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Think B4 You Speak

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Gayforyou.jpg This article is SOOOOO GAY!!!
You can help by making it even moar gay.


Think B4 You Speak is a series of PSAs by the Ad Council that tell viewers that calling things "gay" is offensive, and what if someone referred to stupid things by your name? How would YOU feel?

Quotes that are SOOO Gay

Here are some choice quotes from the official website.

Hi there, I try to remind people how offensive it is to hear God's name used as a filth word. I hear it all over, in my neighborhood, in movies, etc. People are always saying "Jesus Christ" or "G-d D-mn" (they never say anything about Mohammed or Buddha or anyone else) and not only do I find it very offensive because Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and would like it to stop, but God does too. In the Ten Commandments he says, "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him blameless who takes His name in vain." I would never demean anyone (as in "That's so gay") and would appreciate if everyone would take those phrases out of their vocab as well. Thanks for letting me post


—J H from Minnesota

At my school and library, there are people that say 'Oh, that Halo mod is SO GAY' or 'That English assignment was SO GAY' or 'You are SO GAY' Get the trend? It isn't cool to say 'SO GAY' and whenever I hear this phrase used out of context, I say 'Please stop'. Unfortunatly, it doesn't always work and people still say it. Please help to stop this saying by talking to your school administrator to make a rule that says 'DON'T SAY "THAT'S SO GAY!'.



My name is kayla and i have a really big issue with people saying "that is so gay" or "your gay"...My mother is gay and i dont think there is a problem with gay parents or gay people...My friends say all the "your gay"...i really hate hearing it and am always telling them to stop...i think it is offensive to people that are gay...I mean people think it is such a big deal if someone is gay but its really not...You cant help who you fall in love with and if that is someone of the same sex then SO BE IT...there is nothing wrong with it and i am trying really hard to get people to stop saying things about gay people...its not fair to them and i no it hurts there feelings because people make fun of my mom and her wife all the time and i see how bad it hurts her...i couldnt tell you how many times at school or work i have had to take up for my mother and tell them to leave her alone...its actually sad to see how they get treated...they even tried to adopt a child and the lady they talked to said we dont deal with gay people sorry...i mean how rude is that???I just think people need to learn respect and respect other people...


—Kayla, who doesn't know your and you're


In the "Pizza Shop" video, Wanda Dykes tells the little fag, "how would you feel that if I thought this pepper shaker was dumb and stupid, I said it was so 16 year-old boy with a cheesy mustache?" Dumb could mean a mute person, and stupid could mean retarded. So retards and people who can't talk are A-OK to make fun of but not fags? Okay then.

Not to mention gay originally meant something happy or fun, and brightly colored and showy, which could refer to a neon colored looking gnome. It later became a term for prostitutes and manwhores. So those fucking faggots stole a word that wasn't even theirs and want you to remember how wonderful it is to be a brightly colored manwhore. Also, the proper word for a same sex lover is homosexuality. The word gay is only a meaningless insult.


This entire campaign is rendered even more stupid because most fags don't actually give a shit about it. When you call something "gay" you don't mean "homosexual", you mean "bad". Evidently a couple of fat bullkdykes felt like getting some attention so they made a bunch of shit up and pretended they had the moral high ground. You know, just like every other "moral campaign".

These Videos are So Gay



Vapid bitches and their fashion...

How to stop people calling things "gay".

Don't say YES when you mean GAY.

Chris Crocker is So Gay, It's Not Even Fucking Funny

Notice, when he speaks, it sounds like he is saying that homosexuality is not a bad thing.


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Katy Perry thinks so.

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