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Transracialism (aka Transblackness/Transnigger, or the politically correct term transethnic Twitter-favicon.png #wrongskin, and sometimes called a "race-lift") is a Self-diagnosed totally legit psychological condition wherein a person is born the wrong skin color just like a woman can be born into a man's body. Sufferers of transniggerdry are subject to Transracism (the equivalent of "Transmisogny") and are a victim of bigoted SJWs who refuse to accept their true self.

Some argue that "Transethnicity" is really just a fake disorder that was made up by a teenage troll to make fun of how stupid and fake transsexualism is, and Social Justice Warriors are so stupid and gullible they actually got fooled by a 16 year old boy into thinking it's a real thing and started convincing themselves they're Trans-Japanese, but that's obviously a lie.

Famous trans-niggers


Tranceracial prince.jpg

Prince Koyangi was the tumblr account of Chloe, Stephanie and Tyler. Three canadian 16 year olds who, in early 2012, coined the term "Transethnic" (or at least popularized, since there is little record of this word being used in this context before their blog existed). They identified as an autistic, pangender, asexual, demiromantic, trans-asian cat otherkin that helped spread awareness about the struggles of the otherkin/transethnic people and their similarities to those of the transgenders.

Sadly, this brave hero turned out to be just a troll that was trying to claim it is unlikely that there is someone who is all these things combined and that tumblr shouldn't be so quick to take people at their word. Clearly, he's never met Chloe Sagal, the feminist, autistic, lesbian, transgender, handicap, depressed, suicidal, terminally ill, Cherokee, PTSD suffering rape victim.

This is starting to get kind of boring so I suppose it’s time to give it up. As some of our more astute readers have noticed, this is a troll blog — a collaborative trolling effort between three teenagers with too much time on their hands. None of us are autistic, pangender, asexual, demiromantic, transethnic, or a cat, although one of us is 16 and Canadian. It was fun while it lasted.

But there is another purpose behind this blog, a purpose other than having a cheap laugh at the expense of hysterical Tumblrites. Our goal was to demonstrate the absolute ridiculousness that the Tumblr social justice subculture has devolved into.

Consider the following. You have created a community in which someone can claim to be an autistic pangender asexual demiromantic trans-Asian cat otherkin and not be immediately denounced as a troll. Whether you think these identities are valid or not, you find it plausible that someone would believe they are a Korean cat with autism and appropriate social justice terminology to defend that belief. What does that say about the state of your community? (And that’s not even starting on the people who actually supported us).

I find it so utterly absurd that a movement whose original purpose was to defend the rights of POC, trans* individuals, and other oppressed groups has been co-opted by people who believe they are dragons or that they have Homestuck characters living inside their head. It’s hilarious to me. It’s also incredibly offensive. I think what happened is that the SJ movement’s message of acceptance was somehow generalized to mean that if you don’t accept everything,you are a bigot —and the outcasts of the internet, the furries, the soulbonders, latched onto that, because they had finally found a place where no one could make fun of them. A “safe space”, if you will.

But it’s completely stupid (tw: ableism) and it trivializes the struggles of people who actually suffer from oppression (people laughing at you on the internet is not oppression). It also enables unhealthy escapist attitudes and, in some cases, severe mental illness. One of our more fervent supporters is a diagnosed schizophrenic, who’s chalked up their schizophrenic delusions to their identity as a “multiple system”. Don’t tell them to get treatment, or you’re being oppressive! In short: the Tumblr SJ community has turned into a giant joke. And what better way to lampoon it than with, well… a giant joke?

I really urge you to take a deep breath, look out your window, and reconsider what it is you aim to do with your internet activism. You have the power to make positive changes in the world. But you’re not going to do it by whining about otherkin erasure on your tumblr.

Oh, and to Eric Draven: Get the fuck off the internet, you pedophile scum. I fucking mean it.


Chloe, Stephanie and Tyler


Prince-Koyangi, in his final post

Simply Amazing


Simply Amazing was the tumblr nickname of the 19 year old,(human privileged for all of the following:) nonhuman, non/human, otherkin, furry, cat, catkin, catperson, catbeing, cathuman, humancat, cat, ostricat, catostrich, shloof, catashloof, fairyshloof, catfairyshloof, catfairy, fairycat, fairy, fairykin, (also, in the past: snake, fish), non-binary, not female, not male, dyadic non intersex assigned + binary assigned female, non-binary, genderqueer?, genderfluid?, genderfuck?, femme, not a woman, not a womyn, not a man, binary assigned a girl / woman, holocaust survivor, queer, femme, high femme, genderfluid, genderfuck, queer, femmephilic, queerplatonic, polyplatonic, pan?platonic, pan?philic, queer, pan?romantic, polyromantic, spectraromantic, femmeromantic, queer, grey-A / grey asexual, complicated-sexual, polysexual, spectrasexual, femmesexual, pan?sexual, queer, polyamorous, polyplatonic, queerplatonic, pan?platonic, queer, kinky, furry, aspiring dominatrix, switch, exploring, person of colour (POC), biracial, brown, south asian, lightskinned, non white, not white, half white, transafricanamerican, punjabi, bengali, slavic, swiss-germanic, english?, irish?, african-american, indian, u.s. american / u.s.ian, transnational? + diasporic?, korean, japanese, chinese, korapanese, cross cultural, rootlost, upper caste, hindu and sikh heritage, atheist raised by mostly atheist parents, currently unsure, probably rastafarian-afro-trinidadian, considering zoroastrianism as my spiritual ethnic religion, middle class, shifting, academically privileged, high school graduate with IB (International Baccalaureate) diploma, was working on four year liberal arts undergraduate college degree (BA), currently on forced medical leave, barely acquainted with alcohol (bad experiences), medication clashing issues, anti / complicated social, someways introvert, someways extrovert, normative height, normatively slim, thin privileged, largely vegetarian? + finicky / picky about meat, disabled, person with disabilities (PWD), intellectually privileged, normative, developmentally privileged, normative, myopic within a normatively privileged range (glasses wearing since a young age, have worn contacts), D / deaf, bilateral moderately severe hearing loss due to at first unchecked severe neonatal jaundice, oral deaf, orally assimilated since a very young age (some experience with speech therapy when I was very young), non signing, I wear hearing aids most of the time, congenitally digitally atypical (on my left hand), otherwise normative, possibly psychiatric, psychological issues, possibly heart issues (not presenting currently), possibly cancer (not presenting currently), possibly dust allergies, some seasonal allergies sometimes, otherwise none that i know of, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), sometimes nocturnal, almost always vivid / strange / awful dreams, sometimes (not very often) trouble falling asleep, laparoscopic appendectomy, CT Scan for appendicitis, X-rays a couple times, EKG done once, EEG done once, vaginitis (yeast infections), often really bad cramps with periods, neurodivergent, psychotic, crazy, loopy, borderline, overemotional oversensitive hysterical wreck, rageful, volatile, impulsive, weird, strange, bizarre, peculiar, extremely anxious, intense, obsessive, compulsive, delusional, limerent, gloomy, moody, sad, depressed (key: * = doctor diagnosed (including all kinds of psychs), ! = acquaintance / friend / family / teacher / stranger / etc diagnosed, # = self diagnosed, ?? = undiagnosed), *!# stress, *!# anxiety, *# OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), *!# depression, * MDD (major depressive disorder) / clinical depression, * !#BPD (borderline personality disorder), * borderline psychosis, * hypersexuality, * mood disorder, * behavioural issues, *# PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), !# limerence, # trichotillomania, # dermatillomania, # many many phobias, # many many triggers, ?? neurological? semi-voluntary conscious fitlike? stimming-like? behaviours, *!# self-harm, *# suicidalism, # parasuicidalism, # homicidal ideation, # rapist ideation, # violent ideation, !# manipulation, *!# destructive behaviour, *!# violent behaviour, *# delusions, *# panic/anxiety attacks, # psychosis, # possible disordered eating issues, # bodily dysphoria, tested several times — IQ tests, aptitude tests, psych disorder tests, personality tests, rorschach tests, several psychiatric institutionalizations (forced/involuntary, voluntary-ish, & complicated), forced confinement, restraints, a few other medical hospitalizations, psychiatric medication since 2004, otherwise not much/normative except for a few instances, psychiatric medication since 2004, otherwise not much/normative except for a few instances, cynical, pessimistic, hopeful, idealistic, hopeless, passionate, stubborn, angry, bitter, persistent, despairing, dreamer, wisher (pronouns: she, she’s, her, hers, herself, xou, mim instead of ma’am) social justice warrior who defended the rights of transethnic people everywhere.'

While the previous individual mentioned in this article (probably) coined the term "Transethnic", Simply Amazing coined the term "Transnigger" (Yes she has the privilege to say this because she's not white mentally), but unlike the prince, Simply Amazing is obviously not a troll (her "About Me" page looking like a block of gibberish from a James Joyce book proves nothing).

Among other things, she helped fight ableism. abuse culture. academic elitism. ageism. adultism. ahistoricalism. anthropocentrism. antisemitism. antiziganism. appropriation. asexual hate. atheist dogma. audism. authoritarian models and hierarchies. bdsm hate. binarism. body modifications hate. body policing. bullying. capitalism. cartesian dualism. casteism. christian supremacy. chronologism. cisgenderism. cissexism. classism. coercive diagnosis. colonialism. colorism. communalism. compulsory schooling. conservatism. cultural appropriation. cyber / online / internet culture hate. democracy. determinism. diet shaming. drug use enforcement. drug use & culture hate. educationism / educational institutionalism. elitism. enforced silencing. enforcing and policing dichotomies. enforcing attitudes. enforcing the self / body and self / mind dichotomies. environmental destruction. erasure. ethnicism. ethnocentrism. eurocentrism. evolutionary psychology. fascism. fat hate. food policing. fundamentalism. furry hate. gender policing. genderizations. genderqueer hate. generalizations. globalization. government ideology. grammar / spelling policing. gridmapping. GSM / GSAM (gender and (a)sexuality marginalized) hate. healthism. heightism. heteronormativity. heterosexism. hierarchalism. hindutva. hueism. imperialism. individualism. islam hate. jingoism. kink hate. kink policing. language(s) policing / imposition. liberalism. libertarianism. linearity. looksism. majority rule. marginalization. marriage as an enforced norm. misogyny. monoamorism. monogamism. monosexism. nation-state ideology. nationalism. nazism. neocolonialism. neoliberalism. nerd / geek hate. nonconsent culture. nonconsensual / coercive fetishization. nonconsensual / coercive sexualization. normativity. objectivism. oppression of undocumented beings. oppressive family structures. oppressive notions of science. oralism. orientalism. otherkin hate. parentism. patriotism. policing. policing selfhoods. privatization. progressivism. property ideology. queer hate. racism. rape culture. republicanism. religious / spiritual discrimination. reproductivism. revisionism. saffronization. scientific dogma. sectarianism. sex work hate. sexism. sexualism. shaming. singletism. sizism. speciesism. standardized work and education. statism. stigmatization. the academic industrial complex. the adult / child dichotomy. the “all dichotomies must be false dichotomies” philosophy. the bigoted myth of neutrality. the prison industrial complex. totalitarianism. transabled hate. transmisogyny. trans (*) hate. universalism. victim blaming. war and zionism.

It is important to mention that she is still not as oppressed as Chloe Sagal.

Rachel Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal Freckled White Bitch.jpg

Rachel Dolezal is the proud, transethnic leader of the Washington branch of the NAACP.

She has been the victim of no less than 8 hate crimes against her and her black adopted brother son. She was made the victim of the oppressive cis-white establishment when a news reported accused her of sending bomb threats to herself and not being black, not realizing that she actually was black, only on the inside. Although Rachel never identified as trans-black in the past, it was only because she didn't know what that was. Thankfully, tumblr came to the rescue to teach her that word and, after several days of panicked press releases, Rachel came out as a proud trans-nigger.

Milo Yiannopoulos


Milo Yiannopoulos is the balding, GamerGate loving (literal) faggot who works (LOL FIRED!) worked for the Nazi hugbox shit rag "Breitbart". Recently, Milo did the only good thing in his life and came out as a proud transnigger. He followed up by becoming a pillar of the community, welcoming Rachel Dolezal and writing an article to help his black brothers look on the outside the way the feel on the inside.

Good lookin' out mah nigga.

Godfrey Elfwick


Godfrey Elfwick is the Twitter-favicon.png unofficial spokesperson of the transracial people on twitter. He has been fighting for their right for many months before the Rachel Dolezal scandal brought him to the public's attention, leading to the creation of his Twitter-favicon.png #WrongSkin hashtag and articles about him on Yahoo, USA Today and The Mirror among others while others falsely accused him of being a troll.

Filthy Frank

Eat da pussy like a watermelon.

Filthy Frank is a well known transnigger, an Australian-Japanese faggot with a warped sense of reality resulting from heavy drug abuse, he always is talking about how he's really black and supposed to be black, even going as far as to use his interests and skills in rap and hip hop to prove his point, along with his skills in getting some genuine nigger bitches to date him and having nigger friends. His creation and test subject Politikz can be considered a transnigger for his sick and dope mixtapes he drops, but we never will know since Frank put him out of his misery. He also claims to eat pussy like a watermelon and participates in the ancient gaynigger tradition of eating ass. (See gif at the left)

Shaun King

Shaun King Wiggerville.jpg

Shaun King spent most of his life as a transnigger, dating Sheneequas in his youth and going on to obtain a full scholarship from Oprah Winfrey reserved for black men. He was later proven to be completely insufferable, as he was outed as white by family and friends.

Black Hebrew Israelites

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Wikipedia:Black Hebrew Israelites.

These famous Nigger-Jews[1] bring their religious cult and bullshit alternative history to the streets where they obnoxiously babble on about Black Jesus and Whitey oppressing them.

Hail Hitler! DAS RIGHT!


It is too bad that their YouTube account was deleted and many of their videos have been lost forever.

Trolling Transniggers

Don't troll transniggers, Transniggerism is a real thing and not a troll. Instead, why don't you go to tumblr and help educate the ignorant sjw's about the importance of fighting for the rights of their transethnic brethren instead? Ask them why come Bruce Jenner can be a woman but Rachel Dolezal can't be black. Ask them what's the difference between transgenderism and transracism and watch them squirm as you replace "man" and "woman" with "white" and "black" in all of their arguments since the two are literally exactly the same. Soon, much like people first liking MLP ironically and then it becoming and actual subculture of autistics, people on tumblr will begin to convince themselves they were born the wrong race (it's actually already happening) the same way they convince themselves they're bisexual transgenders and we can all sit back and laugh as we watch them fight each other like the feminazis who hate trannies for being men fighting the feminazis who think trannies are women and the feminazi trannies who think they are better than real women because they're more oppressed.

Essentially, the fact transniggers exist is a way of trolling people who deserve it more e.g. feminists, SJWs etc, and throwing their insane ideologies back at them. Of course you can troll transniggers, as this is the internet where everyone is able to be trolled in some way, but there are other, much funnier people to troll.


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  • Social justice - total hypocrites with regard to transniggertry
  • Argentina is White - An entire country suffering from transniggerism


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