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A typical example of Tooner14's work, a god-awful self-insert"parody" of a shit Macaulay Culkin movie that nobody wants to remember.

Tooner 14 is a sixteen year old furfag on DevianTART and JewTube (where he is known as Tooner1994 since has old account was BELLEETED for copyright violations). Like most toonfags, he has sexual fantasies about non-exsistant animal characters such as Lola from Space Jam and Sawyer from Cats Don't Dance. What sets him apart from other members of this subculture, he is also a die-hard fan of Barney The Dinosaur, but not the Barney Bunch since he appears to not be a fan of Drew Pickles, Barney's gay lover.

Tooner's real claim to fame (like many of his peers) is making shitty "crossover" pictures and videos which are basically just replacing the characters from shitty movies with the characters from the shitty movies and awful animated series he faps to and sometimes himself, his friends, his cat, or Charlie (his puppet friend, obviously ripped-off from Edgar Bergan). He apparently only likes kiddie cartoons, Barney, and Family Guy and only reads manga and books by Dr. Suess, so he is very limited on sources for creating meaningful works. It is made worse due to his lack of a scanner and use of crayons and lined paper. Unlike some toonfreaks, he appears to have no aspirations to work as an animator and become famous, just draw his shitty crossover posters featuring characters created by other people. He recently got into drama, which lead him on the road to butthurt after he got into a grudgewank with Blackbustercritic who dubbed him a "BarneyFag" and "Pedophile", for being over the age of 2 and still enjoying "The Purple One", revealed his immature fanboyisms to the masses, along with those of some of his friends, who now proudly call themselves as "CrossoverFags", thanks to BlackBuster, and happily make their badly edited "crossover" films feauring copyrighted cartoon characthers, but Tooner (and some of his groupies like TigerBreath13, who called Blackbuster, a "monster" and wished the KKK or his his badly drawn on MSPaint imaginary furry friends would murder him) just whined and said BlackBuster stole his videos and ruined his life.

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