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Tyler Van Wormer

Tiptoety (powerword Tyler Van Wormer, yes that's his real name, reminds one of "Dean Wormer" in the Animal House movie, doesn't it?) is a user who has, over the years, consolidated great power across many WikiProjects. In addition to securing Administratorship and CheckUser on Wikipedia, he has these and the power of over-sighting on the Commons. Not only that, but he has been elevated to bureaucrat on Meta, giving him the power to enact global bans against his enemies. Tyler is just an awful little shit of an admin, and loves to block people using the slightest excuse. Criticize him, and you will be swiftly blocked as a sockpuppet of someone else, then all your edits will be reverted and erased.

He also serves as a clerk for the Arbcom and does administration on the OTRS. In the "real world" (ha ha) he's a wannabe cop, most recently an intern deputy with the Multnomah County Sheriff's Department in Oregon. He's so lame, he's posed as a cop on law-enforcement fora so people will "respect his authoritah".

Shit things he's done

  • It took the little bastard three tries to become an administrator. Because he was fond of abusing people and deleting articles. The third try in 2008 [1] finally got him enough support from the "Cabal" fucks. Hey, if notorious pedo Ssbohio hates him, he can't be all bad, right? Hah.
  • In the badly-failed second RFA, he cheerfully admitted being the primary author of the TOW article about his employer, Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue. No one noticed his COI abuse, they were far more butthurt about his fucking with the AN/I shit explosion and copying copyrighted material.
  • And the insult only maxed out when the Wiki-Cuntboys made him a checkuser in 2010 and an oversighter in 2012. [2][3] Now he can abuse people and delete things, and completely destroy all the evidence.
Result: Provisionally approved. This user has appointed himself to process process requests by the process request process. A poll will be necessary within 12 hours to confirm this process decision. Prior to the poll, a straw poll must be carried out to gauge whether there is a consensus that this matter should be dealt with by poll. Prior to the straw poll, the permissibility of straw polls must be debated by the community by way of a request for arbitration, community sanction, request for bureaucratship, and request for Jimbo. Elfits FOR GREAT JUSTICE (klat) 14:35, 1 April 2008 (UTC)


WTF lol!

  • [5] "reasonable people acting reasonable", words of glory from supreme stoned asshole HighInBC.
  • March 14: "Indefinite not infinite" ... "happy to unblock when and if Fred can prove he has a plan to improve his behavior"
  • Unfortunately Rd232 snuck around and unblocked him behind Tip, Commons assfister Mattbuck, and Savin's backs.
  • So how does one go about proving a plan to improve behavior? Is Triple T being honest when he says he'd be happy to hear such aspirations for reformation? Or is it a dishonest pleasantry?

External links

  • Ty's favourite tool: Many an ArbCom flunky's favourite sock-detecting device is the "Stalker" which compares edits between user accounts. For example:
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