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The Boys in action.
Ya'll come in here oot side the park, ya'llz gone get wrecked ya'll


—J-Roc, summing up the trailer park for all of us. No doot aboot it. LOL Canadians.

The dulcet and calming tones of the theme song belie a chaotic show.

Julian's da coolest guy in the park.

Half the world thinks the Trailer Park Boys is the funniest thing ever shown on television. The other half of the world has no idea what people are talking about. Chances are, if you have heard of the Trailer Park Boys, you will agree with the above statements, and if you haven’t heard of them, well, here is your chance to become acquainted with them. The Trailer Park Boys was a television show that originally aired in Canada and was not seen by the rest of the world until the advent of the bittorrent protocol. Prior to internet piracy, only the greedy Canadians had access to the show.

History and Description

The whole crew.

Gankin groceries.

Originally the show was meant to be a mockumentary that depicted the lives of two fresh-out-of-prison convicts named Julian and Ricky as they lived out their days and nights within the confines of Sunnyvale Trailer Park. The mockumentary style soon devolved and by season three, the main characters no longer had any direct contact or interplay between themselves and whoever was holding the cameras. Everyone was drunk/stoned during filming, and they usually don't remember what they did. Superior television production!

For most of the series' run, the show focused on Ricky and Julian being released from prison and then attempting to make money in any number of illegal and nefarious ways. During these exploits they often ran afoul of the trailer park manager Jim Lahey and his fat lackey and some-times male prostitute Randy. Usually, when he is first fresh out of jail, Julian will have a positive attitude. He is often shown exclaiming that he has turned over a new leaf and that he is going to start doing things smarter. Ricky is the exact opposite. After he is released from jail numerous times, he is always "trying to get my life back on track." Which really means that he is attempting to get enough money scraped together to start growing dope. Why they want all this money and the ultimate goal of their schemes and plots was to eventually become rich enough to smoke dope all day and eat chicken fingers, but their plans never ever succeed and usually the show’s season finale ended up with Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, or any number of other cast members being thrown in jail.


Ricky is all business with Cory and Trevor.

Breaker breaker, come in Earth, this is rocket ship 27. Aliens fucked over the carbonater on engine number 4 and I'm gonna try and refuckulate it and try to land on Juniper, hopefully they got some space weed, over .

...for fuck's sakes.

Lahey's shit talk
Ricky and I are never going back to jail.



Ricky, remember how I told you to think about each word before you say it? One of those words isn't real.



I don't want to do any illegal shit...okay?



I'm never ever going back to jail again.



I'm not going back to jail.



Trever: smokes, let's go.



Please return to lobby


—Sign on the Back of Ray's wheelchair.



—Jim Lahey

You idiots have loaded up a hair trigger double barrelled shit machine gun and the barrel is pointed straight at your own heads!


—Jim Lahey

J-Roc isn't crazy...he really thinks he's black.


—Lucy and Sara

When you keep getting pelted with shitballs, deputy, you gotta go out and get a shitbat.


—Officer Jim Lahey.

I've noticed that if you throw something in water like a lake or an ocean that the next day its gone, so somehow it takes it away and filters it through and it just cleans it up like a garbage compactor or whatever, its not really littering if you ask me.


—Ricky on ecology.

Ricky is going down this time. I don't forgive and I don't forget.


—Is Lahey a member of Anon?

Fuck I missed jail this year...was it awesome?


—Trailer park supervisor Ricky.

18 times you called me out to this trailer park Jim...and for what? 18 times! It's bullshit Jim...Nothing!


—Officer George Green, Jim Lahey's ex-partner.

The bottom line is...I...Ain't...Shook. Cause if the right HOOK comes out, crazy motherfuckers get KNOCKED out. Don't be lookin me in the eyes, I ain't got no candy for boys like you. NO CANDY!


—Bernie Sanford, President of the International Association of Trailer Parks, Trailer Park Supervisors, and Assistant Trailer Park Supervisors (IAOTPTPSATPS)

I ain't going to jail for this shit.



It's gonna be a great day, community day...I even got bucketloader rides.



Do you know what a shit-barometer is? It measures the amount of shit pressure in the air. Listen to that...can you hear it? The whispering winds of shit.



Main Characters


Julian, holding his trademark rum and coke.

Nice negotiating tactics Patrick Swayze


—Conky, Bubbles puppet and alter ego, describes Julian.

Julian is the guy who has a glass of rum and coke in his hand 24/7(literally). Julian is the heart of the park. He is a big softy and anybody who is familiar with him knows that he has a heart of gold. His large and gruff exterior, a black shirt and black goatee, ALWAYS complimented with a small glass filled with rum and coke, is just a façade…if you need help in the trailer park, Julian is the guy to go to.

Julian is also considered the brains of the whole operation. He usually is the guy who comes up with the plans that the rest of the group carries out. Since all of these plans end in failure of some degree, Julian really shouldn’t be considered intelligent, just smarter than the majority of the rest of the characters.

There is some speculation that he is also the father of Trinity rather than Ricky.

Trailer Park Boys 53.jpgI want you out of that car in two days.


—Julian lends Ricky a car up on blocks so that Ricky has a place to sleep. Eventually, he gives Ricky the car as a wedding present.


Ricky, trying to get his life back together.

Discussing Rickyisms.

Selling dope at school.
Trailer Park Boys Ricky2.gif
To be honest with you I fucking hate bagmitten. I mean I played it in jail but that’s because you can't smoke which is fucked. So to take your mind off the cigarettes you play sports.



—Ricky talks about bagmitten, his favorite sport.

While Julian might be considered the brains of the outfit, Ricky is not considered the brawn. Ricky is a large oaf who for most of the series wears the same ripped black Hawaiian styled shirt and jogging pants. Ricky’s life revolves around Julian’s schemes, his father’s welfare scams, and his overbearing greed for pepperoni sticks, chicken fingers, cigarettes, and dope. While he comes off as a crotchety and bad tempered jerk most of the time and is very single-minded in his pursuits, he also has a very soft spot for his (assumed) daughter Trinity, and his on-again-off-again wife Lucy. He can often be seen berating Cory and Trevor while demanding cigarettes from them.

Ricky has some low intelligence that can be considered animalistic cunning. He is a sociopath and shows little regard for anybody within the trailer park. He often punctuates his sentences with the colorful “Fuck You” to anybody he happens to be angry with at the time or he may sprinkle in one of his many “Rickyisms” which are mostly his inability to deal with the English language.

Some Rickyisms:

  • "Worst case Ontario..." (scenario)
  • "Supply and Command..." (demand)
  • "Denial and Error..." (trial)
  • "Make my words" (Mark)
  • "It was golfing flames, flames golfing out the side." ("engulfed in")
  • "It's a Catch 23 situation." ("Catch 22")
  • "(To Alex Lifeson of Rush) Well play that Diane Sawyer song then." (Tom Sawyer)
  • "This Trailer Park looks like a tropical earthquake blew through here Lahey." (hurricane)
  • "Why do you look like Indianapolis Jones? (Indiana)
  • "He passed with flying carpets." (colours)
  • "It doesn't take rocket appliances." (science)
  • "Rocket surgery" (Brain surgery)
  • "Trinity's at the age where it's gorilla see gorilla do." (monkey)
  • "Do you got a search warranty for that." (warrant)
  • "I must be fire retarded or something." (retardant)
  • "I'm not a pezmist, I'm an optometrist. (Pessimist, Optimist)
  • "What goes around "is all around" ("comes around")
  • "You're trying to fill my feet" (shoes)
  • "Ah toad oh so, I fuckin' ah toad oh so!" (I told you so)
  • "Give us the fuckin' land papers!" (referring to a map)
  • "Survival of the fitness" (survival of the fittest)
  • "Get two birds stoned at once" (kill two birds with one stone)
  • "It's not a ladybug, it's a cannapillar" (caterpillar)


Bubbles with one of his kitties.
Oh for fuck-sakes!


—Bubbles main reply to anything where Ricky and Julian are scheming.

Originally not one of the main characters, Bubbles became popular during the early parts of the second season and was a fixture around the trailer park for the remaining seasons of the show. Bubbles main character trait is his ability to show care and concern for any of the other people who dwell in the trailer park. He is considered the scruples of the show and he often exhibits anxiety behind his massive glasses when Julian and Ricky’s schemes are afoot.

Little is known of Bubbles origin. He was said to have been abandoned by his mother and father at the age of five for “his own protection.” Over the years, he grew up in the trailer park, living with his kitties and his bubble making machines in a tiny shack near Julian’s property. Bubbles also has a ventriloquist’s dummy named Conky that is his alter ego. Conky is rude, controlling and will often insult Julian and Ricky. Because the dummy is so overbearing, the boys must often “get rid of” him by drowning him in a nearby swamp or shooting him with a handgun, but he always seems to come back.

For work, Bubbles collects and repairs shopping carts at a local mall. He uses his go-cart to gather these carts and can be seen zooming around the trailer park, dragging these carts to his shack for repair.

Ya can't have a TV program that shows piss jugs!.

Jim Lahey

Lahey and Randy, discussing "things."

The whole crew is in court. Note that Lahey and Randy testify together.

Without a doubt the greatest threat in movie history.

He's takin' the shit tornado right back to Oz.


—Lahey uses shit metaphors to illustrate his many points.

If the trailer park has a villain, Jim Lahey is it. He is a ruthless trailer park manager who acts like Darth Vader when he sniffs out and tries to put an end to one of Julian’s madcap plans. Since he once was a police officer (fired due to drunkenness and a Halloween prank conjured by Julian and Ricky) he often takes his managing duties much too seriously, often ending up outside the law himself in his attempts at maintaining his trailer park dominance.

Lahey can be seen tooling around the trailer park with Randy in his yellowish trailer park supervisor car that was supplied to him by his ex-wife Barbara. His attitude towards the trailer park and its many denizens can only be described as deranged as he often will go completely insane trying to figure out or stop what he feels is wrong about the park.

Lahey is also an incredible alcoholic. For most of the run of the show, he is either drinking, drunk, or hung over. It is because of this drinking that he has lost his police job and his wife and is now pretty much at the bottom of the barrel, supervising a trailer park full of ex-con idiots.

During season three, Lahey is outed as being in a homosexual relationship with his deputy trailer park supervisor Randy. Originally, Julian finds out that Lahey and Randy have made a sex tape, but he promises to keep the secret. Only later on do we find out that Randy is the one who spilled the beans.

Here is a list of some of Jim Lahey’s many “Shitisms:”

  • "Shit moths Randy. They started as shit larvae and then the grew into shitapillars. A whole pandemic of shitapillars."
  • Shit tectonics - do you know what happens what two shit plates strike? Shitquake."
  • "They're shit flowers Randy, from here they look like regular flowers but when you get down and poke your nose in them you realise they're shit flowers, and theres a whole fucking bouquet of them!"
  • Randy: "Cops and dope don't mix, do they Mr. Lahey?
Mr. Lahey: "Like shit and strawberry shortcake, Randy."
  • "He who looks into the abyss realizes that there’s nothin' looking back at him and the only thing he sees is his own character, Ricky. You understand? Bud? The abyss? The shit... abyss?"
  • "Sometimes it's better to watch a shit tree grow instead of shaking the shitfruit out of it."
  • "We're sailing into a shit typhoon, Randy. Better haul in the jib before it gets covered in shit."
  • "He started out as a little shit-spark off the old shit-flame, then he turned into a shit-bonfire and then driven by the winds of his monumental ignorance he turned into a raging shit firestorm. If i get to be married to Barb, I'll get total control of the park and i can unleash a shit-tsunami that'll engulf Ricky and extinguish his shitflames forever. And with any luck, he'll drown in the undershit of that wave. Shitwaves"
  • "It's the shitabyss, Randy-man!"
  • "It's some kind of fuckin distraction from those shitnicks!"
  • Lahey:"Its the sound of the whispering winds of shit. Do you here it?"
Bubbles:"No, I don't here anything."
Lahey:" Oh, but you will, my sorry little friend. When the old shitbarometer rises you'll feel it to. Your ears will implode from the shitpressure. You were warned Bubs, but you picked the wrong side. Beware my friend, shitwinds are a'comin."



Sweaty bitch was high


—Phil Collins summing up Randy's drug habits.

Randy is the always shirtless ex-male prostitute who is now Lahey’s second in command. As the deputy assistant trailer park supervisor, Randy gets all of the grunt jobs that Lahey cannot or will not do. Lahey often talks to Randy as if he is teaching him the trade of supervising the trailer park and Randy eats it up. Randy truly loves Jim Lahey and will stop at nothing to help him catch and destroy Ricky and Julien.

Randy never wears a shirt and because of his great love for liquor and cheeseburgers, he sports an immense belly. This does not seem to hamper his sexual skills as he often falls back on his male-prostitute job when him and Lahey are at odds. Randy is a devoted lackey to Jim Lahey and also his lover. He can often be seen doing dirty work for his boss and he rarely complains. He is always fighting with Ricky as the two opponents never seem to see eye to eye. In one such event, Randy threatened to take off his white slacks as he supposedly can fight better without trousers.

Since he is often the target of scorn, he is given many nicknames throughout the series:

  • The Cheeseburger smuggler
  • Cheeseburger Depot
  • Rivergut (referring to an episode where he dances)
  • Gut Cassidy and the Sundance Cheeseburger
  • The Cheeseburger Walrus
  • Marty McLargeFries
  • Mr. Onion rings large fries extra gravy
  • Pillsbandy Doughboy
  • 1.21 jigaguts
  • Inflatable Elvis
  • Lord of the Onion Rings
  • A special quote from Bubbles "I once saw him stuff 15 cheeseburgers into that gut in one sitting"
  • Pregnant with a bucket of chicken
  • Onion ring Sasquatch

Supporting Characters

Who is the microphone assassin?
Lucy...looking like she needs something.
Barbara Lahey in a moment of shame.
J-Roc keeps it real.
Cyrus, describing his character.

Gimme some smokes…now get the fuck out of here you dickweeds…


—Ricky having a nice chat with Cory and Trevor.

  • Sunnyvale Trailer Park - the setting for the show and a major character when you consider how much it affects the other players within this drama.
  • Lucy – Randy’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of Trinity. She is known as the trailer park ho as she has had relationships with just about everybody. She has two children, Trinity and an un-named child that was born on the last episode of the show. Randy is the father of this un-named child.
  • Sarah – Lucy’s best friend and roommate. She is constantly stoned and has nothing but scorn for Ricky even though she dated him for most of season 2.
  • Cory and Trevor – an inseparable duo that is always around when Julian hatches a plan. He almost always includes these two dim-wits as lackeys or as people set up to take the heat if the plan falls through and the police become involved. They are always together and never have any success with females even though they are not gay. Mainly, these guys are just two flunky nerds who are always at the beck and call of Julian or Ricky. At one point, Sarah is romantically linked to one or both of these tools, but no proof is ever given. Even though they do almost all of the boy's dirty work, their stupidity and social ineptitude earns them plenty of nicknames throughout the series, mostly by Ricky:
  • Snoopy the fuck dog and Astronaut cock
  • Fuck Giraffes and Dumb-dumb salad
  • Gumby and Fucky-O
  • The Cock Muppet twins
  • Hairdoo (referring to Trevor's retarded mullet)
  • Fuck biscuit and the Naked dummy
  • Stupid fuckin Cock tractors
  • Simple and Garfuckle
  • Skinny Alien Weasels

  • J-Roc – a whigger who is the trailer park’s rap artist. He often says his trademark line “Gnome’sayin?” and is the go-to guy if you need to buy anything stolen in the trailer park. He has also been the producer and the president of a porno company.
  • Sam Losco - depending on which season you watch, Sam may or may not be a veterinarian. He loses and gains back his Vet's license numerous times during the run of the show. Sam often is the cause of many of the trailer park boys woes. He has, at times, helped them, but for the most part this greaseball is only around to cause problems and eat slimy hot dogs.
  • Cyrus - Cyrus is another one of the villains of the show. In his first appearance, he has taken over the trailer park while Julian and Ricky are in jail. He runs the trailer park with an iron fist, maintaining scams and making sure that only he is allowed to deal drugs to the trailer park residents. After Julian gets out of jail, he has a standoff with Cyrus where Cyrus loses. Julian takes over once again as the supreme power inside Sunnydale. Cyrus is in and out of jail as much as Ricky and Julian are, mostly because of something that the boys have done. Because he lost control of the park, he has a sworn vendetta against Julian, vowing to kill him if he ever gets the chance. He was in jail for attempted murder but was released on probation for the final episode of the show. Owing to a gun battle during that episode, he was placed back in prison. He is also a huge DICK.
  • Dennis and Terry - A pair of Asian brothers that work with Cyrus on his hash operation under the cover of their Grandmother. They are notoriously hated by Bubbles and Julian for being greasy weaboo bastards, although Ricky is stupid enough to tolerate them. Upon realizing that they are working for Cyrus, Julian and Ricky steal their guns and escape an armed standoff with the DICK. After being robbed by Julian later on, they align with Cyrus and show up at the park to have a shoot out. After getting arrested, they are never seen again, just like Cory and Trevor. Bubbles calls them the "flappy bird brothers" because of their habit of walking around in loose robes with their dick and balls hanging out.
  • Ray - Ray is Ricky's father and he lives alone in the trailer park. He is fond of alcohol, chicken fingers, pepperoni sticks and that order. For much of the series he was in a wheelchair, scamming the Canadian government for disability, but eventually he was caught because he appeared in one of J-Roc's porno films. He has been the trailer park supervisor, but now he lives in the town dump because he lost his trailer. Also, piss jugs.
  • Trinity - Ricky's daughter with Lucy...or so he thinks. It has been speculated that Trinity is really Julian's child but it never really comes out who her father really is. Trinity is about 9 years old when the series starts and is already addicted to cigarettes. She often demands them from Cory and Trevor in much the same manner her father does. She often causes trouble for her father by coming home to Lucy's trailer either drunk or high.
  • Conky - A ventriloquist doll that Bubbles' grandfather gave to him at a young age. Bubbles uses Conky as a twisted, foul-mouthed alter ego that, using his amazing vantriloquist skillz, says all of the things that Bubbles keeps repressed. Apposed to being the gentle, timid and lovable Bubbles, Conky acts like a cocky prick that insults everything in his sight, much like Mike Smith IRL. Conky is constantly being "killed" by Ricky and Julian for the obvious reasons, but he usually reappears whenever Bubbles gets really stressed about something to heal his psychological pain. He is finally finished off for good at the end of season 7 after referring to Bubbles as a "googly-eyed bastard".
  • Barbara Lahey - Barb is Sunnyvale trailer park's owner. She used to be married to Jim Lahey, but she divorced him because of his drinking and because of his affair with Randy. At one time or another, Barb has been engaged with Ricky, Sam Losco, and Jim Lahey once again. When troubles in the park become too much for Jim Lahey to handle, the residents appeal to her for final judgment. While Ricky was trailer park supervisor, she would dote on him, often bringing him lunch or overlooking his crass and obnoxious behavior.
  • Bottle Kids - the Bottle Kids are a re-occurring group of characters who do nothing more than throw liquor bottles. Two characters will be having a discussion and then, suddenly, somebody will yell "Bottle Kids!" A volley of beer bottles will then smash into the scenery and the camera will pan over to a group of laughing kids running away. At one point in time, just about every character on the show has vowed to "Get the Bottle Kids."
  • Smokey - Randy's male-prostitute alter ego. When Randy is on the skids, out of money, or out of cheeseburgers, he will lapse back into his old prostituting ways. He can often be seen walking the around or behind the King Donair. Randy has been been an on-again off-again male prostitute since junior high school.
  • T & the Rock Pile - This is J-Roc's posse. Whenever J-Roc is involved in any sort of plans around the trailer park, Tyrone ("T") and the Rock Pile (known for being "hard as a pile of rocks") can be found. A newer member of the Rock Pile is "Detroit Velvet Smooth," a rap artist who originally found out that J-Roc had been pirating his music. Since then, he has had a change of heart and now helps T produce J-Roc's music.
  • Officer George Green - Once, George was Jim Lahey's partner when they were both on the force together. Because Lahey has called the police so many times to the trailer park, but never has any evidence, George does not trust Jim and even calls him "The Boy who cried Shitwolf." Green goes to jail at the end of the show's run because he attempts to murder Lahey. It has also been hinted that George was romantically interested in Randy at some point.
  • The Green Bastard - Yet another one of Bubble's alter egos. Bubbles loves wrestling and when he dons his green wrestling mask and his green plastic tarp cape he can't wait to start knocking some heads.
  • Shitty Bill - Shitty Bill is a character who is named shitty because he pooped himself when he's a little guy according to Bubbles. He is first seen when the boys need help and Bubbles says his friend Shitty Bill can hook up the truck and he tells them not to call him "that." In the next scene he is called Shitty, implying that he does not want to be called Bill. He pushes around a shopping cart and never musters more than a few grunts. He is mainly a recurring side-joke for regular viewers.
  • Philadelphia "Phil" Collins - The first thing that you must know about Phil is that he's so fat he looks like he ate Philadelphia (according to Bubbles). Phil is an old, fat, dirty man who uses his camper for his fast food joint called "The Dirty Burger". If Phil gets hit in the stomach he will burp really loudly. You can call him the Mustard Tiger. He also sells mackerel and blueberries in liquor store parking lots.
  • Jacob Collins - Jacob is one of Phil's sons. Jacob never had a big role on the show until season seven (or it was probably six, it was whenever Corey and Trevor left the Sunnyvale). Eventually Jacob started to dress like Julian and he became one of his lackeys. Often times Jacob would shout out BAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMM! followed by Phil shouting something like "peanut buter and jaaaaaammm!", "green eggs and haaaaaammm!", or "this comment is SPAAAAAAAAAAAMMMM!"
  • Thomas Collins - Thomas is Phil's other son. Among all of the Collins family, Thomas is the most normal, which isn't saying much.
  • Steve French - Steve French was a wild cougar that Bubbles adopted in one episode, feeling bad for it because he thought it was addicted to weed. He tried to keep it in his shed to be put through rehab, but it got loose and spent the whole episode getting high on weed fajitas, raping Trevor for wearing a leopard print shirt, and scaring the shit out of the residents. Bubbles and Ricky cried at the end of the episode after releasing him back into the wild.
  • Patrick Swayze - No, not the guy from Red Dawn. Although the real Patrick Swayze isn't in this show and they actually have to have disclaimers in some of the episodes that "Patrick Swayze is not affiliated with this program, etc." he does play a vital part in the series (the second last episode was called "Going off the rails on a Swayze train"). Julian is constantly referred to in the series as "Patrick Swayze" due to an incident that happened to him as a young boy where he was caught cosplaying as Swayze's character from "Dirty Dancing." From that point on, everyone who wants to piss off Julian merely has to call him "Patrick Swayze" or some variation of that character (eg, The Dirty Dancer).


Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian have more than their share of madcap hijinks, below you will find a summary of just what kind of trouble the Boys find themselves in. If you haven't seen the show, yes, there are spoilers.

[[Close Spoilers][Open Spoilers]]

Season One

Season one ends the same way it begins.

The show opens with the Boys being released from jail and the introduction of the documentary film crew. Within the first few episodes, all of the characters are introduced and you can begin to figure out where all the allegiances lie within the tough and competitive trailer park world these people live in.

Early on in season one, Ricky manages to get shot in the ass by his daughter Trinity. If Ricky wants medical aid from Dr. Losco, he has to help repossess a riding mower from one of the doctor's neighbors who owes him money. Much hilarity ensues during the heist as Ricky is shot once again along with one of the mockumentary sound technicians. Since a gun shot wound would involve the police, Julian leaves the bleeding technician on the hospital steps and drives off before being discovered.

Ricky finally decides to marry Lucy. To get a ring for the wedding, Julian and Ricky rob a house and nearly get busted by the police. Later, Lucy becomes exasperated by the apparent lack of preparation for the wedding and freaks out. This causes Julian to concoct a plan to rob a local grocery store so that the reception will have food. He gathers his team of minions, they all put on panty hose masks, and the robbery takes place. During the robbery, as the boys are piling some carts full of hot dogs, bananas, chips, and assorted cold cuts, Ricky wanders drunkenly into the store to purchase a pack of smokes. Ricky thinks that he is also being held up and starts to fire at Cory and Trevor who he doesn't recognize because of their stocking masks. Finally, everything is straightened out and the robbery continues...with only Ricky's face being caught on the grocery store's security cameras. The next day, right in the middle of Ricky and Lucy's wedding vows, the police,also accompanied by Lahey and Randy, show up and arrest the bewildered Ricky. Because he knows that the whole thing is his fault, Julian also takes the heat. Season one ends with the two boys in lock up, explaining that they have "a new attitude about things," and that they both believe in the "power of positive thinking."

Season Two

Ricky under attack from the Bottle Kids.

Season two opens with the Boys being released from prison. They return to Sunnyvale to find that in their absence, the place has gone to hell. Because of Lahey's constant drunkeness, garbage has been strewn all over the park, the Bottle Kids are worse than ever, and cars are being set on fire. In the middle of all this, the boys come home and find that not only is the park in ruins, Randy has moved in with Lucy and she will no longer marry Ricky. Not only has Lahey fired Randy, but he himself is being challenged for the job of trailer park supervisor by Sam Losco.

To combat this wave of corruption and injustice, the boys hit on a plan called "Freedom 35" in which they will grow dope and then sell it to prison guards.

Along the way, the Boys manage to:

  • Burn down Bubble's shed.
  • Have their dope plants stolen by a bible salesman and his hot stripper girlfriend.
  • Learn about ladybugs.
  • Get arrested and thrown in jail for 18 months for DUI, gun possession, dangerous activity, and reckless driving.
  • Randy gets his grade 10.
  • Make 38 thousand dollars by selling their dope. Bubbles then hides the money away in a bus terminal locker for safe keeping until the Boys get released from prison.

Season Three

Go get the chains and the orange gag-balls...I am the LAW!


—The delusions of Officer Jim Lahey.

Season three opens with the Boys again being released from prison. This time, things are different. Usually they get out of jail broke and have to start over, however this time they have 38 thousand dollars. Julian plans on investing the money, so they show up at a bank (still in their prison uniforms) but because Ricky is being argumentative, they are tossed out before being allowed to invest. Because Julian still feels like crap because he was responsible for burning down Bubble's shed, he takes part of his share of the money and buys Bubbles a brand new shed. Not to be outdone, Ricky goes and buys a go-cart for Bubbles.

In the course of one day, Ricky manages to spend his entire share of the money. Julian refuses to give him any more of the remaining 10 thousand dollars and invests it in bootlegged Russian Vodka. Somewhere along the line, the Boys come up with the idea to take the remaining money they have and put it together to pay for a cruise for everybody, but they are going to need more cash.

Some of their cash-raising ideas:

  • Open a trailer park gas station using gas stolen from trailer park residents
  • Promote and distribute J-Roc's "Microphone Assassin" CD.
  • Steal Deposit bottles from a local school.
  • Taking a donation from Jim Lahey for 3 thousand dollars.
  • Drag a bank machine out of a convenience store using a tow rope and a car.

During these adventures, Jim Lahey slowly slides into insanity. He finally cracks all the way when his police officer shrine is destroyed by Ricky. Taking his old police uniform from the wreckage of the shrine, he puts it on and assumes the role of "Officer Jim Lahey" complete with a toupee he has stored in his trailer some place. While deluded, Lahey arrests and locks up the boys in a corrugated steel shed, impounds Bubble's go-cart, and shoots up the trailer park. Realizing that Lahey has gone over the edge, the Boys take pity on him when the real cops arrive and save him from going to jail.

Lahey soon recovers and is back making the Boys lives miserable. He manages to find a loophole in the trailer park leasing agreement and has Ricky evicted. Also, it is found, that through an accounting snafu, Ricky no longer has a ticket for the cruise. These two events cause Ricky to totally snap and he goes on a crime spree the likes of which Sunnyvale has never seen. He even attempts to shoot a police station, only realizing that it is closed for renovations after he empties a clip into the old building. The season culminates in Julian, Lahey, and Randy going to jail while Lucy, Sara, Cory, and Trevor go on the cruise. Since Lahey is now gone, Ricky is now the trailer park supervisor.

Season Four

The death of Conky.
Great idea Bubbles, get two birds stoned at once.


—Another Rickyism.

Season four's opening should be old hat to fans of the show. As usual, the first scene is of everybody getting out of jail once again. The only difference this time is that Ricky and Bubble have not been in jail and were made the permanent trailer park supervisor and assistant by Barb Lahey. When everybody finally makes it back to Sunnyvale, they find a huge wall has been put up by Ricky, Cory, and Trevor to keep people out. The wall sections off a small part of the park that includes Julian's trailer and it also obscures the fact that Ricky has been growing a huge field of dope on the trailer park grounds. Of course Lahey sniffs out what is going on, but is powerless to stop the initial parts of the plan due to several facts:

  • He is no longer trailer park supervisor.
  • He has lost trust with Barb, his ex-wife, and doesn't even have a trailer anymore because Ricky has moved in.
  • Randy has drifted back into male-prostitution because he is out of cheeseburgers and "A man's gotta eat."
  • Officer Green will no longer help Lahey because Jim has cried "Shitwolf!" one too many times.

But as we know, Lahey is a crafty old bastard and he soon breaks into Julian's trailer and discovers a "dope map." Madcap adventures ensue as the Boys open a massage parlor using hookers employed by Cyrus, then T and DVS decide that the only way J-Roc is going to get "street cred" is to have him arrested, the Boys mistake Julian as a "Samsquatch" and beat him nearly to death with aluminum baseball bats, Lahey gets insanely drunk and tries to kill Ricky,and the GREEN BASTARD makes his triumphant first (and last) appearance when Ricky uses stolen hotel furniture to construct a wrestling ring.

Also, some interesting developments occur on this season of the show:

  • Conky makes his evil and triumphant return from the swampy grave he was left in by Ricky.
  • Conky is killed for calling Julian "Patrick Swayze."
  • Cory and Trevor are "claimed" by Sara who is not happy with the way Julian and Ricky have been treating them. This is perhaps a foreshadowing of IRL events that will haunt Cory and Trevor during season six.
  • The Boys have four full fields of dope plants which may or may not have been attacked by a Samsquatch.
  • Bubbles becomes friends with a dope eating mountain lion named Steve French who is found in one of the dope fields. Bubbles puts him through dope rehab.
  • Randy hides Viagra in Lahey's food.
  • Julian leaves 4200 dope plants in the care of Cory and Trevor.

Season Five

We ain't down with killin' We down with chillin'


—J-Roc may be hard, but he don't play guns.

Season five rolls around, and you guessed it, the Boys are being released from jail. This season marks the first time the production crew of the show has utilized a set rather than a real trailer park. Because they have designed and built their own trailers, they can cause a lot more damage without having to worry about the consequences. Other major changes have swept Sunnyvale trailer park:

  • Lahey has been released from a mental hospital and has sworn off drinking.
  • Cory and Trevor have taken all the money from the dope growing operation. They use the ill-gotten cash to buy things for everybody in the park, then use the remaining cash to actually buy the park from Barb Lahey.
  • Barb swindles Cory and Trevor out of the trailer park money. She has them sign a used car lease instead of the ownership papers for Sunnyvale.
  • Cory and Trevor resolve their problems with Ricky by having a restraining order made out against him...he can't come within 50 feet of them.
  • Julian, at the end of his rope (due to losing all his money, his trailer, and his dope growing operation), robs Cyrus of 100 kilograms of hash. He then hides it under a paved part of Ray's trailer plot.
  • Ricky becomes strangely attracted to Lucy once again. He cannot figure out why, but it may have to do with the new boobs that Cory and Trevor have bought for her.
  • Ray goes to jail for disability fraud.
  • Lahey bails out Cyrus and his crew so that they can "take care" of Julian and Ricky once and for all. Randy is very scared about this plan, not wanting Julian and Ricky to become seriously hurt. He only allows all this because Lahey is drinking again.

The final showdown occurs in Sunnyvale where Cyrus and his crew square off against Cory, Trevor, Julian, Bubbles, and Ricky. Early on in the gunfight, Cory and Trevor are shot. While trying to rescue them, Ricky has a heart attack, and Officer George Green appears while he is off duty. He radios the police while Jim Lahey (who has a change of heart) saves Ricky's life by administering CPR. When the police arrive, everybody but Bubbles goes to jail while Lahey receives an award for bravery.

Season Six

Do you know what happens when two tectonic plates of shit meet? They slam together under incredible force...grinding and heaving. Then do you know what happens? Shitquake, boys, a Shitquake.


—Lahey discusses shit-tectonics with the Boys.

This season opens with a change. Ricky and Ray are out of jail, but Julian has opted to stay in jail because of the money he is making selling potato vodka. In between seasons, Bubbles has been busy...building an amusement park for kitties. Randy and Lahey are on the outs due to Jim and his drinking. While on a bender, Lahey rips the roof of his car off and Randy has had enough, he finally leaves Jim "for good." While on his way out of the park, Randy decides to chat with Barb Lahey about perhaps becoming the new supervisor of the park, since the abusive drunk, Jim, is no longer mentally able to take care of Sunnyvale. She considers the bargain and decides she cannot, in good faith, allow Randy to be the trailer park supervisor. She does, however, promote him to associate trailer park supervisor.

From there, the ball starts rolling in the usual manner:

  • Cory and Trevor are now running a trailer park grocery store.
  • Julian is staying in jail because he has made $8700 by selling potato liquor. Finally, he has to leave and has hit upon a plan to invest the money in real estate.
  • Ricky is making money by stealing residents recycling and turning in the bottles and cans himself.
  • Ray is evicted from the trailer park and moves into the town dump.
  • Lahey goes undercover and videotapes all of Julian and Ricky's shenanigans.
  • Officer Green and Randy have a brief, but torrid love affair.
  • Randy leaves Green and moves in with both Barb and Jim Lahey.
  • Lahey finds the Halloween 1977 tape that clearly shows how Julian and Ricky framed him and lost him his police officer career. He is reinstated by the police force and the season ends with a shaky truce between everybody. Nobody goes to jail.

Season Seven

I'm not going to work for's against my vice principals.


—Ricky is too proud to work at the airport.

The season begins with the very noticeable absence of Cory and Trevor (the actors left because they were prima-donna assholes). At first, Sara tells everybody that they have just run off and will never return, but when it is just the camera crew talking to her, she spills the beans: Cory and Trevor have checked into a mental institution because of all the abuse Ricky and Julian have put them through. The prognosis is not good, and their doctors think they will never be released.

The boys are helping Jim Lahey to wean himself off of alcohol by selling him dope. Because Ricky's growing process has done so well, he has flooded the market and cannot get the amount of money he wishes for his crop. Additionally, people have begun to buy shitty arcade weed at the mall for six dollars per gram, a price he refuses to lower himself to. He, Julian, and Bubbles have to resort to "greasy" methods of making money like stealing meat from grocery stores.

There are also some new additions to the trailer park:

  • Ricky has knocked up Lucy (or so everybody thinks).
  • Late in season six, J-Roc impregnated two "baby-mommas" who are now living in the trailer park along with him. The babies are born and because of this he now has to work, along with T, at the airport to support them. They soon turn this into a luggage gankin' operation.
  • Officer Green and his new partner Ted are unhappy with the way Jim Lahey is doing his new police job. The bust in and beat Lahey, Randy, and Phil Collins almost to death before setting Lahey's trailer on fire. Green's aim is to frame Jim Lahey once again, but his plan does not work. Ricky, Bubbles, and Julian save their lives by pulling them out of the burning building and performing CPR on them.
  • Lahey, Ray, Julian, Bubbles, Ricky, and Phil Collins concoct a plan to have Green and Ted arrested for police brutality. The catch the two police officers beating Ray with baseball bats on Lahey's police cruiser's dash-cam.
  • Phil Collins becomes a regular on the show. He and his nephew can be seen for the rest of the season saying "BAAAAAAAAAAAM" (or some stupid variation of it) any chance they can get.
  • Ray gets his truck driving license back and gets a rig.
  • Bubbles discovers that there will be a model train convention in Maine. He and the Boys come up with a plan to smuggle all of Ricky's dope across the border by using a model train. Meanwhile, Bubbles is hyped about the fact that Sebastian Bach is the honorary master of ceremonies for the train convention and the Swayze Express train will be featured.

Season Eight

There is no season eight, numbnuts. The show has been officially picked back up by Netflix, and season 8 is due out sometime in Fall 2014.

Internet Discussions

The show is wildly popular and has many websites either dedicated to the show as a whole, or to individual cast members. Of course you are going to find controversy.

The Departure of Cory and Trevor

Jackson's 3,500 word blog rant.
hey a dick.


—Michael Jackson (not the dead one), the actor who played Trevor, is displeased with the producers of TPB.

i was disrespected as an actor and as a person and i know that me standing up and saying fuck you i've had enough hasn't changed anything. i was ripped off financially and that kind of sucks but mostly i just wasn't having fun anymore.


—More internet bile from Jackson.

Season six brought some changes within the cast and crew. The two actors that portrayed Cory and Trevor were no longer part of the cast. Cory and Trevor were always treated as second class citizens by most of the people at Sunnyvale trailer park, in events that mirror that treatment, Michael Jackson, the actor who played Trevor leaves the show because he thinks he is being treated unfairly...just like the way the Boys treat Cory and Trevor.

In a lengthy blog article, Michael Jackson, the actor who portrayed Trevor for six years on the show, explained his disillusionment with the production crew of The Trailer Park Boys. He describes terrible pay, horrid working conditions, and has tales of being used not only as an actor, but also as a field electrician for the show. When the two actors left the show, most viewers were not told of any reasons why they would just up and leave. Because of this, most people assumed that they were holding out for more money, and because they were just minor characters, the production team for The Trailer Park Boys just let them go. With Jackson's blog article, a more interesting story comes to light. In it, he describes total mismanagement by producers, terrible writing that made most of the actors cringe when they saw the scripts, and having to do double duty on the set as a grip...a job in which he had no training for.

Most of the people involved with making the show like to portray the whole company as a "family" and that everybody gets along. Jackson denounces this and also mentions that one member of the production staff, Karen Wentzell is a complete and utter retard, unable to do her job in the slightest.

Sometime later, after his online cry-fest, Jackson back-pedals and apologizes to everybody. He then adds the small disclaimer to the top of his post and edits out all the nasty words. Why did he do this? Perhaps it was because he was finding it impossible to work in an industry that blacklists crying pussies.

it has been brought to my attention that some of what i originally wrote was insulting to my fellow cast mates and that was never my intention when i wrote this bog. i agree with this and i have decided to edit my blog and take out the offensive material. i'm sorry to those people that i offended. i love you guys. i'm leaving in the part about the sandwiches because i think it's funny.


—Jackson isn't so smug after not eating for three weeks.

Reaction to Jackson's Whining


To most sane individuals, this sort of "family" attitude can be easily recognized as corporate bullshit. The fact of the matter is that Jackson, being young, dumb, and full of himself thought he was working for a company that had scruples or actually gave a shit. Here is a clue dude, you worked for a television show. These people are generally the same kind of human garbage you can find floating down the street in Hollywood. Stop your crying and either put up or shut up. Nobody likes a whining faggot, who, at the top of his game, decides to cut and run because there is a little mold in the bathroom. Man the fuck up.

Countdown to Liquor Day

Ricky has some second thoughts about the "Successful" path of life.

Trailer Park Boys don't care about the USA!

A second Trailer Park Boys movie has been filmed, edited, and is "in the can." It has a tentative release date of September 25, 2009, and as you are probably thinking, all the TPB nerds are literally slobbering over this new movie. The main problem the whole series and the movies have had so far is that they pretty much ignore the United States. For years, the show was unavailable to US citizens and most people from the States heard about the show only from Canadian friends or online. Finally, somebody decided to torrent the shows and it now has a large underground audience in the US. This movie will tank for the same reasons. The first motion picture did once, and it seems that the producers either cannot see their mistakes or they don't give a crap about making money. There has been absolutely no advertisement, no talk, and no hyping concerning this new movie in the United States whatsoever, so the actors, writers, and director will continue to languish in mediocrity despite the fact that he has a proven golden goose under his hat.

Is There Going To Be A Season 8?

We have a final one hour television special, “Say Goodnight To The Bad Guys”, which goes to air on Showcase on Sunday, December 7, 2008. Then after that, our sequel movie, “Countdown To Liqour Day” (working title), is due to be released in Canadian theatres in October, 2009. But, after that, there will be no more. Yes, it’s the end of Trailer Park Boys. Our fans have been so supportive and inspiring, and we thank everyone for their support. Much love and thanks from all of us at Sunnyvale Trailer Park.


—Series creator, Mike Clattenburg on 12/01/2008. One year later, he wrapped yet another TPB movie.

When the series creator and director can't figure out what he is doing or saying, you have a case where the fans are the only people who suffer. Since the end of the series, "final episodes" and television movies keep being made that seem to be meant as a final ending to the Boys. However, after a spending a year in Nowheresville, they always seem to get back together and make another special or movie. Season 8 has been promised, denied, and talked about for over two years now confirmed to be released on Netflix along with season 9, and a live special, and another movie. The show has officially been sold to the actors who portrayed Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles and will return without Mike Clattenburg or any of it's former producers or directors.

The fact is, Trailer Park Boys was once a TV show filled with epic lulz. Then over time it became stale and the lulz was replaced by epic fails; which is why the show ended in Canada and is now only getting a resurgence in popularity due mostly to being streamed on Netflix to Americans who were unaware of the show's existence.

With the return of the adventures of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles to Netflix without the interference of it's former producers and television network comes either a triumphant rise from the ashes or another epic fail. Only time will tell.

Lots of Video

Because nobody cares yet, you can still pretty much view every single episode of The Trailer Park Boys and at least 2 of the movies on YouTube. Also, everything the Boys have ever done is available on torrent. Here is a random sampling of a lot of off the wall stuff:

Bubbles jamming "Closer to the heart" with Rush.

John Dunsworth gives an impromptu interview as Jim Lahey.

Highlights from the Green Bastard.

Screening actors for their movie.

Helix is the greatest Canadian Band ever.

Advice from the boys.

John Dunsworth is eternally drunk.
Listen to how he deals with this asshole.

The Best of Jim Lahey

The Best of Jim Lahey while he is drunk.

Ray strips the copper tubing out of his house for liquor money.


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