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Information icon.png kusaba (grass leaves) is only one letter away from kusoba (shit leaves).

Trevorchan is imageboard software created by well-known furry tj9991 after all twenty 7chan users complained about the site's 7% uptime. Ian, now-deposed King of 7chan and diaper fetishist, found TJ at a LARPing convention and offered him a bag of Jew gold in exchange for a website that actually works. TJ took the gold, spent it on a month-long binge of hookers and cocaine, and then slapped Trevorchan together four hours before deadline.

Trevorchan is different from the other Wakaba imageboards in that it is programmed entirely in AIDS as opposed to Perl, and that it is powered by the souls of aborted Vietnamese fetuses. Other than that, Trevorchan is almost entirely copypasta of Wakaba.

Trevorchan breaks every 2 weeks or less at 7chan. TJ has been heard to say that "any downtime at 7chan is due to 7chan's faggot admins fucking with my shit." TJ usually says this while rolling in his Jew gold and flailing his enormous e-penis about the room. This is considered standard behavior for anyone who has become internet famous.

If you'd like to bone up to TJ in hopes that he will tailor Trevorchan to your faggot animu imageboard (see), he can usually be found at in #trevorchan #kusaba #1chan, surrounded by slobbering fanboys chubs begging to suck his cock.

Also, apparently Trevorchan was renamed because it wasn't weeaboo enough to kusaba, but who the fuck cares. Seriously.

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