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Truly we are not worthy of such beauty.

Deviantart-favicon.png Tommypezmaster (Powerword: Tommy Lopez) is a fatass, ugly, sick fuck from Scotsdale, Arizona who spends his time jacking off to the ways a dress sways (not joking). Eating God-knows-what At subpar fastfood joints, jacking off to Pez dispensers, shitting on his computer screen and posting it to DevianTART (where he of course gets praised), Being a pedophile, and doing "Reviews" of Shit no one cares about. Hell, just look at that picture! Anyone who looked like that obviously is going to be a Sick fuck of some kind! And a sick fuck he is, But not just that. Tommy boy here, is the embodiment of almost-if-not-everything wrong with DA. He is the doucheyass son of Katrina Stahl and Brad Sandoval.

His "Art"

2016...Wow, what improvement!

As you can tell Tommy's skills are non-existent (And that's being nice). Most if not all of his drawings look more like blobs of shit that don't resemble anything (other then more blobs of shit)

But even if you can figure out what they are supposed to be, it's just going to either be:

  • Unfunny comics bitching about some obscure cartoon no one even remembers
  • Fan (sh)art
  • Weird fetishes
  • Pedo art
  • Title cards for Mr.enter or NC that will never be used
  • Some unfunny meme he's trying to force
  • Shitty Smash Bros. ideas
  • Shitty base edits (which he even somehow manages to fuck up)
  • And other Bullshit not worth mentioning (or looking at)

His "Reviews"

Think if RowdyC from that shitty TV Trash review show ripped off Mr. Enter instead of Nostalgia Critic. Multiply that by 10 and you still won't be close to the stupidity and complete lack of logic that is The Tommypezmaster Show. You know things are going to suck when the intro consists of farts and your host is an autistic fucktard who stuttering makes KingMasterReview look like William Shakespeare.


He jacks off to dresses...Do I really need to say anything else?

You thought I was lying...

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