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On November 11th, 2013, on the /b/ board of the site of, a group of delicious anons elected a new princess of /b/, Sophie. Her beauty and grace (along with camwhoredness) shall propel us all into a new era of fap and longevity.


The voting period started with the post
Anonymous  11/11/13(Mon)03:46:59 UTC-8 No.515495104 File: 1384170419140.jpg-(220 KB, 1280x720, sophie (34).jpg) 220 KB 27 >>515494905 all for princess of /b/ say aye -by op-
And was responded by many
Anonymous  11/11/13(Mon)03:47:47 UTC-8 No.515495163 >>515495104 aye

Anonymous  11/11/13(Mon)03:48:23 UTC-8 No.515495207 >>515495104 Aye

Anonymous  11/11/13(Mon)03:49:10 UTC-8 No.515495276 Aye. maybe.

Anonymous  11/11/13(Mon)03:49:31 UTC-8 No.515495302 >>515495104 Aye

Anonymous  11/11/13(Mon)03:49:45 UTC-8 No.515495315 >>515495104 She seems like a camslut attention whore, but at least she's decently hawt. Aye.

The voting was then closed by [[faggot|OP]], Anonymous  11/11/13(Mon)03:57:00 UTC-8 No.515495843 File: 1384171020912.jpg-(263 KB, 960x1280, sophie (80).jpg) 263 KB confirmed princess of /b/ 38, ...thereby making it law.

All hail the new princess of /b/.

Gallery of nudes

Gallery of n00dz About missing Pics

Response and reception

Some have made advances, verbally, towards /b/'s new princess, which will result in punishment (for that it is regarded as treason.)

youre aware shes just some random tumblr cancer?


—Anonymous, fuck your shit. lrn2english.

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