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Oooooh, scarey!1
Regime team member takes a momentary break
Their reputation is terrifying

The Regime is a small team of anti-lulz Romanian Scifags/internet tough guys/1337 h4XX04z who on the 25 and 26 January were able to take down 711chan, after keylogging, leaving only a sarcastic message to appear on the screen. The reason for this attack was that with the ongoing Project Chanology raids, something in which at first they said they were not interested, these scriptkiddies were feeling a litle bit starved for attention. They also took the /I/nsurgency wiki offline with the same info. Later, when their YouTube faggotry was discovered, it became "clear" that these h4x04z were just some leet Dianetics catamites.

What they said on

In addition to showing "proof" that they had compromised the site, by showing passwords etc., the juvenile delinquents also provided some whiny text:

You guys fucking suck... still.

711chan is "fail"
Chanology would be the ultimate "fail"
its funny how your "war" on CoS only contained 1 casualty... YOURSELF.
you are not the "win"... "lulz"
a gift to all from The Regime. shell for everyone!
[email protected] password regime
enjoy! but get your own root.

The Regime doesnt have an opinion on the war on CoS.
in fact we couldnt give 2 shits about scientology.
but we do have an opinion on lame "hacker" groups.
your site has been rm, your backups have also been rm.
all your db are belong to us.



—The Fagime on how serious the internets has become and how its srs business.

Take notice at how they use the noun, "lulz" as an explanation. It almost seemed threatening; but too bad "The Regime"(The FAILgime amirite?) were pwned the very next day by g00ns and had their personal information displayed on the page they once owned.

What they said on YouTube

Dear Anonymous, we are The Regime. Your attacks on Scientology have not gone unnoticed, we have the money, resources and tools to put an end to your SP behaviour and so called hacking activities. You have soiled the good name of LRH and now it is you that have *our* attention.

We are hackers of the higest degree, and we fight the good fight not just for now but for eternity. The next trillions of years are at stake, so you have been declared fair game.

We have your IP addresses, your docs and your secret plans. We own your 711chan, your IRC and we are taking care of your raid forums.

Call off your attacks on our religion immediately or 4chan, ytmd, Something Awful and your other bases will be brought to ruin.

Do not underestimate us.

You are out of your league.

You have been warned.

Please note, that being ROMANIAN they don't have enough 'resources' to drive down the street and buy toothpaste, let alone reach out and harass Anonymous.


The outcome

Naturally, the Scifags failed utterly in their feeble attempt to stop Project Chanology, and after a few hours both the Insurgency wiki and 711chan were up and running again and everything was just fine. Now they have been officially re-named as The Fagime. has now been taken, the page now shows the following information:

Paging John Dawson on aisle 1337. How you doing sir? Operation Security speaking seems you are having a bit of trouble with backdooring ssh/sshd. If your problem is with g00ns attack us... oh that's right all you can do is keylog people :(. Yes it is unfortunate about Plasma however he has redeemed himself and well you sir are far from that. You see the issue with your group is you consider yourself hackers when in fact you are nothing more then skiddies. You feel mighty comfortable releasing information but you seemed a bit skiddish (pardon the pun) when we were on the phone.

To give everyone a bit of rundown on this, Immortal is the leader of regimesyndicate formerly regimeorder however they lost the domain and we now have control of it. So what better way to let them all know we love them then by putting their shit up on their old home? =]
Bash History:

Simply put, don't attack us or our network affiliates. 711chan your welcome if you need more help you know who to contact.
/i/ keep doing what you do

  1. xenu please kill scientology

with love #g00ns

So it looks like the 1337 HAXORS have been owned with their website and personal information being held aloft like trophies.

27th of January

Partyvan is still online, and 711chan links to the (leaving no access to /i/) however shows no signs of victory, as round about last Thursday g00ns killed those SciFags and sent them back crying to Xenu.

9th of February

The Regime deleted every topic on 711chan's /xenu/. Wow, they are so fucking bad ass. nvrmnd, it was just ECB gone rogue. The shitty security of 711chan doesn't help either.

Lulz, they can't even spell their own name.

their website

Website Broken link, as these script kiddies with a "whole bunch of money" can't afford to host their own website:

Bash History: BALEETED

Email: [email protected]

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