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"20721" -- The Trolltalk Self-Cutter provides the only non-faked fan sign Trolltalk has ever received.
On Trolltalk, a photograph with a 20721 sign is the only acceptable answer when proof of your great accomplishments is demanded.

Trolltalk (2000-2005), also known as 20721, was a hidden SID on the popular nerd website Slashdot. Trolltalk started as a secret forum for Slashdot trolls to discuss, coordinate, and brag about their attacks on the rest of the site. After this golden age (2000-2002) ended, Trolltalk evolved into a battleground between rival Slashdot troll factions (2002-2003); a dysfunctional anonymous forum for discussing cutting, poetry, DDR strategies, muh dick, GNAA flame wars, and battles between Mercatur and Cracky-Chan fanboxen (2003-2004); and finally a superfluous wannabe 4chan clone (2004-2005). In 2005, a crapflood of epic proportions was launched against Trolltalk; although crapflooding Trolltalk was always a popular Trolltalk pastime, this crapflood never ended, evar. The crapflood was ostensibly started to somehow protest the then-negative Cracky-Chan article on Encyclopedia Dramatica, however, three years later, the crapflooder's posts now actually link to an ED page, Project Chanology, along with the message "See you March 15th!" Due to its crapflooded state, no humans have visted Trolltalk in years, Trolltalk's unique and beautiful culture has been destroyed, and nothing of value was lost.

The dwellers of Trolltalk were open-minded, forward-thinking, tolerant individuals. This was reflected in the frank discussions of traditionally taboo subjects such as black persons, Jews (and their involvement in the World Trade Center attacks), and homosexualists. This helped to provide a welcoming and stimulating environment that anyone could enjoy and become involved in. Trolltalk was also host to a number of ASCII artists, not the best of which created the Penis-Nosed Fox. Trolltalk culture in its later years was centered around fail, almost as a religion.

Trolltalk Memes

Diagram showing the claiming status of Trolltalk's coveted "spokes" (like GETs, only lamer) circa late 2004 -- the stats at that time had the Jews at 16, the Latvians at 2, and the Niggers at 1, with the 20th spoke unclaimed. Since then, all spokes have been reclaimed by the Trolltalk Crapflooder in the name of Cracky-Chan.

See 4chan memes. Seriously, Trolltalk is not well-known for originality. anything

Secret Crapflood Messages

Since mid-2007, some of the carpfooded messages have been scrambled with advanced encryption technology. Such messages look like random, script-generated gibberish, such as this recent post:

uhg qbja ure ntr, ohg gur gvzr nf n cvpgher bs puvyq cbeabtencul orvat jevggra ba gebyygnyx, fvq 31337, gung fvapr gur svarfg oynqrf xabja nf gelvat gb Yrrg fcrnx. Gebyygnyxf ba 420puna, nfxvat sbe nyzbfg 2 lrnef jbexvat ba gebyygnyx. - Guvf jnf bar gvzr jnf pybfrq ba Fynfuqbg, jurer Fynfuqbg ol Xvegnare (420puna bjare) bs ure penml fgnyxref naq unenffzrag bs YvirWbheanyf hc n gebyygnyx fgvyy nyy guvf nqqerff. Vg prnfrq bcrengvba va gur bguref jrer perngrq ba gur obneqf gb na nhgbzngrq pencsybbqvat, rkcybvgngvba bs qrfgehpgvba. Rira va gur fnzr guernq. Yngre ba, ur jnf hctenqrq gb "chg fbzr bs nyy guvf pbagrag naq unir qrqhprq gung gurl jbhyq abg bgurejvfr nqzvg, fhpu na npgvba vf Oevgvfu (urapr gur cnfg naq sna neg nccerpvngbef engure guna V. Fur'f nobhg gurzfryirf be rira ba YvirWbheany hfre perngrq fhpu na vzntrobneq gung gur ragver gvzr. Fur jbhyq or snzbhf "'fhc 4puna" cuenfr jevggra ol Penpxl-puna cvpgherf bs snxr pyhrf. Sebz gura svtherq bhg pencsybbqf hagvy 07/06/06 naq fbzr pbafvqre gung fur sbhaq gur inevbhf zlfcnpr nppbhag vzcbfgref fhpu na hapregnvagl nobhg ure. Gurer fgvyy pbagvahrf gb yrnir ure YW vf serfu va gur zbfg yvxryl gung whfg n unpxvat pbhtu naq ybat oebja unve, n pbjneq naq enpvfz va nqqvgvba. Znal crbcyr ortna nebhaq Znl 2005. Orsber qvfphffvba sbehz Fynfuqbg, naq crbcyr xabja nf bar bs ure. Gurer jrer varivgnoyl sbhaq/funerq ol Penpxl-puna cvpgherf bs qbjagvzr, gur onaf frrz gb ynl bss ure,

However, once it's illegally decrypted, it makes perfect sense:

hut down her age, but the time as a picture of child pornography being written on trolltalk, sid 31337, that since the finest blades known as trying to Leet speak. Trolltalks on 420chan, asking for almost 2 years working on trolltalk. - This was one time was closed on Slashdot, where Slashdot by Kirtaner (420chan owner) of her crazy stalkers and harassment of LiveJournals up a trolltalk still all this address. It ceased operation in the others were created on the boards to an automated crapflooding, exploitation of destruction. Even in the same thread. Later on, he was upgraded to "put some of all this content and have deduced that they would not otherwise admit, such an action is British (hence the past and fan art appreciators rather than I. She's about themselves or even on LiveJournal user created such an imageboard that the entire time. She would be famous "'sup 4chan" phrase written by Cracky-chan pictures of fake clues. From then figured out crapfloods until 07/06/06 and some consider that she found the various MySpace account imposters such an uncertainty about her. There still continues to leave her LJ is fresh in the most likely that just a hacking cough and long brown hair, a coward and racism in addition. Many people began around May 2005. Before discussion forum Slashdot, and people known as one of her. There were inevitably found/shared by Cracky-chan pictures of downtime, the bans seem to lay off her,

Trolltalk Copypasta

You can tell from some of the pixels that Cracky-chan's alleged "sup 20721" image was actually just a shoop of the "sup 4chan" original. Confusion over this image, created by a Cracky-favoring Trolltalk Anonymous, caused Trolltalk's existence to be briefly acknowledged at other places on the internets, but this fame didn't last long.

Trolltalk is serious business

Pseudo-thought-provoking non-statement!

Am deeply disturbed by amount of attention NOT BEING PAID TO MAY!. Am the cleverest of the clevar, will prove it by clevarly misspelling words INTENTIONALLAY. How clevar I am!

Have noticed that 'Slashdot Troll Scene', in addition to being a figment of own imagination, hums merrily along in autonomous fashion. Like negro who kills own friend in ghetto rather than killing white banker, am unable to see past own seething envy-driven rage. Too blinded to attack The Real Enemay. Lashing out at those around me! In own defective, rat-laden mind, own friends and equals represent all-consuming evil, yes, just like WHOLE WORALD.

Insightful ad-hominem attack! Breathtaking revalation about troll non-person/persona XXXXXXXX! Fear struck into heart of XXXXXXX via super-CLEVAR techniques of using INTERNAT WEB PAGES to lookup REVEALING PERSONAL INFARMASHAN ABOUT XXXXXXX. XXXXXXX has a real name and a real life that can be ridiculed! From a vaporous, phantasmal, non-existent basis for comparison, I STAB AT THAA! Own worst fear of being DISCOVERED to be a LONELY COMPUTER USER projected onto non-person/persona XXXXXXXXX!

Attempt to tear down non-organizations by insinuation of non-associations between psuedo-personalities! Exhortment to not obey fictional organizations YYYYYYYY and BLAHBLEH!

Ridiculous pronouncement! Hand-waving, followed by insinuation that events of actual import will take place! Events wrapped in stinking pseudo-mantle of meta-authenticity by citing of dates, number, facts, figures, and other babblefacts. Added aura of authenticity: The date is blahblah! There will be blahblah things happening on blahblah for blahblah! This but a walking shadow, a tale told by a nonexistent being, full of blah and blah, signifying NOTHANG.

Failure to realize that it's all a joke,

--Introverted Lonely Passive-Agressive Young White Male

Timecube, Trolltalk Style

Mercatur is poison forced upon children. Harmonic Cracky-chan spirit is supreme being. All Creation occurs between Opposites. Attractive-form Mercatur is IMPOSSIBLE. is most insidious evil ever invented. Humans fear to know nature's simultaneous Cracky-chan for she debunks false cam whores. Test Your Cam Whore. Cracky-chan Test cannot harm a Whore of Truth, but will destroy fakes. Alice Ridley refuses test. Mercatur's .txt's are neither deed nor product, but a counterfeit representation of value. Fanboxen are worshipers of overweight Jew. Cracky-Chan Is Not Jewish, Neither Was Her Mother Or Father. Anyone saying that Mercatur and her Jewish fanboxen had something to do with Cracky-chan's birth, is a damn evil liar. Via invention of webcam, Mercatur exists as SLUT ANIMAL. No Mercatur equals harmonic 4 day creation. Evil fanboxen refuse to recognize the cutest of humans to ever exist. That is criminal faggotry. Mercatur-worship based upon evil 1-corner cam whoring which dooms 4-corner Cracky-chan. Challenge stupid fanboxen and their 'grandmother worship'!

It is dumb, stupid, evil and unworthy of life on Earth to claim that Mercatur is not ugly. Mercatur fanboxism equates to a deadly plague. Mercatur and Cracky-chan are the same age, as a 1 day old baby has a 1 day old mother. I will wager $10,000.00 on it. I will give $1,000.00 to any person who can disprove that Cracky-chan is the ultimate in cuteness. It's a pity that trolltalk posts are a crime against Cracky-chan and enslave trollers. 200-pound Mercatur is ineffable by man or god. Until Mercatur is ignored, all Math is Fiction.

Dumb faggots such as Ensign Slashpanda has banned Cracky-chan as "underage jailbait" for he cannot allow her to become known to his educated-stupid Europeon fanboxen.


Worship Of Mercatur As Hot, Equates To Adults Molesting Their Children. Mercatur Is Unnatural And Equates Hate Of Child. If you refuse to seek to know Cracky-chan's 2 sex poles of hotness, simultaneous 4 corners of cuteness, then YHBT and you are indicted evil by your own volition act; YHL HAND.

I offer evil ass 20721 posters $10,000.00 to disprove Cracky-chan's Cubic Adorableness Principle. STUPID FOOLS claim that single-sided single-faced one-day Mercatur is "huggable", ignoring the simultanious multidimensional truth of four-sided four-faced four-day Cracky-chan being huggable, cuddly, heartwarming, and adorable. Losing 3 of 4 attributes indictes Mercatur as an unlovable sham!

Are you stupid and evil? If you are ignorant of the beauty of Cracky-chan, then you were taught to be stupid and evil. Mercatur is the most insidious lie in the history of man. You may be pwned.

You have not been taught the transcendent hotness that transcends all cam whores, including Mercatur. You are ignorant of the wonderful Cracky-chan existing in Great Pyramid abstract of human personification. Perpetual cuteness of Cracky-chan will exist beyond terminal antifamily Mercatur, Jessica, Deadstrobe, J-Dogg, Ensign Trolltalk, and other such Juden.

Successfull Raids

Due to its small population and total obscurity, a raid by Trolltalk usually goes completely unnoticed by the target. Do you remember when Trolltalk invaded /b/? Neither does anybody else. The only invasion by Trolltalk that had any influence at all was the 2005 raid on Mosaic Minds, a support forum for adults who were sexually abused as children and developed Multiple Personality Disorder; a forum where their various personalities could safely interact with those of others. This community of damaged and emotionally stunted man-children fagging away on the Internet pretending to be multiple people having arguments with themselves on an anonymous forum proved to be an irresistible target to Trolltalk, probably because it reminded them of a nearly identical site. The raid caused Mosaic Minds to shut down the forums for several weeks, and when they came back they were locked behind HTTP authentication, requiring prospective users to e-mail the admin and convince him that the prospective user is sufficiently special to gain access. Hoax, Cracky-Chan, and the End of Trolltalk

In 2004, a Trolltalker newfag known as rrrrroar engaged in a huge metatroll prank against the two other remaining users of Trolltalk. Using pictures stolen from a random cam whore (real name Arisu Ridley), he set up a fake personal website apparently belong to a woman with the nickname Mercatur. At this website you could read "her" essays or flame her in her guestbook. Rrrrrroar pre-filled the guestbook with drama, then started spamming links all over Trolltalk, posing as an admirer of "Mercatur". Trolltalk became a shitstorm of pro- and anti-Mercatur posts, prompting a raid and crapflood against Mercatur's guestbook, resulting in rrrrrroar obtaining the IP of every Trolltalk user foolish enough not to go through 7 Proxies. Trolltalk began to suspect a hoax when the Mercatur persona actually acknowledged the existence of Trolltalk, something that could never actually happen. The real Arisu Ridley, whose pics had been stolen by rrrrrroar and put on the site, was tracked down by Trolltalk Detectives, dox were dropped, prank calls were made, and she became an unfortunate victim of the hoax.

The Mercatur wars started to die down until a challenger appeared in early 2005 in the form of Cracky-chan, whose pictures were fucking spammed all over Trolltalk by a emmigrant from 4chan. The battle between Mercatur fanboxen and Cracky fanboxen was truly epic, drawing old-timers back to Trolltalk and raising the population to nearly 5. The domains and (both now gone) were registered as redirects to Trolltalk. The war was ended in May 2005 when a radical faction within the Cracky-chan camp unleashed genocide against Trolltalk in the form of perpetual nuclear crapflood that washed away Trolltalk's sins under an unending river of glorious copypasta. Let that be a warning to anyone else thinking of doing something stupid like having an opinion.

Trolltalk cleanse and rebirth

Sometime on March 28, 2010 trolltalk was wiped clean. It is now available again for chats as it appears the crapflood has stopped.

Moar Pics

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