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Celebs are worse than toddlers when they don't get their way.


—Trent's attitude is nothing new. The comments are priceless.

Trent Reznor, frontman, vocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, drummer, vuvuzela player, sitar man, didgeridooer, accordionist, maraca player, tubist, and xylophonist for Nine Inch Nails, more recently How To Destroy Angels, and Severus Snape impersonator for children's birthday parties, is a pioneer and role model to faggoths everywhere. Since the late 1980s Trent has been putting out angst ridden music for teenagers to cut themselves to. However, in the web 2.0 era of the 2000s, Trent has found something even more dark and disturbing: Social Networking. And in 2011 he won an Oscar, for putting some dull background music on a movie about Mark Zuckerberg. Lol.

Twitter Crap

Trent's tweet after apple declined to have an application promoting lyrics about bestiality.
If you complain, Trent will call you FAT!
Trent Reznor, forever stuck in High School.
Trent may be reacting in such a way, due to the fact he has a vagina.

Despite being the icon of thousands of gothic fags worldwide for over 20 years, Trent has recently found himself a place as one of the more notable trolls on Twitter. Here is a quote directed at former Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell, a fellow tweeter:

You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell’s record? Jesus


—Trent - telling it like it is.

The AngieZ. Story

Sometime in early May 2009, a blogger from Massachusetts named Angela L. Zajac made the mistake of @messaging Trent just after he had received a crushing blow from Apple telling him that his long anticipated iPhone application had been rejected due to controversial content. That content being The Downward Spiral, Nine Inch Nails' 1994 album that included the song "Closer", which is widely known for its chorus, " I want to fuck you like an animal". After posting a link to Maandig’s Playboy photo shoot, the Reznor basher posted: “@trent_reznor I hope you get a good prenup because that skank is going to take all your money!! ;P,” followed by, “@mariqueen Way to go! Use that bf to promote yourself ;) He apparently likes his ego inflated :D”

Trent, I love your music. You tweet some funny things! But that was just not a good move. You just got passed that iPhone thing. Were you drunk tweeting?



Perfect example of the kind of complete parasitic delusional asshole that makes you regret fame: @AngieZherself



Obviously, calling a devoted fan a "parasitic delusional asshole" after she asked a simple question was not enough. Trent then showed his prowess as an E-detective by dropping dox on the bitch on Twitter. Yes, this really happened.

And you’re not anonymous dear, you are Angela L. Zajac from Worcester with a criminal record.



You Know there could not have been more truth in the words spoken by @Mariqueen and @Trent_Reznor… To peas in a dysfunctional pod.



BTW since @trent_reznor is such a grass roots humble type of guy here is his address 1663 Summitridge Dr. Beverly Hills CA 90210



@trent_reznor Google earth it



@trent_reznor honestly you're my hero. i love you. no homo pause.



@conflagration4u gets b&

Reznor's PR squad clearly steps in

Taking a break – a few relentless bad apples have driven me from the online world – going to live in the physical one for a while.



We are offering some unique VIP-type opportunities for the remaining NIN/JA shows. Details here:



'Time passes.'

All I wanted was ppl to acknowledge the flood victims in Brazil & help me lobby the red cross…Here is the link to what really matters to me: Helping those ppl in Brazil



'Reznor gets his phone back.'

@AndreaUrbanFox You know what else sucks?You.



LOL Disregard, AngieZ is a twat!!

AngieZ trying to entice Trent

A significant body of evidence was shown in the following days demonstrating specifically why Trent Reznor freaked out on AngieZ. Incontrovertible proof was shown that indeed it wasn't for the small little comment that she made about the iPhone app. being denied. No, it's a fact that she's actually a typical crazed NIN fan herself who was butthurt cuz Trent was getting engaged...! ZOMG!!

I've accepted the fact that they are getting married, I just think it's absurd.



—AngieZ bawwing over the fact that Trent doesn't want to put his cock in her mud-hole.

It's hard to tell where it started and where it ended. It seems that either AngieZ was a delusional 16-year old girl who was butthurt because she didn't win her NIN tickets OR she's a whiny 13-year old boy who was butthurt because Trent didn't want to marry her, either way BAAAAAAAW!

Additional evidence is available to support this, not only that but in AngieZ blog she BALETTED FUCKING EVERYTHING because she was so butthurt from her own anal raping, she was afraid that the prolapse of people who have brains would come in and not sign up to her shitty blog website, which is proof with the link below which shows no links not even if you sign up. LOL. If there was more truth to this, why isn't the entry still there?

AngieZ gallery of Fail

Jew vs. No one

Jew is AngieZ possible cock whore. The site which they use for the blog is the same, not only that but Jew seems to think that Trent Reznor is somehow butting heads with him. It was actually shown however Fred just wanted to push his new line of @ Jew vs. @trentreznor t-shirts. LOL wut? Thus destroying any credibility he had (if any).

Jew was butthurt because helping out Eric (who was in dire need of a transplant, which Trent help to raise in a total of 750 000 dollars), was a PR stunt. This is true because Trent didn't have to do fuck all for him if he wanted to. Or was Jew butt-hurt because Eric's sister seemed to be promoting socialized health care?

Her strongest argument was that our health care system is flawed. I agree, but I have health insurance and I do not have any preexisting conditions. Does she really expect us to switch to socialized medical care?


—Jew, Champion of the people!

Chinese proverb say, buy t-shirt now, high quality!

Was Trent helping out Eric a PR Stunt? Is he in fact trying to get health care to be covered for everyone and turn it into a communist society? Does Trent REALLY have a 7.5 inch penis?! It seems like Jew did indeed do it for principles! Because this is [America] and he is against censorship, and free health care!! It seems like he may not have only done it for lulz but also free t-shits t-shirts. Buy them!! Very high quality!!

Quitting The Internet forever

You know you have no talent when some old dirtbag can sing and play your own songs better than you can. This photo comment is SO CASH.

As of Mid June 2009, Trent Reznor is officially done with social networking. We have heard a lot of people say this before. We will have to wait and see.

I will be tuning out of the social networking sites because at the end of the day it's now doing more harm than good in the bigger picture and the experiment seems to have yielded a result. Idiots rule.


—Trent Reznor - Just now figuring out that 99% of the world is idiots

I do not want this.


—Trent Reznor - About to be told how to feel

However, it seems that he has a new twitter account named @halo7557 because he can't stop defending his fiance.

@Ponder_Rosa You're right about one thing - it sucks to be you.
5:31 AM Jul 13th from web in reply to Ponder_Rosa

@Ponder_Rosa appears as Miss July in "Anonymous Internet Troll Monthly" featuring the internet's most cowardly commenters. Congrats!
5:08 AM Jul 13th from web in reply to Ponder_Rosa

@Ponder_Rosa Right... I can smell PUSSY right through the internet.
5:02 AM Jul 13th from web in reply to Ponder_Rosa

RT @andreaurbanfox My incredibly hairy pussy wont stop itching! Any of you other fucking loser skanks have any suggestions?
4:57 AM Jul 13th from web 

@Ponder_Rosa I'm betting you are a sad, lonely, ugly bitch. Close?
4:54 AM Jul 13th from web 

@RemySoho You're a prostitute? Comedy gold. Talk about role-playing.
3:27 PM Jun 30th from web in reply to RemySoho

Weathered loser NOBODIES with nothing better to do. Pathetic, truly.
3:26 PM Jun 30th from web 

@AndreaUrbanFox How many TR mentions today? You thrive on the attention and you're obsessed, along with your troll collection.
3:25 PM Jun 30th from web 

@AndreaUrbanFox LOVE your whining about being "attacked". Who started all the shit in the first place? Poor fucking baby.
12:40 PM Jun 28th from web in reply to AndreaUrbanFox

@thirteen_31 That's what you want, right? That's the point - get some attention? Feel important?
11:33 AM Jun 28th from web in reply to thirteen_31

Funny watching all these people who simply try to start shit. Little nobodies leading unremarkable lives.
11:18 AM Jun 28th from web 

@thirteen_31 You really have NOTHING to say, huh? Just another nobody talking shit because you have no life whatsoever. Sound about right?
11:16 AM Jun 28th from web in reply to thirteen_31

@AndreaUrbanFox Yeah, probably not.
7:46 AM Jun 28th from web 

@AndreaUrbanFox You spend an AWFUL lot of time trying to mess with @trent_reznor. Don't you have anything else to do?
7:40 AM Jun 28th from web in reply to AndreaUrbanFox

Fallout and Aftermath

Pay no attention to the internet or the people who are picking on me...

Trent may have quit the internet forever, but it seems that forever is quite a short amount of time. On June 11, he was seen on the NIN messageboard trying to explain that when he calls people "plump losers" he doesn't really mean that in a bad way. In this annoyingly monstrous thread you can see this spoiled internet asshole still trying to remove the foot he had placed in his mouth...but he swears, this is the last time you will hear from him about the subject.

Just glanced at this stuff. May I clarify: I have no issue with PLUMP people and I apologize if some of you incorrectly inferred I was equating being overweight to being unworthy. I used that term for two reasons: one - these cunts on MS portray themselves as in a very inaccurate way, because they can. It's their one place they can wield a little power and escape their pathetic lives. Two - I knew it would hurt them and it most definitely has. Place my comments in context. If you haven't seen the type of comments we've been getting and the sheer level of ignorance, you have no reference in which to comment on this. I know MOST of you are not a part of this and I didn't mean to offend you - this situation has angered and saddened me. And THAT is it from me on this topic.


—Trent "Plump Cheeks" Reznor, right after he equated plump people to being unworthy.

Who in the music world uses such ideals as "worthiness" unless they are some sort of elitist douchebag? Is that what a snob like Reznor really thinks about his fans? The thread was then quickly locked and closed from further comment, even though a couple NIN asslickers managed to get a few posts in before Trent figured out how to "turn his shit off." Unfortunately for Reznor, he can't turn off the rest of the internet, where his "foot in mouth" disease is being discussed at great length, further exacerbating his "hurt in butt" disease:

Exactly….ignore…and Reznor is the celeb and he should’ve known better. FIRST. He started it, so now he can deal with being ridiculed. Reznor acted like a jackass and he knows it…he’s just too stubborn and wetbrained to admit it…so he just goes into attack mode like a gorilla. He’s insane.


—From this blog post. The post goes on for quite a while.

At some point during the discussion, several individuals brought up the very point that Trent had abused the power he has over his site's members by passing out their information. Some went so far as to theorize that Reznor might egg the "NIN Army" into action to such an extent that they might even harm forum users he disagrees with IRL. But that could never happen...right?

This is why I am here and this is why I keep hammering this point. Celebrities such as Trent should not be allowed to abuse their power and endanger the health and well-being of their fans by harassing them, threatening them, or giving out their personal information. To do so is a flagrant abuse of power and could cause great harm, both psychological and physical, to the attacked fan. This behavior should be pointed out, shunned and railed against as being wrong.


—While it may be overcautious, who knows what a die hard NIN fans might be capable of if commanded by their lord and master?

It is also theorized that Reznor manipulates his fans, suggesting that some people who do not agree with him might be better off committing suicide. Of course, the raging internet is aghast at his implication, because most people are as big a faggot as Reznor is, even though most of them should really take his advice. Nevertheless, there were several "Frankly, I am shocked" replies.

For epic win, follow instructions above

Trent is just acting like a pussy. Seriously, all he does is attack fans, then post lovey posts on to his sheep. He is now attacking them, as being hurt, fat, plump, telling them how to commit suicide? I suppose since he is all those things, he knows those type of people? He needs help. Even Manson and Jeordie White agree that is he is off his rocker. He claims he can stay away from the internet, but yet, at least once a day, he’s posting something. Attention whores.


—While it is nice that you are calling Reznor a pussy, but who cares if his fans slit their wrists?

Internet trolls: 1 Trent Reznor: 0

As of mid-July, raging and frustrated after a long and fierce battle with upstanding denizens of the internet, Trent emoquit Twitter. And nothing of value was lost.

Well, look here, he's back.

iPhone Application Gets the Go Ahead

If you cry long and hard enough, you can get your app on an iPhone.
Trent should probably watch calling people plump. Also, aren't fat people supposed to be jolly?

After all of this drama and strife, Trent, internet asshole extraordinaire managed to get his iPhone application okayed by Apple. While one might postulate that, in typical Reznor fashion, he whined and cried about it enough that Apple just gave the application the go ahead to shut his ever-simpering mouth, it might also be hypothesized that it is Trent's ability to browbeat and overwhelm people with his retarded hostility that got the job done. Perhaps it was this invective laced reply email he sent to Apple after he learned of the Downward Spiral application was initially denied:

...I'll voice the same issue I had with Wal-Mart years ago, which is a matter of consistency and hypocrisy. Wal-Mart went on a rampage years ago insisting all music they carry be censored of all profanity and "clean" versions be made for them to carry. Bands (including Nirvana) tripped over themselves editing out words, changing album art, etc to meet Wal-Mart's standards of decency - because Wal-Mart sells a lot of records. NIN refused, and you'll notice a pretty empty NIN section at any Wal-Mart. My reasoning was this: I can understand if you want the moral posturing of not having any "indecent" material for sale - but you could literally turn around 180 degrees from where the NIN record would be and purchase the film "Scarface" completely uncensored, or buy a copy of Grand Theft Auto where you can be rewarded for beating up prostitutes. How does that make sense? You can buy The Downward Fucking Spiral on iTunes, but you can't allow an iPhone app that may have a song with a bad word somewhere in it. Geez, what if someone in the forum in our app says FUCK or CUNT? I suppose that also falls into indecent material. Hey Apple, I just got some SPAM about fucking hot Asian teens THROUGH YOUR MAIL PROGRAM. I just saw two guys having explicit anal sex right there in Safari! On my iPhone! Come on Apple, think your policies through and for fuck's sake get your app approval scenario together.


—From Trent's "How to Write a Business Letter" manual.

He later tries to explain his position on the iPhone and proves once and for all that he is a complete jackoff with this pathetic attempt at "computer savvy:"

Everyone - let me be clear. I love Apple products and as goofy and out-of-touch as their app approval process / policy is, I will still use them because they work 1000X better than the competition. This is not a debate, it's a fact. The iPhone is THE most elegant, modern smartphone at this point in time and it's perfect for what we want to do with the NIN app - except for the ludicrous approval process, and that's what I want to draw attention to.


—He loves are FACT.

Now that the iPhone application has been okayed and is ready for download, one would wonder why a person would ever want to have this retard's crap on their smartphone, but alas, there will always be a majority of idiots in this world who enjoy shitty music and the taste of some elitist snob's asshole. Trent went on to gloat over his minor victory as if he had just made a new platinum album...which he hasn't done in the United States since 1999.

The NIN iPhone app is unchanged, the "issues" seem to have been resolved." Looks like Apple caved under intense criticism.


—If he worked as hard on albums as he does trolling his fans and verbally abusing Apple, he might actually make some good music. No, probably not.

Steve Jobs should have told that self righteous d-bag to kiss his ass


—More comments about the application.

Reznor's Bedroom Habits

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor is "cool but neurotic," says a groupie who had him and rated the experience an "8" on a scale of 1 to 10. He likes threesomes with two women and has been known to use candles as sex toys. We hear he's quite the dildo connoisseur. He also likes role-playing. We also hear Trent likes to be dominated once in a while and has "mommy issues." His penis is reportedly about 7.5 inches. Trent has a serious girlfriend now and he's reportedly faithful to her, so don't expect to hear any recent groupie stories on Trent.


—Candles, eh? Does your child bride know about this Trent? She can find out here[1].

In 2009 he got married to an Azn tranny with the perfect tranny name, Mariqueen.[2]



Douchebag Trent and some lackey explain
the iPhone application...and how to stalk people
who you may or may not like from their Twitter posts.
Behind the Music That Sucks: NIN
How he came to be.

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