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The validity of dysphoria in porn actors is highly debated.

A Transtrender is a person who erroneously identifies as male, female or any one of the multitude of fake genders, but has no actual dysphoria. Generally this is done to be fashionable, to blend in with the cool kids on Tumblr, or to gain oppression points. This also could be gaining traction because gays are getting accusations of privilege at this point and trannies and Muslims are the next big things with leftists and the social justice crowd, so many appear to be following suit, not wanting to be left out. This also could be the latest plot of attention whores, looking for even more ways to make the conversation about them, similarly to that of vegans.

This should be noted as an example of what happens when identity politics and mental illness collide.

It should be noted that many feel these people invalidate the actual struggles of trannies, which is unlikely because feigning a mental illness is a mental illness in itself. Whether or not these people kill themselves as much as actual trannies is yet to be seen, we can only hope.

Facebook lets you choose one of 50 genders, only furthering the attractiveness of being a fag.

How to become a "Transperson"


Most transtrenders follow a repetitive and simple process of becoming "trans". For the boys it's wearing ill-fitting skirts and applying copious amounts of makeup (usually aided by sympathetic gal pals), whining about the plights of obtaining and the diminishing effects of taking cock-crippling hormones late in life is not uncommon either; expect a Gofundme page for reassignment surgery or similar and alienating their old social circle, mostly by becoming very politically charged. It seems that in the process of transition MtF to trannies get sand in their nonexistent vaginas. Expect accusations of transphobia and other buzzwords. They typically are still straight and do not have dysphoria, begrudingly becoming """lesbians""" instead of just calling themselves shemales and saving the shreds of self respect they threw away for pity points. It is thought that Chris-Chan is a transtrender, but there is evidence of him having dysphoria. Most have some sob story about being touched as a child and are usually progressive retards. Expect some gripe about science and identity when you point out that this is a mental illness and self-mutilation won't help them feel better. Usually found whoring themselves out in Youtube comments and other forms of social media.

Although rare, as women tend to usually have some snowflake gender that doesn't change shit except keep men away, female transtrenders do exist and are as unsightly and overly political, if not moreso, as their male counterparts. They usually are quieter about their situation, but bathrooms are a hot-button topic. Expect paragraph long replies to a joke relying on emotional platitudes and other overly-political garbage, identity politics morphing their personality into a soapbox. Despite being very well a woman, they often try to be masculine to the point where it is distasteful and are usually just lesbians trying to fit in with the cool crowd. Don't be surprised at threats to fuck your GF because all women are bi according to them. They usually lurk on twitter and tumblr. Often use threats instead of arguments.

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