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There was an episode where George Bush rode a mecha Holk Hogan to make people white.

The Nutshack is the greatest animated show to ever bless television. This show takes place in the ghettos of San Francisco. It starts when Jackson and his sentient pet, Horat, decide to move from the Philippine Islands to live with Tito Dick and his cousin Phil in what would become the progressive hell of America. In all seriousness, this is probably the shittiest thing in existence. Crappy webtoon tier animation, unfitting voices, unfunny gangster humor, the whole lot.

The Characters

Phil - From 'cisco.

Jack - From the PI. He's cool. He's lazy. He's still learnin'

Horat(io) - The talking animal character. A big-eyed monkey Jack turned into an intelligent cyborg whose voice is so intangible the second season gave him subtitles.

TITO DICK "DICKMAN"™ - He raised phil and loves the ladies.

Dwayne - Tito Dick's landlord. He constantly tries to be Cool™ and Hip™ and be friends with Dick, but can't because he's White.

Chita - The freak of the week-ah. Jack's homegirl that Jack wanna keep-ah. But it's not happenin' neither. Has the only good VA.

Cherry Pie - Another one. Still a virgin.

The Intro

This show's intro is notorious being absolute gold on account of the lyrics being "It's the Nutshack" repeated 20 times and a nearly indecipherable rap. They are as follows

It's the Nutshack x12

Phil from ['cisco/the soul/the stone]. Jack's from the [pier/PI/Peeya].

Horatio [or/the] Horat's so [bigga/beer/big-eyed].


He [hates/raised] Phil and loves the ladies.

Jack's [cool-ass/cool, he's] Lazy, he's still learnin.'

'nother [one/wife] Cherry Pie. 'e's still a virgin.

Chita, meet tha /freak/ o' tha week-ah.

Phil's homegirl that Jack wanna keep-ah.

But it's not happenin' neither.

Shake it lake a seizure.

Hold up, let me spark this. Take a breather.

Breathe that reefer in my lungs.

I got grapes, whatcha watching son?

It's the Nutshack x4

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