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Thin Skin (also known as "irritable bitch syndrome" and "IBS") is a colloquialism for a disease often acquired by women in their mid-30s, although it is also present on people new to the internet. Symptoms include the inability to ward off troll particles, starting blogs saying how evil trolls are, and attempts at trying to raise a personal army.


<video type="youtube" id="H-CAcdta_8I" width="200" height="180" position="right" desc="IBS also causes one's vagina to drip with anticipation at the start of the 700 club"/> The key to successfully treating IBS is early detection. Watch for the following symptoms, and upon seeing them, report immediately to the authorities:


Oprah has a negative resistance to trolling due to a combination of IBS and AIDS, and as such actually attracts trolls with a magnetic force comparable to that between 10 year old girls and Pedobear

Like AIDS, IBS has a number of high-profile victims, who can be looked up to and sought out for solidarity or support. Even relatively unknown victims can become well known due to the uncanny ability to generate drama in the face of opposition.

Although some argue thin-skinnedness is a form of cancer, it's important to remember that thin skin is the very lifeblood of the internet, without which there would be no drama and consequentially no lulz.


Alex DeLarge being shown copious quantities of furry fanart.

Luckily, there are some time-tested methods for dealing with, and mitigating the effects of, IBS. After strapping the victim to a table for their own protection, complete the following steps to help push the disease into remission:

The only solution if shit gets out of control

However IBS, like AIDS, TB, Malaria, or any other disease, is easily transmittable and can quickly infect the entire population. The continent of Australia has an 80% infection rate, with rates approaching 50% in Britain and the United States.

The only known cure is massive destruction by way of atomic weapons. This was a great success in Japan, where the resulting scars were so thick that many Japanese now whack off to images of young boys masturbating while being ritually disemboweled. Just think of what we could accomplish by nuking Australia!

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