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Tinychan logo.png
Type BBS
Founded 2nd June, 2009
Location USA
Key people ltamake, Krodan, FuckAlms, Nega, Phallus99, Balfo, Namefag, Nickalollyoff, Voice of Wisdom
Motto boners™
Industry Random shit.
Products boners
Website Tinychan

A typical day on Tinychan.
Don't underestimate Tiny-hime

Tinychan was the first clone of AnonTalk, founded by Jan Ramon Martin after he was unmade as an AnonTalk moderator. The last fact is something Jan tries to keep hidden.

Who was Jan Martin? Jan was the abbo version of Kimmo Alm. Take Kimmo, make him a few years younger. Make him female, well as close as one can come to being one on the internet. Then make him abbo. You've got a closet-pedophile that runs his forum exactly like Kimmo (99% of threads deleted and 50% of every reply is "citing a deleted or non existent reply") and who loves that delicious petrol.

Despite being hosted by 4chan, Tinychan is was unable to tolerate trolls, resulting in a very unfunny board. It's easier to get a funny troll post to last on AnonTalk than on Tinychan. At the same time, Tinychan's mods are too lazy to bother cleaning up Kimmo's spamfloods to the forum and they just leave that crap there forever.

It was later reopened by ltamake on shitty hosting Jan chose. However, Jan is no longer in charge of TC.

How it Began

Jan went to AnonTalk when he was around the age of a 13 year old boy. The site had all these very disturbing pedo threads and Jan didn't understand any of them. He'd simply ask, "I'm 12 years old and what is this?" Doing that gets you automatically banned and so Jan evaded his ban and continued on in ignorance, eventually becoming one of the site's first moderators back in 2008. He was trained to moderate by Kimmo. Now on AnonTalk, most of its threads are pedo content, but they didn't get that way on their own. No, people have to continually delete and delete threads with emphasis on deleting good ones that people worked hard on, and the deletion style must never be a fair one but always a sadistic one. Jan got all that right, but being too young to understand the disgusting things being discussed, he deleted a lot of pedo threads and was fired and banned.

Jan then went and made a clone of AnonTalk but with images, trying to pass it off as an "imageboard for mobile phones". To get visitors, he began spamming it on AnonTalk. Below is an email he received from Kimmo:

You have 24 hours to take down your AnonTalk clone or I will contact your
host and get them to remove it for me. I've done it before to another
thief and I will do it again. I will also contact PayPal and you will lose
your account with them if you keep this up. Sorry. It's nothing personal,
but I cannot allow you to drag my hard work around in the dirt like this.
Maybe you are just a kid who got inspired by my work. Sort of flattering,
I guess, but you need to think for yourself!

Thank you in advance for understanding and cooperating.

> Unfortunately sysop your copyright claims are unfounded, unless you can
> specifically show me the piece of coding which conflicts with your
> copyright terms I have no reason to take down or make any changes to my
> site.

Are you blind or just a little dumb? It's a clone. Admittedly a crappy
one, but still a clone. The worst part is that you don't even give any
credits and claim copyright on top of it.

Take it down, kid, and do something original.

> In fact I hadn't even heard of your site until a user mentioned it to me.

Bullshit. Take it down.

> Now that I have seen your site I am very disappointed to even be
> associated with the content posted there. Pedophilia is a crime, and if
> you aren't part of the solution you're part of the problem.

Now I'm 100% sure that you are a retard.

Your site will be taken down.

> I apologize for being so aggressive, I understand that you are suffering
> from a serious mental disability.

How Tinychan looked before switching to ATBBS.

Ever since then, AnonTalk and Tinychan have spammed and DDoSed each other back and forth.

In October 2009, Tinychan switched to ATBBS, the official AnonTalk clone software. This allowed Tinychan to look even more like AnonTalk and every user had a post history that could be tracked and deleted. Jan then decided to moderate it exactly how he moderated AnonTalk.


Zoom shot of Negi's penii.

The typical Tinychan user is someone who found 4chan a month ago through Gaia Online, then found AnonTalk through its spam on 4chan, then stayed on AnonTalk enough to be offered moderator position (may or may not have accepted it), not realized that there's something really wrong with them to post enough on AnonTalk to be offered a moderator position when they weren't trying to be a rogue mod, and then they leave AnonTalk for a clone. So then now that they have known about 4chan for a whole month, every word out of their mouth is either complaining about newfags or calling oldfags "newfag". Yes, even Jan is like this.

Founded by an ex-anontalk moderator, Tinychan got all of its userbase through spamming AnonTalk. Its userbase is populated entirely by all the pedophiles who migrated over from AnonTalk who are on Tinychan pretending not to be pedophiles. As a result, these frustrated closet pedophiles act like 12 year-old raging homosexuals, raging at each other over the smallest things. If you make a topic pointing this out, it will be deleted and you will be shitlisted just like if you made it on AnonTalk.

Having the same moderation as AnonTalk, the userbase is the same. Everyone either sucks up to avoid getting all their posts deleted or they have Stockholm Syndrome. Jan is always right and disagreeing with him is heresy. Tinychan does differ in some ways though. Allowing namefaggotry, and giving attention to Murray early in its history lead to it being completely overrun with namefags. Tinychan also isn't pedo even though half of Tinychan users admit to creating pedo threads on Anontalk, these users explain that they're merely engaged in "deep stealth trolling". When these same users admit fapping to lolicon on a daily basis, they explain that they are merely getting in character for their "deep stealth trolling", so clearly they are not pedo at all. Any pedo topics are an attempt to parody the openly pedo nature of AnonTalk's userbase. Not at all a reflection of how Tinychan users see babbyfuck as being perfect for dinner table conversation.


Tinychan is a living example of how not to run a forum. These people knew about 4chan, which has good design, moderators that when they do their job they do it properly, and has various subforums where you can troll in /b/ and have a serious discussion about Mark Twain in /lit/. Tinychan ignored all this wisdom and copied AnonTalk. Now AnonTalk clones have always been shit wherein most have only 5 posts, which are all shitposts, and they're run by people that slap F5 ever five seconds and just so when the sole person who posts each day comes, they can sadistically delete their post soon after it is made.

While AnonTalk itself has an actual focus (one which is better not to think about), Tinychan has no focus at all. All of its topics are just shitposts and any interesting topic is quickly deleted. The majority of its userbase are people who never make new topics and simply give shitposts as replies to topics because the moderators are okay with this. Occasionally a real post comes by, usually some technical question about Linux and it's boring enough that Jan doesn't bother deleting it outright, but eventually vanishes because: Tinychan copied AnonTalk's method of moderators deleting every single posts a user ever makes with a click of a button and while AnonTalk will only do this to content that is under 12 hours old, Tinychan will wipe about 5% of all topics and replies from its board about once per hour as the mods, especially Jan, click that button as they jack off. Of course people could just create new IDs all the time so the loss of posts wouldn't be so great, except that Tinychan is always in lockdown mode and it requires one to spend several days begging Jan in private messages as he insults you in Jr. High school style before he lets you post.

Why is Tinychan in lockdown mode all the time? It's because TehBigToaster always floods Tinychan with certain photographs of his sexual fantasies that are more illegal than your Mexican gardeners. Toaster hates Jan and is on a quest to dox him and shut down Tinychan for good. Why is this? It seems Toaster believes Jan has copied a feature of his board,which is unworthy of mention. You see like with a certain board, any criticism of the board is deleted except for strawman criticism to make Tinychan look good followed by Jan samefagging dozens of accounts filling Tinychan with praise. Jan of course will delete any mention of the URL anonbbs.com when posted on Tinychan because Jan correctly believes that shitty AnonBBS will actually lure his entire userbase away permanently should his users only visit that site.

Tinychan has a wide range of quality content, examples:

  • Blatant plagiarism from AnonTalk by copying and pasting every new thread posted there.
  • Joe DDM insightfully pointing out that everything is one racist muching are Durkee banana.
  • Fagtardicus posting the shitty forced-meme "unlimited hotdogs".
  • Hate threads about Minichan, AnonTalk, or Anonymous.
  • Appending the words "HAHAHA GO FUCK A SHIT UP YOUR ASS" or "newfag" to literally every post.
  • Replying to every comment with the phrase "X isn't a toy bud, grow up and leave".
  • Ex-Tinychan moderator Nickalollyoff advising anyone with any particular problem to "Reverse the Polarity", accompanied with a picture of La Forge from Star Trek. Ironically Nickalollyoff then clicked "exterminate troll by phrase" for the "not a toy bud" meme. In the great tradition of *chan memes this is spammed without reason or thought.

Tinychan gets its refined post quality through a sophisticated user rating system. Tinychan has long used the "lol bud scale". User ratings are optional and each user rates each post according to the "lol bud scale" from 1 to 10.

Kimmo shuts it down so they move to 4chan

Tinychan when it was shut down.

In the early weeks of January 2010, Kimmo Alm declared that Dreamhost had finally listened to his complaints about Tinychan being an "illegal clone" and shut it down. Jan then went to moot and after some hot tranny sex, said Tinychan was kicked off Dreamhost due to DDoS and begged him to host it.

Tinychan's users bawwed and Gizmo was summarily banished from the Moderator's circle. On Feb 28, 2010, the transfer happened.

The 4chan switch was a fucking disaster, we're back here until I figure out what went wrong.
For future reference:
No image posting (intentional)
No trip/namefagging
Cookie timing was broken
Couldn't post question marks (no idea what caused that)
Will fix bugs and we'll BRB.

The drama resumed the following day, when Gizmo went and took control of the board and deleted every single post there. Jan stupidly had not backed the database up, ever, and all of Tinychan's posts were gone. And nothing of value was lost. Turns out he backed up the database days before Gizmo went rogue.

Gizmo was then banned obviously. And nothing of value was lost.

The only entertaining thing about this was Kimmo. He went around punching holes in the wall of his home and screaming all over about "illegal clones" on his forum and in spam to 4chan, tinychan, moot's email, moot's webhost, etc. He then DDoSed 4chan and tinychan, managing to shut down /b/ several times. Then moot released Kimmo Alm Emails and Kimmo eventually focused on only DDoSing Tinychan instead of /b/.

Tripfags with stories

Tiny-hime fucks up Kimmo's shit
Bawwws all the time about how bad his life is.
Jan clone, gives nothing to the board and never lifts a finger to improve it.
Known for getting drunk and Ionizing everyone for the hell of it. Helped cause the exodus to MC due to banning Depressionman at least 3 times a day for shitposting. Demodded later. LOL MOD AGAIN
Counter Strike-obsessed basement dweller who has an extreme hard-on for Krodan. Likes to try to show he has a life by going out and advertising TC while harrassing the general populace and video taping it. Now spends his time showing love for the Japanese culture by making a topic insulting every weaboo poster on his beloved board.
Originally a serious poster, Balfo took role as TC's own private shitposter after Murray's mysterious disappearance. Contributes nothing but repeated posting of the word "boners"
Depressionman: Claims to be an intellectual with an IQ of over 180, yet spends all day on TC Minichan drinking wine and growing more chin fat. Most Tinychan users humour him as most are sympathetic to Autism sufferers. Instabanned. Also LOLPEDO.

The Great Tripfag Exodus

Around the beginning of June 2010, approximately a year after the site's inception, things became even worse than ever. TC, once a happy and small community of self-important namefags began tearing itself apart from the inside out. Once Tinychan had declared its final victory over Kimmo Alm and AnonTalk, the userbase had nowhere productive to direct its angry virgin aspie rage, so Anonymous turned its backs on the namefags. The faggotry of TC's worst posters and inherent cancer took over full force. As Nickalollyoff (Tripcode: #989742856310) had been doing for a month or so prior, he ritually began wiping any and all traces of Depressionman (Tripcode: #mytripcode1234) from the board. This caused an uproar, forcing DM to evade bans and shitpost even more than usual. Unintentionally, Nick polarized the users into either anti or pro-DM groups. Exacerbated by Jan's utter indifference to the matter, things came to a head when the most elite namefags, known as "The People," left for Minichan — a site full of angry aspies.

After the mass exodus, the angry /b/bs tards were left without namefags and women to harass. Almost instinctively, TC's least known users began making butthurt Minichan raid threads, which consisted of the oh so familiar ANON IS LEEJUN mindset. Other anons with no clear alignment continued making their shit-tier troll threads in a desperate scramble to get TC back to normal. Overall, the mass exodus caused TC's largest contributors to flee, leaving 1 or 2 shitty namefags to take free reign over the rotting /b/bs. And nothing of value was lost.


July 2010: 2 hackers by the name of UltimateCake!2DakXY3RZ & sK located a Tinychan admin password on Depressionman BBS (their honeypot board), which they set up to collect tripkeys of the namefags in order to make them public. This pissed off many of the namefags, but some argue that this is shit nobody cares about. They proceeded to delete fucking everything, doing much more damage to the board than Gizmo did after the 4chan switch. sK then made a thread on Minichan to brag about it, and then claimed that he had DDoSed Tinychan as well, but he was received with ambivalence. In the mean time, Kimmo Alm took a break from writing his rage bulletins and spamming 4chan to jack off to the utter destruction of his enemy board. Truly nothing of value was lost because Tinychan's only decent contributors, including the only good mod, Nega, had left a long time ago, only using Tinychan to troll. The future is uncertain for Tinychan, but it looks rather grim. Some argue that it can only get better because it has hit rock bottom, but others say that TC is dead, killed by a-- Some aspie basement dweller 'hacked' Tinychan and deleted a few posts, causing the incompetent Sysop to pull the plug. And nothing of value was lost.

It's back again

On September 21st 2010, some guy bought the domain and hosting to reopen Tinychan on tinychan.org. As of November 20th, 2011, Tinychan is now operated by savetheinternet and hosted on 4chon's servers.

It is down for once and for all

The server had died of AIDS from all the shitposts it was infected with despite having an onsite doctor. Medical malpractice lawsuits have been filled since he fed the site more shitposts. No one cares because Kimmo Alm and his Anontalk is long gone and as evident in the last sentence, it was pure refined shit, anyway with no real purpose (/b/ already serves as a shitpost haven on top of that). Now a days, tinychan.org redirects to a guy laughing hysterically.

...and nothing of value was lost.

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