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They Live is a 1988 sci-fi movie starring Professional Wrestling SUPER STAR RODDY PIPER. It is about a huge conspiracy where aliens are hiding in plain sight, but noone knows they are aliens unless they wear these cool dude sunglasses. There's more to it, but since nobody has ever watched the whole thing, noone knows exactly what. lucky for ED, reportedly some guy sat down and watch this movie probably for his shitty youtube channel.


As mentioned above, our hero John Nada finds some sunglasses that let him see that aliens are controlling everything and are disguising as humans. After some shit that no one cares about he starts fucking murdering everyone who is a alien, at some point in the movie John gets some black dude to join him by beating the shit out of him like how most people should treat them. At the end the black dude gets Pwnd by some whore and then John destroys some signal and now people can finally see the aliens for what they are.

In Conclusion

They Live is one of the most epicest movie ever made and John Nada should definitely be president of America

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