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She needs a bone, he has no boner.

Tricia Walsh-Smith is a woman who desires old man sex and money just money. Her sugardaddy thought it would shut her the fuck up if he bankrolled a play for her, but when faggotry occurred it was never ran again. When she discovered neither money nor dick would come her way because her gold digging, valley-girl biscuits are too small for her impotent husband to get a boner (BONUS POINTS! he's more of a money grubbing Jew than she is) she unleashed drama on the jewtubes by creating lulzy videos only your bed-ridden grandmother would watch.

Fifteen Minutes of Shame

In what is critically acclaimed as the "Tricia Walsh-Smith Crazy Rant", this lolcow took the "film crew" through her luxury New York apartment while:

  • displaying her boring wedding album
  • whining about not having a dick inside her for centuries
  • listing various family members as "nasty" and "evil"
  • dreaming of being fucked by Dorian Thorn

Tricia claims on her website to have changed the face of divorce forever. This means divorce will have the face of a botox-addled Rodeo Drive cumdumpster, amirite?

This woman's ranting is only further proof that Dick Masterson is epically correct that men are better than women.

Tits of GTFO (Wait... she has tits?)

Cry me a river woman warrior!

Recently on the news, Tricia lost her divorce trial. Some argue that ED Sysops should donate her a tent to live in before she starts screaming about her life and its cruelty at us in the streets since more than likely she will be too broke to record it and pollute the internets.

Tricia is butthurt with her husband because he shitcanned her life and tossed her Julia Roberts-wannabe ass onto the street. Also thanks to man intelligence (aka the pre-nup) our future an heroine receives nothing. All men should be thankful that bitches like this end up looking like furfags on the internets, ensuring no self-respecting man will marry her ever again. Anyone who does marry her should look into lifetime therapy.

Wat. The. Fuck.

Proving once again that tards vote for fellow tards.

For some reason, somebody thought it would be a great idea to have Tricia star in her own music video. There isn't a person on the face of the planet who can figure out what interests this video serves, other than to annoy the living shit out of music listeners worldwide. Playing this video for Juggalos and Juggalettes will induce instant death and is the only useful facet of this bastard creation.

When kitties get scared, it's time to cash in your chips.
Tricia after being V& at one of her lectures on Women Warriors

Since this video happened to shoot to JewTube's #1 Featured - Entertainment - Global list, Tricia decided to shit out another monstrosity, causing AIDS to develop in the White House and Catholic priests to rape moar altar boys.

Yeah, I'd Eat That

Internet detectives have unearthed a hidden directory deep within the internets that contains pictures of all women Tricia had the lezzy sex with, then cried afterwords about it to her shrink. We know this is true both due to Internet Law and because Girlvinyl said so.

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