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Tom and Jerry

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Surprise buttsecks.

Tom and Jerry is the name of an ancient American cartoon featuring a sadistic mouse (Jerry) and a stumbling puss (Tom) as victim of the mouse. With a subsequent takeover by Hollywood, the show's teensy-weensy doses of lulz vanished altogether. Despite being an icon of furries Tom and Jerry were not favoured by an article on the Wikian slave furry site at the time this article was made. The short "Baby Puss" is known for turning a generation of child viewers into adult babies, and The Cat Concerto has been declared, by the court of Ed "Big Whitey" Lollington, as the series' shark-jumping episode.

Popularity in East Asia

Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse are immensely popular in the East, the Far East, and particularly China, where the good people get a special kick for great justice out of watching illegally copied DVDs of characters who should have been in the public domain by now anyway. In recent years, their popularity has been threatened by a French knock-off known as Oggy and The Cockroaches and the Indian Pakdam Pakdai (which is a ripoff of Oggy and the Cockroaches).


Due to the frequent occurrences of Tom and Jerry smoking, Concerned Women across the UK shat bricks and decided that this is not at all suitable for kiddies to view. [1]

Also b& for Tom's massive nigger owner who appears in some of the episodes, also the number of times someone appears on screen in blackface.

Don't you believe it!


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