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Police.gif FACT ALERT:
A "Trigger" is a term in psychology that describes a thing that sets off a psychotic fit in people who suffer from PTSD. In other words: it applies to people who have went through war, rape and near death experiences, not teenage tranny bloggers offended by gay jokes.


If you have been triggered by "Trigger Warning",
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Trigger warnings are what happens when a gaggle of sensitive snowflakes are dropped into an echo chamber and left to their own devices. Used to alert readerships to upcoming offensive and emotionally intense content, trigger warnings are like smelling salts for those too emotionally fragile to leave their basements and so much as look upon anything that may make their delicate little hearts uncomfortable.

Trigger Warnings: Because people are offended by pictures of food.

Trigger warning: may contain that stuff on the label.
It figures that tumblr users would be triggered by 'the R-word'.

Trigger warnings have become quite popular across the lighter, more female-dominated parts of the interweb, such as tumblr and Fandom Secrets. Places like these have become a haven to miscreants such as asexuals, women, vegans, and liberals. While these forms of 'oppressed' peoples seem to self-fellate for being strong and independent, they still manage to have panic attacks upon gazing upon frightening images, such as two transexuals holding a water can or a clothes iron (because clothes irons are a symbol of patriarchal oppression!).

The commonly-accepted rationale for the prevalence of the trigger warning is that every female or minority contracted PTSD from being abused as children ("my mom wouldn't let me dress like an anime character so middle aged women give me panic attacks"), or from cyberbullying. Of course, anybody who hasn't been lobotomized by Reddit or Facebook can see that self-proclaimed "minorities" put up trigger warnings to draw attention to the tough things they've had to deal with in their long, experience-filled lives.

The consequence of ignoring a trigger warning.
Trigglypuff being triggered.

While most trigger warnings appear before the super-edgy posts that they refer to, some appear after images with detailed descriptions of the image in question. This variation has two functions: it aids sight-disabled social justice warriors, because text is apparently easier to see than an image, and it allows oppressed folks to read about what the image is through the slits between their fingers so they aren't confronted with the horrifying image itself.

It's fairly evident that nobody is actually deterred from viewing content that has a trigger warning; if anything, it serves as a way to alert readers to a piece of juicy, drama-filled content. Of course, the social justice warriors adamantly suggest that people can indeed be 'triggered' by reading stories about bad things, and so trigger warnings remain prevalent online.

Topics Warranting a Trigger Warning

Trigger warnings allow fat people to avoid criticism.
  • Pictures of missing limbs and explosions (for military veterens)
  • Images of drugs and parties (for addicts and recovering addicts)
  • Stories and pictures about rape (for rape victims and the almost-raped)
  • Mentions of men (for feminists)
  • Passages about child abuse (for the abused)
  • Passages and pictures about death (especially if it's the death of a favorite OTP)
  • Text about verbal abuse (for people who've been called a fag on the bus in middle school once or twice)
  • Fat shaming (for land-whales)
  • Cis privilege (for anybody who's made up a sexual orientation in order to get attention)
  • Human privilege (for otherkin and furries)
  • Ableism (especially popular among tumblr's booming retard population)
  • Bible quotes (for atheists)
  • Pictures of meat (for vegans)
  • Pictures of any food at all (for anorexics and Breatharians)
  • Comments about break-ups (for people with Histrionic Personality Disorder)
  • Pictures of attractive people (for the ugly)
  • Self-harm (for cutters)
  • Pictures of Barbie dolls (for people with body dysmorphic disorder)
  • Pictures of people smiling (for the depressed)
  • Transphobia (for the trendsexuals)
  • Blackface (for white people with terminal white guilt who think that black people are too sensitive to handle racially-charged content)
  • Pictures of facial features (for people without faces)
  • Song lyrics (for the deaf and tone-deaf)
  • Swearing (For McKay Hatch)
  • Pictures of cats (for people who are allergic to cats)
  • Pictures of water (for people with rabies)
  • Any mention of straight relationships or default gender identities that isn't negative
  • Pictures of people holding hands (for the delicate aromantics out there)
  • Any image at all (don't want to trigger the vision-impaired, after all!)
  • Any passage of text (for the illiterate)
  • Cultural Appropriation (liking attentionwhoring and profiteering off other peoples' cultures)

Future Developments

Survivalists are even now bracing for the day when trigger warnings will require trigger warnings. This will happen next Thursday and it will kill you dead.

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