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thefremen, a.k.a Miles Snell, real name Scott, is a tumblr social justice blogger, male feminist, rape survivor, brony and 30 year old professional manchild.

'This is what a feminist looks like'

If anyone needs to know, I'm a heterosexualish (and questioning) white cis man atheist. Fun facts: Bipolar; PTSD. 30 years old.

Oh yes, one more thing. I'm located in Riverside, CA and this is a NSFW blog so long as I'm sexually frustrated which will be forever.



thefremen is 'active' within the Tumblr social justice community. When he's not blogging about rape culture, he can be found cosplaying as Big MacIntosh of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, lamenting over his own sexual frustration, and blaming the patriarchy for his failures to get laid. Evidently, even the most cock-starved, obese and unkempt feminists can't even bring themselves to fuck him.

He also has a young daughter, the product of his tragic rape. A child forced to endure vegan food, indoctrination, mental breakdowns, and long monologues about daddy's obsessive fandoms. Thefremen seems oblivious to the looming specter of the not-to-distant future when she will inevitably outgrow her father in emotional maturity, moving state, placing a restraining order, and legally changing her name.

Rape Survivor

In his own words

thefremen refers to himself a rape survivor. Most people would assume that he was a victim of buttsecks at the hands of some nigger known as 'Big Tyrone'. However, he has claimed that the perpetrator was actually a woman. His previous and only partner decided to sit on his cock one night while he was asleep. Most men in this situation would either thank their lucky stars or use their god-given strength to toss the bitch off, but when thefremen awoke to find his girl riding his tiny meatshaft, he proceeded to weep like a retard and go on to develop PTSD.


Thefremen is sometimes unsure whether or not to call himself a feminist. He has too much respect for womyn to have the arrogance to describe himself as one, being the foul subhuman man beast that he is, so often he will call himself an ally instead.

His entire psyche In a nutshell

But my partner saw my pits last night and told me I needed to shave. I obviously got defensive and told him I would when he did. And he went on to say that girls need to shave, not men. I was growing increasingly angry. And I asked him why, and he said that’s just how it was. And…



Pretty clearly he doesn’t give a fuck about your wants/needs/desires and thinks of you as a walking talking sex toy. How dare they put you back in bed. How dare they say/do all that shit to you?



Social Justice

Besides feminism, thefremen spends a ridiculous amount of time obsessing over perceived injustices against anyone who isn't a white heterosexual cisgendered middle-class male, be their category real or imagined.

This includes but is not limited to:

Like most social justice retards, he believes that everything in existence is a social construct created by the white-hetro-cisman-patriarchy to keep everyone in check. He also pretty much hates everyone who's well-adjusted or normal. As a liberal western Atheist, he has frequently expressed his hatred and disgust for Christianity. But unsurprisingly, he really loves and respects those peaceful and tolerant Muslims.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Being the socially retarded deviant that he is, thefremen is a committed brony. His infatuation with the little girls TV show is so extreme that he considers it an appropriate tool for teaching him the social skills required to obtain a romantic/sexual partner.

I’m starting to figure out why peers tell me so often that they don’t know what I get out of MLP:FIM.

I legitimately learned an important lesson about friendship from today’s episode. I doubt anyone else over 10 could say the same.



Going in for the kill...

Thefremen has and continues to attempt to find a potential partner through various internet dating sites, the favorite of choice being OKCupid. Alas, when he does manage to find someone who isn't repulsed by his profile, he fucks-up his remaining chance by going into speeches on feminism, social justice, MLP, or some other shit.

Well I’m not ugly, I’m cute as fuck but still gpoy. Until I learn how to show interest/flirt/other social skills (which will never happen) I’ll be forever alone


—At least he's semi-realistic

I’m starting to worry that I won’t remember what it is for much longer"


—thefremen on sex

Another reason OKC is great. When you a read a profile and everything sounds good until you get to….”I don’t date outside my race”.

Welp. OK. Thanks for the honesty so I don’t have to try to deal with that ish in person.


—Beggars CAN be choosers

Thank goodness for “Yes Means Yes” or else I probably would have no idea whatsoever how the fuck any of this shit works, but as far as I know there is no guide to dating memes or friendship memes (well, for friendship stuff I have MLP:FIM which works to some extent) for the hopelessly clueless.


—The most important lesson in not being a rapist

The Victim Becomes The Perpetrator

Over the course of a handful of posts in which thefremen performed his usual rants about rape, some interesting revelations appear...

Whether or not he did sexually harass anyone is disputable, especially considering how fucking touchy the average feminist is. Still, considering thefremen's poor social skills, we may never know...


Thefremen originally described himself as 'hetrosexualish' on his tumblr, but later updated this to 'hetrosexualish and questioning'. Presumably this is due to his love of dickgirls. He has also expressed his talent and love for cunillingus on multiple occasions (despite not having anything resembling a real sex life).


His tumblr


Blogspot (defunct)


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