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The original comic.

Trollface (often referred to by newfags as Coolface) is a meme originating from an MS Paint comic by a TARTlet named   Whynne that rightly describes the nature of trolling as a cop-out. First rearing its ugly head on the mortal plane in 4chan's /v/ around November 2008, it has been shown to catch on easily in other parts of the Internet inhabited by stupid trolls (i.e. all of it).

Trollface's proliferation was aided in no small part by the fact that his ridiculous grin is scientifically proven to induce intense levels of lulz in many individuals and to cool down any situation by over 2,000%. Unfortunately over time thanks to websites like Reddit, 9gag, Facebook, and Deviantart this face has completely lost all of its meaning and is now an empty and hollow shadow of it's former self. It is now often used completely wrong by unfunny toolbags and 14 year olds to say "LOL I TROLL YOU XDDDDDDD".

FUN FACT: Whynne claims the face resulted from his attempt to draw Rape Rodent. Though he failed to capture the exact essence of the original image, the artist unintentionally gave birth to a meme of greater popularity than the one he was mimicking.

FUNNER FACT: Reddit likes to claim that they invented the trollface. If you ever meet a reddit user who thinks that they invented trollface, just remind them about how their entire site is regurgitated 4chan memes.

FUNNEST FACT OF ALL: Trollface is copyrighted. And you didn't know that.  (archive)' (archive)'

Trollface vs. Coolface?

Since his 2008 debut, Trollface's malevolent influence has spread into the smaller *chans, but effigies of his likeness are typically erected in /v/ where he goes by his true name, and seen infrequently in the lesser tribes of Newfagland, where he is often mistakenly referred to as "Coolface". The cause for discrepancy stems from an edit of the original comic posted in response to an original content thread in /r9k/, variations of the concept typically involve people escaping situations by copypasting Trollface onto their heads and asking the suspicious or confused individual, "problem?" invariably followed by the aforementioned individual telling him "get the fuck out of here!"

Unfortunately these offshoots are often written by underage B&, and the result is almost always a heaping pile of unfunny fail and the only trace of comedy in the comic is Trollface's presence. Despite the fact that only the artists find these funny, the concept nonetheless has caught on and spread, leading to the common reference by failfags to the "cool face".

It's trollface, not coolface. Eat a dick.



Problem, YouTube?

Practical Usage

agent smith troll face

Trollface has become a commonplace response to anyone (See also: U MAD BRO?), who, upon realizing that what their post was unintentionally fucking retarded, is compelled to admit (or point out as if being all the wiser) in the same thread that he/she was just trolling you. This clever ruse, of course, is so obvious that can be spotted from fifteen miles away as a shitty attempt to save face. The image, often accompanied by the statement "I TROLL U" has become the normal response to any such attempts, but has since also come to be used as an all-purpose flag to identify a troll before a shitstorm occurs, despite the fact that one always does.

Posting Trollface in response to opinions on just about anything has become something of a method to troll in itself, and as a result it has become hard to discern whether or not one is using it legitimately or just trying to piss on someone's opinion by implying that they must be trolling.

How to use your Trollface
Add insult to injury
The official /v/ dance, starring Trollface, and representing the unity and harmony between the different gaming platforms
Trollface is always appropriate whenever one goes to the local festival to check out the many rides.
Trollface has started showing up in unexpected situations (skip to 1
And of course...

ASCII Trollfaces


                                                                                                                             .     .                                             
                             . .  IMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                        
                        .IMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8I            .  ...  .          =MMMM                     
                    :MMMMMMMMMZ .       7MMMMZ   .         7MD .            IMMD .                 
                 MMMMM. .     .            .      .~           .M,  .         MMM .                
              MMMM,   N.  .IDMMMO777ZNMMMMMO               =MM   . M:.         NMM.                
          . ZMMM        .                      .  :7NMMDI=    . MM   IM         MMM                
           MMM           IMM77IDMMM,           . M8         ..MM   M   ,N        MMM               
           M8         M                         M .               M  ,O . 7.      MM               
          .M8        D            ,.          ...                   M  7           MM              
          MM.       7              =            .      ~MMMMMN,       .            7MM             
         MMM       ..              N.              MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMO.                MMM            
       .MMM            MMMMMMMMM+.              ZMMMZ   $MMMMMMMMMMM..               MMM           
      MMMD. .      ..ZMMM78MMMMMMMMM           MMM. .. DMMMMMMMMMMM8MM  MM7        . OMMMM .       
     MMM  MM:. .       MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM      IMM   MMMMMMO    .DMMMMM..  .        .  +O MMM.      
   .MMM ?D                       OMMMMM       .,MMMMM+     MM              MMMMMMMM.     ?.MM..    
   MMM M :M. .7M8                  MM             .         MMMN    .. =MMMMM.  . :MMM    :.MMM.   
   MMM.  8. MMMMMMMMMZ.            MM                         MMMMMMMMMMMM~   M      MM.     MM$   
  .MMOM  M .   ..   MMMMMM$     . MMM                                     .   MM     .MM      MM   
   NMMM  M      8M  O88I        MMMM             7~ .                  . .:MMMMMM     MM      MM   
    MMM  $ .    MM     .      MMM~             ~MMMMMMM                MMMMM=.7MMMM   MM   .  MM   
    NM7I   M   MMM:         MMMMM                   MM             MMMMMM  .  MMMZMMM.MM. 8   MM   
     MM MM   .+MMMM      =M  M,MMD        MMMMMMM  $MM         DMMMMMM..     ZMM.   .MM  .8..MMM.  
      MM?  :M MMMMMM .. .     .  MM .  .     .    MMM     .MMMMMMMI=MM      MMMM     M   N  MMM    
      .MM     MMMMMMMMM           8MMMM             .ZMMMMMM?  .   MMM. ,MMMMMM      . =.  MMM     
       MMM.   MMMM MMMMMMM8   .     MM  .     :MMMMMMMMM          NMMMMMMMMMMM          .MMM.      
       .MM   IMMM= MM   ?MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM8   . MM     .  MMMMMMM . MMN         8 MM8        
        MM   7MMM  MM   .MM     $MMMMM7  .MM..       .MM.  MMMMMMMMMMD.  MM~          MMM          
        7M ..=MMMMMMM?. MMI      MMM      MM        . ?MMMMMMMMMM  MM  .MMI .        MMM.          
         M=   MMMMMMMMMMMMMMN~  .8M=      MM    7MMMMMMMMMMMM,     MM8MMM          .,MM            
        =M    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM+   8MM         MMM$            MM              
       .8M.   MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM          MM .    =MMMM.            7MM.             
        MM     MM.MM  MM.ZMMMM7=MMMM   .    MM          ZMM   MMMMM              MMM.              
        MM      MMZMM ~MM  MMM  ..~MM       MM           MMMMMMM  .            $MM$                
        MM      ~MMM,  MMM  MM=.   MM       MM         MMMMMMZ     .M7  .MM  ~MMM                  
       ,MM        MMMMMMMMD. MM    MM       MMO~.7MMMMMMMM=..   NM..  MM   DMMM                    
       MMI         .  =MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM~.     .M?.  ,MM   =MMMM                      
       MM.        D.     .      ..       .   .  .        .M= . ZMD  . MMMM                         
       MM.   M     M .       .8MMMMMMMMMMMMM.         MZ   MM? .  =MMMM                            
       MM.   I      .MM                   ...   .MM=  .MM.     ZMMMM                               
       MM     ,N        . ,+777---,   ...        ?MM        MMMMM                                  
       MM.       MMO. ..        . .    . 7MO   .        ?MMMM                                      
       MMZ           .. .==~=. . .                    MMMM.                                        
        MM                                    .  . MMMM                                            
         MMM ..                           MMMMMMMMMM                                               
          .MMM7                      ZMMMMMMMMN:                                                   
             DMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?  . .                                                       
             .   7MMMMMMMMMMMMZ.   . ..                                                            




One of many funny cancerous variations of trollface, Trolldad is very much like your parents (he doesn't love you).

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After being a dead meme for a couple of years, retards who created its origin may have find the unsmiling trollface disturbing, so, they decided to make a countdown for the upcoming rivaval of the assraping entity named: "Trolge".


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