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After threatening to stalk and assault a member of Anonymous, Tommy Gorman became the Heavy-Weight Champion of the thunderdome.

Tommy Gorman is a non-Anonymous, post-Scilon Old Gaurd, troll SP extraordinaire. He was born into the cult's "silent birth" routine, fed only Scientology's "barley water" baby food, and educated only in LRH "tech." On the plus side, he was never, ever told "no." Instead of having fun like normal children, though, Tommy was assigned to Scientology's sekrit "Office of Special Affairs" troll unit, which specializes in burglary, stalking, harassment, false bomb threats, and photography.

Tommy got extremely Butthurt when the b8 he had a crush on got raped by a leading Scientologist fucktard named Gabriel Williams, supervisor of the local "org." The other top Scilons predictably refused to do anything about this situation, so Tommy took his girl, his bag of tricks and GTFO. The rapist eventually got v&, but only after the Hubbardites blocked the investigation as hard as they could. Now Tommy trolls professionally in San Francisco harassing Scientologists, looking out his window for white vans, and boxing.

Last Tuesday Tommy got manipulated by Magoo and decided he was going to threaten a member of Anonymous. Magoo told him that someone threatened to rape her in the Thunderdome so he got all Butthurt again and tried to get all OSA on some faggot. Told him he was gonna come to his house or get him in the streets. Anonymous doesn't like to be threatened by exOSA and a shit storm ensued. He responds to the trolls.

O yea Tommy Gorman Tommy Gorman Tommy Tommy. Meet me in front of the org and we will box like men -Tommy Gorman Tommy Gorman."


—-Tommy Gorman

Protest Sign

Talking rationally before giving a beatdown to a gay tourist inquiring about his rape
Tommy's head says "SP" on the back.
Tommy about to dispense with the banhammer on a scifag handing out pink fliers
Tommy Gorman Tommy Gorman wants you to click his ling

His cock size is unknown, but the protest sign Tommy carries with him is a gigantic, poorly-handwritten sign made of 5/8" plywood and a tree stump he murdered specifically for the purpose of:

  • Banhammering the "Body Thetans" that leap like galactic Ebola germs from the "MEST" bodies of top "OT" Scilons as they pass by.
  • Beheading scifags who pretend they don't know him, when he's known them all his life
  • Saying "No" to the countless homeless bums infesting San Francisco who only desire "bus fare"
  • Cutting down more trees to make more sticks and inform the public about Scientology's "rape-friendly" vibe.
  • Cooling down his heat-stricken protestfag supporters.
  • Scaring the fuck out of tourists
  • Informing the public of his wife's rape by a Scientologist.


Scientology taught Tommy to troll from Day 1. He now uses those same tactics with a twist against the Scientologists he used to party with. His main technique consists of spouting scifag-sensitive slogans at them as the Scilons go to their frequent group masturbation ceremonies consisting of Sec Checks, quoting from LRH books, saluting his picture, and doing "touch assists" on pretty young Scilon girls. The Scilons generally ignore Tommy, but you can't easily ignore someone that you've known for two decades, calling your name, and asking about your kids. It's especially retarded of the Scilons because they have had to pay a lot of fucking money to learn how to "confront," and now that they have the opportunity, they run away like little crybabies. Tommy's trolling tactics trump all lesser "Let's Talk!" critics like WBM or Magoo because they don't accuse people of molesting their own children and fucking cats.

No one has successfully defeated Tommy in "No U" combat. Most Scientologists just walk away quickly once he bullbaits them, resulting in instant win and minor lulz.

Current Ops

Tommy is currently engaged in assisting San Francisco Chanology Protestfags who are too pussy to belligerently call out Scientologists and make an ass of themselves. He makes no claims to being part of Anonymous or Chanology, he only assists them with his vicious IRL trolling.


Tommy has an active YouTube account where he welcomes debate and trolling. He will also pose nude on request.

His most famous video so far.. The aftermath of a scientologist attacking a protestfag (catfight!) with some nice trolling.

you're such a coward! run away! run away! that's fine!!


After that, here's the lulzy finish... He taped the same Woman hitting a cop's car after she tried to flee the scene.

so touchy-touchy! what's goin' on? you like little girls or something?


Tommy's reaction to the WBM YouTube suspension and the news that his account is next to go down.
This will get you hard if you are a Chanology protestfag, plus he's topless and sweaty.

You think I picket a lot now? Just wait until you try to pull some crap on me.. I will picket you way more, I will make your stats crash so bad. I will be there on days you don't expect me...


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