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Totally Spies! is a French 'anime' that was first seen on November 3, 2001, not even two months after 9/11. Coincidence? It is the epitome of masturbation fodder for your average kid, and like all kids cartoons on the Internet, quickly became 34ed after it's premiere. The show is about a secret spy organization run by a knickers-stealing old Limey who allocates important missions to a trio of airheaded cunts who can't even go into the field unless all of their gear looks girly and matches their color coded tight latex catsuits. It's basically an animated "Charlie's Angels" that's dumbed down for children. Once actually in the field, they could be counted on to cock everything up and get captured by whatever downs-addled wanker they were trying to stop from using hair spray to take over the world. Cut to five minutes of the girls tied up while fully clothed so the target audience can masturbate and cry.


The show's main cast involves three self entitled girls from HelLA in their high school (Later early college) years. The three are complete original characters and totally not a rip off of The Powerpuff Girls. They are:

  • Sam: The ginger of the main three, and the 'Blossom'. She's the so called 'brains of the three.
  • Clover: The blonde of the main three, and the 'Buttercup'. (Even though she acts more like a dumbass in distress spoiled bitch obsessed with boys instead of being a badass.)
  • Alex: The dumbass Negress and their 'Bubbles'.

Below are other characters that no one gives a shit about:

  • Jerry: Their Britfag boss who was WATCHING THEM EVER SINCE THEY WERE LITTLE GIRLS WAITING FOR THEM TO BECOME SIXTEEN SO HE COULD MAKE THEM HIS SPIEZ! He gives them 'missions' and gives them dangerous toys that he passes as 'gadgets.' How the fuck has the FBI and Chris Hansen not caught this guy yet?
  • Mandy: An annoying Jew bitch that no one likes that is basically a rule 63 Gary Oak. She became a spy during one episode for fuck all only to suck so hard at it that they erased her memory of ever joining. Yet because of that one episode, comes the shipping and shit load of fan art of her in the purple latex spy suit she wore.


Yes, those are actual snippets of dialogue

The most common complaint about this show is that it is essentially masturbation fodder for people who are afraid of nudity. Every fetish imaginable makes a glorious appearance in this show, so long as that fetish does not require nudity. From vore to furry to age play to feet, everything someone could masturbate to that the censors wouldn't notice saddled onto this show and took it for a wild ride. And the bondage. Oh, the bondage! If ever you've wanted to see a fully-clothed teenager tied up and soaked in their own failure, then this is the show for you. Or, rather, was the show for you as it was thankfully canceled and is already well into its journey towards obscurity.

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Unsurprisingly, a quick Google search on Totally Spies! Hentai reveals a immense fapfest for this show`s fans.

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