from him. That means that every Hungarian student was granted with an XP-license that costed ~300 USD, for a whole year!
A faithful Scythian-Hungarian warrior thought that it wasn't enough and to save Ballmer from starvation he offered him food. According to an ancient Hungarian tradition he throw him some eggs, but the CEO wasn't able to catch any of them, so unfortunately another ~80 HUF of the Hungarian people was wasted on that day.


Lohere Gallery About missing Pics

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