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Believe it or not, this is not some 30 year old biker lesbian. This is a 16 year old girl.
Tori humping her cuddles plushie. Please note the maniacal facial expression
Her fursona is also a fatty, a refreshing touch of honesty.

Tori (widely known as Tulip), is a 16-year-old girl notable for being a huge drama whore and your typical Tartlett. She is known for her flaming, yelling, bitching, whining to all her "friends", bashing ED (or anyone else who hurts her feelings), and drowning her sorrows in the bottom of a big bucket of KFC.

She is currently a fangirl of Happy Tree Friends. She is also an avid self-proclaimed warrior against Mary Sues.

She once held art threads years ago on certain forums, and if anything was posted she did not like she flew into a rage and would order everyone offensive b&. Eventually, she decided to leave those forums and moved to a SheezyArt ripoff site named FanArt Central. When she joined, the site had quite a large community of Happy Tree Friends artists. She drew many pieces of work with questionable skills, and a good portion of it was Hate-Art directed at Mary Sues despite being one herself. She eventually got an account at DeviantArt and that, as one would expect, is when most of the drama started.


After signing up to DeviantArt, Tulip began to repost many of her FanArt Central art pieces. Tulip discovered many of the people she hated from her previous sites also partook in the DA forums, and began to flame them whenever the chance presented itself. However, this resulted in hate-art, spam spills, and napalm explosions on par with any Vietnam battle.

During this time, Tulip created another account on FAC, and drew more Hate-Art along with more pointless OC's. Tulip had managed to manipulate several other Happy Tree Friends fan artists into joining the 'dark side', to which those she had wronged in the past decided to respond to with an Anti-Tulip Club. The club was eventually b& due to her whining to the admins.

While currently obsessed with everything pertaining to Happy Tree Friends, she is also a part of other fandoms. What is little known about Tulip is that she used to be a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fantard; she even had her own Sonic OC (sharing many characteristics of her Happy Tree Friends character, just a different species). Recently, she's gained a new obsession with the band Fall Out Boy, a testament to her emo level.

She has even managed to mix her fandoms together, as many fantards are wont to do, turning the members of Fall Out Boy into craptastical Happy Tree Friends characters.

She is known for running full-speed and diving straight into her hugbox, and is known for blowing situations between her and others out of proportion, then writing in her journal so all of her loose associates will sympathize. Tulip tries to attack anyone whose views are different from hers (or are just "jealous" of her wonderful talents and charms). Like all Tartlets, she hates having her art critiqued by anyone. If one attempts to give her any constructive criticism, she will go on a bat-shit rampage and attempt to flame the one who offered the critique, along with all their own submissions.

She hates MySpace whores, /b/tards, EDiots, and anyone with any discernible talent who gets more attention on their art/DeviantArt pages than her. Her only real "friends" are people who will do anything she asks without question. She also only accepts people who will give her as much attention as she could possibly get and insta-favs ALL of her submissions, complements her, and never, EVAR, disagrees with her opinions.

If called out on her ham-handed attempts at how she acts towards others, she will not hesitate to give them a piece of her mind. She pretends not to care when someone insults her, but will get all of her minions to confront them, as opposed to doing it herself. In other words, typical Tartlett.

Her most reliable friend/love interest is her boyfriend Ghuiado.

Tori is a furry, and is also a failure of a troll. She has, in the past, had a 'relationship' with a cartoon animal created by one of her friends. She claims to love sex, despite being a self-proclaimed virgin. Once again, typical tartlett. Allegations of racism on her part have been confirmed as true.

Liek, Worst Life EVAR. Srsly.

Why...? T_T

The journal in hideous technicolor

"Journal Entry: Mon Mar 5, 2007, 4:11 PM


Last night, I found out that one of my "friends" (now ex-friend) got a girlfriend. Oh woe is me? My other friends are taken too! WTH? I always thought my ex-friend did not like romance. Why did he have to get a girlfriend just now...? T_T

What's worse is that my mom forbids me to have a boyfriend at an early age, so guess what? I. BROKE. UP. WITH. CHEESE. (NOTE: Cheese is =Fanart-Freak's HTF fancharacter), because for those who fall in love with imaginary characters have no lives at all. DAMN YOU MOM! WHY MUST YOU RUIN MY LIFE?! I guess I'm better off single now, since what other people said, they don't have boyfriends either. T_T

Down with young love, and up with old love. Get over it people. kthxbai.

In other news, my mom messed up the alarm clock, so we hurried as quick as possible in order to go to school. Dad took me and my sister to school, but a little later than 8:25 am I suppose.

I think we're starting on another project in Career Ed. class in Wednesday (on god, not another one... T_T), and we are bound to represent our career projects tomorrow.

I have had a History quiz to study for. I started it today and could not finish it, since class time was running out, so I had to study it once more, and I probably will finish the quiz during first period study hall tomorrow.

School was alright today. :/

And I also want to be 18 years old for crying out loud, so I can do "more stuff". T.T;;"


Proof that her friends don't like her...
...MOAR proof that her friends don't like her.

Behold, another one of Tori's journals that she baleeted a few minutes after posting it: "GOOD GOD! WHAT THE F**K?! (out of school too) Journal Entry: Tue May 29, 2007, 7:14 PM WARNING: RANT MODE AHEAD, INCLUDING STRONG ADULT LANGUAGE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. (and no, this is not a hacker)

Okay! Since the ED incident, the fucking EDiots come bombarding throughout my page and submitted deviations! You know what? I find that so fucking unfair! I want that article of me taken down NOW!! Also, here is one of the examples:


And if you don't know what the other example is, it's hidden somewhere around my page, like on the first or second one.

And fuck all EDiots. I want them damned to hell for all I care... >:]

PS: If this attracts any stupid, fucking, shit-eating EDiots, or /b/tards, or if you find this journal to be real whiny or offensive, I will either (a. erase my rant section of the journal, (b. delete this whole entire journal, or (c. censor the naughty words!


IN OTHER NEWS: "I'm officially out of school. Yep, you heard me. But since we had a two hour delay, the awards ceremony was moved from 8:30 am until like 10:30 am. People in school got awards and so did I. Me, I got two awards and they are: two recognition awards from both Language Arts and Career Education class. Even my parents took them home before us students had to clean out our lockers, take out stuff, had lunch, and went outside. Outside of the school during the afternoon, there was Field Day (which I find to be the most boring activity ever, no offense). Seriously, I sat on the bleachers, watching the Field Day games going on, but it was so dang hot outside, I was really sweating, and had to move spots to get cooler breezes. But other than that, I'm glad school's over with, which means, more time on stuff! Wh00t! ^w^

I guess that's all the crap I have for today. Ta-ta for now!"


She is a victim

After discovering herself on ED, she goes to Yahoo! Answers and pleads for help. "Encyclopedia Dramatica Articles.?" ... "Since I'm a victim of this myself, I just wanted to ask everyone on Yahoo... Have any of you had an insulting article written about you? If you don't know what it is, please don't visit it! It's a horrible site that should be avoided at all costs! Just wanted to know because I've experienced myself. I'd link to the page if it weren't so disgusting. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Sadly, she only got one serious response. "Encyclopedia dramatica is NOT meant to be taken seriously. It was built by anon and trolls, and it's main purpose is to have "lulz" at the people who are offended by it. If you found this un-amusing, avoid it."

Understanding the Psyche of Tori

Several psychoanalysts have attempted to unravel the mystery behind the phenomenon that is Tori. The pictures below are illustrative of the differences in perception of normal humans, and Tori.

A few of Tori's most notable internet wars

The Suzie Q War

Obviously she loves watching gay animals sleep together

One day a mysterious arsonist named Suzie joined DA pretending to be Tulip and claimed that she was leaving while setting several accounts on fire, which began an epic day. On that day, flaming occurred, with napalm cannons and spam launchers being given out to anyone who wished to take part in the lulz; it was as big as the Jark war and just as deadly. When it was all over, Suzie, Tulip and Tulip's army were given week long bans and good times were to be had. Unfortunately, Tulip came back, due to her having another account on DA, on which she apologized to a few people and continued her rampage against several others. It was definitely an epic day in DeviantArt history.

Tulip VS. Anonymous

A new war had broken out between the infamous Tori and the God of the internets himself, Anon. Both fighters gathered their armies in an attempt to destroy each other, but as Anonymous tried to take Tori down face-to-face, she pussied out and hid behind her sheep, which were told to do the dirty work for her with their lame comebacks, microscopic vocabularies and 5-year-old grammar skills. Anonymous gathered up some of his fiercest warriors, including Artist-for-rent, Nakedburrito, Jmonay, Halfhuman and ElectronicPest. SuzieQ couldn't fight at the time, but she promised she would be back for Tori's fat ass.

Tori's Love Life

Yes, believe it or not, Tori actually DOES have a love life, even if it is incredibly scant. Her first (and only) official boyfriend was Cheese, an imaginary cartoon animal. She eventually broke up with him after realizing how much of a fucking retard it was making her. Around the time she was dating Cheese, she was also involved with Ghuiado. Eventually, he noticed that he didn't really want to be with such a fatty, so he left her for some other TARTlet, but got back with her shortly after for reasons unknown.

A Letter to Tori from Mr. Anon Y. Mos

The infamous comment by Anon Y. Mos

"I am Anon Y. Mos, and I have found you, Tori Sue Heck. I've been watching you since before you made it to FAC, back when you posted shitty MS paint hate art on the forums. Your art is still shitty, though now with more colored pencil, your journal is a crap-smeared emoboard where you cry about how awful your 'friends' are, how much your life sucks, and your lousy school day that nobody gives a shit about. Oooh, sorry, I forgot the obligatory (sry, is that wrd 2 long for u?) >:D face.

If it's so bad, why don't you just end it? You're obviously living with more torment than anyone should ever have to deal with. Besides, if you try to kill yourself and fail (50% chance, look it up) then you'll get even MOAR attention! That would be great, wouldn't it? Then you could be the tragic hero, against the world, or at least the internets. And your followers would sing your praises and favourite your work (see sub-human scribbling) even more than they do now. So continue with your flame wars, hate art, dramawhoring, etc. You're just generating even more lulz for the rest of the world that watches you and laughs at what a sixteen-year-old girl you are. Surround yourself with your little desciples, and they'll talk about what a good artist you are, and what a nice person they see you as. Their naivete makes it even more hilarious. So go ahead, Tulip, flame me, ban me, it doesn't matter. I am not a person, I am not an individual, I am not a single entity. I am many, and we are invulnerable. Noble Suzie Q likewise cannot be stopped, and will continue her glorious work as long as you are around. For we are infinitly patient. We are every one of your past burns, every one of your future flames. We are everyone who doesn't agree with your view of the world and how it should be. We are those who look upon you and see the lowest form of human life. We never forgive, we never forget, and we always deliver. We are Anonymous, and we are the face of the internet."


BREAKING NEWS!!! Mr. Anon Y. Mos has just sent our young retard Tori new message, reading... (Tori's statements are in bold)

"Hello Tori, this is Anon Y. Mos, and we're baaaaaaack! I told you banning us would do no good, there will always be a troll under the bridge to be kicked back down by the emofag goatsies gruff. After the ensuing lulz, the troll always climbs right back up again. Anyways, I forgot in my last correspondence to mention how much we enjoyed reading some of your previous journal entries. March 5, we think, provides a wonderful window (see: psycho-bitch vision) into the world of Tulip. Let us see if we remember some of the passages clearly . . . hmmm . . . oh yes! I believe it went something like this:

Last night, I found out that one of my "friends" (now ex-friend) got a girlfriend. Oh woe is me? My other friends are taken too! WTH? I always thought my ex-friend did not like romance. Why did he have to get a girlfriend just now...? T_T

"I don't know, is woe you? Yes, damn your friend, that filthy son of a bitch. How could he lie to you, the most lovable person in the world, and go out with someone no doubt less attractive and more bitchy than you? Such a possibility is inconceivable. But that's our dear Tori, facing adversity and coming out the other side with only a few tear stains on her cheeks, and maybe (if we're lucky) some blood dripping from her poorly-cut wrists."

What's worse is that my mom forbids me to have a boyfriend at an early age, so guess what? I. BROKE. UP. WITH. CHEESE. (NOTE: Cheese is =Fanart-Freak's HTF fancharacter), because for those who fall in love with imaginary characters have no lives at all. DAMN YOU MOM! WHY MUST YOU RUIN MY LIFE?! I guess I'm better off single now, since what other people said, they don't have boyfriends either. T_T

"Single people are the best to ask advice on about relationships, aren't they? You didn't need that Cheese guy anyway, what with his non-existentness and all. That's extra emotional baggage you don't need right now, at the stressful age of 15. However, we must still blame your mother for this, because now that your life is ruined, there's no point in continuing on, is there? Apparently we were mistaken. We would have understood back in March if you had become an hero. But it's April now, and you are quite obviously still alive and posting your MS Shit art for the world to stab their eyes out after having beared witness to it. Good luck (ever) finding yourself someone with a penis who can stand you presence long enough to even say, 'Hello-oh God, what am I doing talking to you?!'"

And I also want to be 18 years old for crying out loud, so I can do 'more stuff'. T.T;;

"Do 'more stuff'? Yes, like smoking cigarettes, wasting your parent's money in casinos and on lottery tickets (if you win, maybe you'd be able to afford Photoshop, or even better, you could take some art classes!!), and *gasp* legally have sex!!! I know that's the first thing I do every day: look for fugly, winy girls who just turned 18 and fuck the jailbait out of them, 'cause that's what they want. If I can't find three by noon, it's been a bad day. I know that's the moar stuff we looked forward to when we were your age.

"Well, our work here is done. Thankfully, you won't be around to report us, at least not until Friday, amirite? Now Tori, don't forget about us. It would break our hearts if we ever thought that you were not our friend. We'll be back soon for another chat, never fear. I do so enjoy our conversations, don't you?

"Remember, we never forgive, we never forget, and we always deliver. We are Anonymous, and we are the face of the internet." How true. Anon Y. Mos will sure go down in history. We salute you for your endless achievements and helping to make the internet a better place to be.


Tori seems convinced that people are stealing her beautiful art.

Eventually, half of the butthurt Anti-Tulip Club was banned for fagging up the already faggotry-littered DA.

Lesbian slut Anna was eventually banned for being fat and not learning to tits or gtfo, Mike was banned for being black person, and the others were banned for being generally unfunny. The elusive Suzie Q. is still on the loose, while Anonymous is on to much bigger and better things; things that will make fatass Tori look like an amoeba in comparison. Once again, we salute you Anon Y. Mos. May your name be praised throughout history.

In the end, Tulip fucked everyone. One can only hope she rises to the status an hero soon.

Please note that commenting on Tulip’s journal with anything negative now will result in the banhammer (but only because of her threats to eat the Admin's children if they let any harm befall her).

Send your love to [email protected], assuming she still uses it.

The psychological Enigma that is Tori Sue Heck's mind

Why am I back, you say? Because! This time I am not allowing EDiots to bash me again. I'm outraged by these people, if ANYONE of those EDiots bashes my page, consider them blocked, and reported. So watch out, trolls. I'm staying here, like it or not! Have a problem with that? Heh...


lolcow herself, on her latest journal

Apparently, Tori's "friends" aren't always going to be there to save her dumbass from danger, so occasionally she tries to take the matter into her own sausage-y hands. Here are some of the tactics she uses, and what you can do to put the tard in her place.

Tori's trolling / flaming mechanisms, and how to fight back

Tori has many methods of trying to scare off her enemies, so we're going to show you some of them, and then display the proper reversal to such faggotry.

1. Probably one of her most common insults, which involves her talking to all her bitches about how pathetic her opponent is. This is the easiest to counter, and has many options you can use to piss her off even moar. If you get a message that looks a little something like this - "Wow, that's so immature / pathetic. I can't believe how low some people can be." - Don't worry. It's just her failed attempt at not sounding like a mindless fat teenage whore. What you should do is either...
a. Point out her blatant stupidity by touching issues like her ass-kissing friends, her whiny journals that she always deletes about 2 days after being put up, her Mary Sue characters, most of which she doesn't use (due to the fact of having too damn many of them), and her savage hypocrisy and history of acting even more childish and retarded than everyone else.
b. NO U.
2. The next most common insult, she'll most likely say something along the lines of this - "You're just jealous of my art! I don't see any of YOUR deviations!"
a. Apparently, it shouldn't be too hard to disprove this statements and burst her over-inflated ego. Obviously, this is complete bullshit. Even if you can't draw, that's better than shitty MSPaint created pieces of shit from the whacked out imagination of a seriously fucked up horny virgin 15 year old fat bitch. And if you do happen to be a good artist (proving her statement to be even more fucktarded), why not show off your abilities? In fact, seeing as how the slut loevs her sum fanart, why not take her character and make a little "fanart" of your own? (preferably dick-chick / guro / scat porn) Then she'll know who the superior artist of the interwebz truly is.
b. Even if you can't draw, just fuck up her character anyway. The response is sure to bring along epic levels of lulz.
c. If she or anyone else attempts to bring to light the fact your lack of drawings make you unable to critique her, bring up the fact that reviewers often aren't directors or writers themselves. For example: "Regardless of my lack of art, I can still review your work and say how much it sucks. Film Reviewers aren't exactly Directors or Screenwriters, correct? And I don't suppose they are jealous of the director's shitty work if they say how bad it is, are they?" That should shut them up about it for a while, at least.
d. Upload a picture of your penis with a funny little hat on it. If she's not too amazed / shocked / hungry, it'll definately bring her down a notch. Bonus points if she starts schliking while ranting about how disgusting you are.
3. Her absolutely guaranteed response, no matter what else happens, she will always, ALWAYS, make some shitty journal telling all her little whiny bitches how [insert emotion here] she is because of her new mortal nemesis, [insert name here]. She'll also most likely put some other drama inducing crap in, including what happened at school, what she ate (which is a present factor in damn near all of her journals, despite the original topic), how much she haets ED (lol), and why she hates her "friends" for being moar popular than her. (Who's jealous nao?)
a. Just make a simple observation on her new extremely whiny, emo, fat teenage 16 year old bitch angst ridden drama generating piece of shit.
b. Lulz her ass straight to hell. TORI HATES THE LULZ! lulz lulz lulz lulz lulz
4. When out of ideas, Tori might try to use the "no life" comeback. As the name states, she'll insult you for supposedly having "no life".
a. This is quite lulzy in itself. Just take a brief moment to think about it. Do you see anything wrong with this claim of hers? No? How about the fact that she was desperate enough to date an imaginary cartoon character (an animal at that) and all of her friends just happen to be OL and she has none IRL? And if she tries to turn it around and say YOU have no friends, just laugh it off. The dumb bitch's brain has obviously been pretty screwed up from spending too many hours on the internet and not enough time hauling her fat ass off the couch and into a fucking gym.
b. Again, if you need an alternative to solution a., just lulz her ass straight to hell. This is, of course, the best remedy for mental retardation of her degree.
5. Eventually, her friends will be back from taking a break from her whining. When that happens, all her internet tough guys and wannabe smart ppls are going to try to humiliate you and defend their fat overlord. If this does happen, just use one of the above techniques, or if you want to make it unique and personally, dig up some dirt / personal info on them and exploit it against them to your heart's content.
6 No matter what else happens, make sure to remind her of her ungodly disproportioned body, and pray she's not too weighed down by fat to respond. Her idiocy is always a great source of lulz.

Events in Tori's life

Tori's Lovely Gallery

Tulip Faggotry About missing Pics

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As you can see, she is so full of awesomeness that she can't manage to blend in on any site due to her celebrity status.
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