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Threats of violence

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A Romanian Wikipedian threatens to become an hero for the sake of unrequited love, and gets Alison and Ryulong's panties in a twist.

Wikipedia:Threats of violence and its bastard twin Wikipedia:Responding to threats of harm are the Wikipedia policies essays (lol demoted) dictating that violent threats on TOW should be immediately reported to the cops. Paranoid faggots who only feel safe in a police state tried to make them into policy but they were defeated by those who realized that something straight out of Bush's post-9/11 America and the UK that Tony Blair dreamed of was obviously a terrible idea. The Internet may be serious business but it's not that serious. They are normally brought out for when an attention whore posts a suicide notice on their userpage. The cops are always called, the editor is always found alive, and another name is kept off of Deceased Wikipedians. It is also used when a channer newfag who thinks he's the next Jake Brahm vandalizes an airlines article with terroristic threats. No doubt the thirteen-year-old boy thought he was hilarious until he realized that Seven Proxies doesn't stop the partyvan[1] The irony here is that while Wikipedia has policies like BLP expressively to avoid ruining someones life with libel, they are cursing innocent kids with forever having to check the "Have you ever been arrested?" box on a job application, that is if they aren't just extraordinary renditioned to Guantanmo Bay.

WP:TOV in action

Glen A. Wilson High: A madman walked those halls.

This drama normally goes unnoticed even by the vultures at the Wikipedia Review, quickly fading away as the thread on the Administrators' noticeboard is archived into obscurity. In April however, somebody noticed that the normal vandalism on the Wikipedia page of Glen A. Wilson High School seemed a little off on the one year anniversery of VTECH:

This is a warning. Do not remove this from this page. On Friday, April 18, 2008, there will be a shooting at this school. Current list of victims to be shot on this day: [a bunch of azns], a good majority of the badminton team, and almost every single fob. Take this text down and it will guarantee their death so I suggest you don't.


—Is he kidding?

However, ClueBot, being a soulless automaton that does not care about the children, reverted. (Rest easy Dramacrats, MysteryBot would never do something so cruel.) Regardless, Ryulong would've just removed it anyways for he finds possibly credible death threats to "be in extremely poor taste". No doubt the attacker was loading clips as he typed out his next message:

You removed my last edit. I gave you a fair warning. Now the people listed in my previous edit will now be victims in the Glen A. Wilson Shooting to occur this Friday. Your lack of attention to the seriousness of my warning will now be the reason as to why you will receive all fault of this event. Be prepared to have 33 families mourn the loss of their children and place a lawsuit upon your shoulders.


—Apparently not.

Down the rabbit hole

Apparently not big enough of a one to fix their damn sign.

A shitstorm immediately erupted on the Administrators' noticeboard, and it was discovered that this bullshit had been going on for a year. Starting in May 2007, the Anonymous pussy had been using the TOW entry on his High School as his private LiveJournal. He left entries about an Azn chick falling in a cheer rally, how she treated him like shit (PROTIP: He deserved it.), and how some slut turned him down. All in all, sadder than Alex Wuori. There was even a death threat from back then: "And we all know that isn't true so why let her live? I would love to see her shot right between the eyes with blood gushing out from her mouth begging for mercy as she clings onto a single shred of life. Haha now there's a great fantasy." However Threats of violence wasn't keeping our streets safe back in 2007, and he got away with it...that time.

A great day in the history of Glen A. Wilson High School was on May 17th, 2007 when [she] fell off the stage during the second rally...[i]gnoring how [she] treats you (if you're a friend of her), how does she treat others? How does she treat the less intelligent people at Wilson? How does she treat the less beautiful people at school? The answer: She treats them with the idea that she's better than them...[b]iggest whore of California and finalist of Whores Across America


Somebody is having rough times at school.

Wikipedia saves countless lives

Wheew, tragedy averted.

As the Wikipedos were afraid of a repeat of the infamous Chris Benoit incident where the crime was reported on TOW before the police knew about it, a sysop finally decided that the right thing to do in a crisis like this was to call the motherfuckin' LAPD. Minutes after Wikimedia Foundation staff called the police 13 detectives were assigned to the case, more than another black person dead in Compton ever got. The next morning the school was surrounded by dozens of heavily armed cops and students had to wait in a line two blocks long to be searched. The Sophomore fuck responsible for this mess was arrested the next day and made a full confession. He was charged with seven felonies, approximately equal to the number of proxies he should've used if he expected to get way with this.

The suspect's excuse was that death threats on Wikipedia, a private website, were covered by the First Amendment. Instead of stopping a possible Eric Harris, this drama ensnared a whiny bitch who complained about how his supposed friends didn't invite him to a party, how the Badminton team didn't make districts, and hated Asians because they set the curve in AP Calculus. At least Trey Burba actually had guns, the only weapon this douche had was his nerd rage.


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