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The creator of The Loud House has been fired for being a pervert and will probably never work in animation again!

The Loud family

The Loud House (also known as The Lewd House and Incest Waifu: The Animated Series) is a harem comedy that airs on Nickelodeon. It was green-lit when the network realized they had literally nothing on their channel except PAW Patrol, The Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob SquarePants and shitty kidcoms. Despite having the child appeal equivalent to that of The Fairly OddParents, Tumblr fags and 4chan have quickly latched onto the show, claiming the Loud sisters as waifus because they have absolutely no chance of scoring with a real woman.

Other than pedophiles, the show is only popular with Enterbots who think this show will "save" the network, and SJWs, who love the show for its inclusion of an interracial gay couple in a kids' cartoon. That, and Mexicans.


The show is about a young albino named Lincoln living with ten sisters because their parents have never used or even heard of condoms. Every episode involves him having an issue with one or more of them (including him addressing the viewer as though they're too stupid to figure out what's going on themselves) and then resolving it (basically it's like The Brady Bunch or Full House if they were animated). This generic as fuck setup is just an excuse for the writers to make up wacky hijinx and provide fanservice to themselves and the Internet to appease their pedophilic lust for incest.


Main Characters

Lincoln talks to the show's fanbase.
She may be fan fiction, but her psychological trauma is real.

The main characters, also known as the Loud children are a retarded band of Catholic, Crackazoid, pigskinned, inbred niggers that reside in suburban Michigan, inside a shitty house that doubl- I mean TRIPLES as a meth lab and brothel.

  • Lincoln: The middle child and only boy in the family. A selfish little asshole who is constantly getting fucked over by his sisters because he's too much of a wet blanket to be a man and stick up for himself; Typical of a cumskinned, beta cuck shemale.
  • Lori: The oldest sister. A massive cunt who constantly bullies her siblings for the lulz. She also uses the word literally all the fucking time. Many sick fucks such as inuruyu, X3Corez, jcm-2 and Garabatoz like depicted her as a Dominatrix and love drawing her fucking Lincoln while Bobby fucks Carol. A frequent favorite of the show's horny adult male fanbase. Just thinking about her will make your penis shrink.
  • Leni: The second-oldest sister. A stereotypical dumb blonde who is too fucking stupid to comprehend anything, only managing to survive because her family does everything for her. She is a profoundly creepy, subhuman Celt with mental retardation and supernatural powers and when she was a baby, she was knocked on the head and abandoned by her real family, leading her to be adopted into the Loud family. The worst character by default.
  • Luna: The third-oldest sister. Lesbo with no real personality, other than having a hard-on for British rock stars.
  • Luan: The fourth-oldest sister. Everything she says is a shitty pun that not even her siblings find funny. She also has a YouTube channel, fitting in perfectly with all the talentless faggots on the site who think they're funny. That idiot's voice is extremely high-pitched and annoying, courtesy of the legend known as Cristina Pucelli. She's also a psychopath to boot.
  • Lucy: A Goth wannabe who is constantly moaning about everything and scaring the shit out of everybody with her social retardation. Will likely commit a murder-suicide at some point in her life.
  • Lana: The other tomboy character who prides herself on being disgusting. Has no real character traits, with her only purpose in the show being a foil to her buttbuddy Lola. She also dreams of fucking animals just like her blondie cumskinned ancestors who loved fucking sheep, but she takes it up a notch by fucking amphibians, lake sturgeon and termites. If she was in a sex tape, she wants it to have her getting fucked by furries while she gets covered in shit and mud while she drinks pee.
  • Lola: Lana's insufferable bitch of a twin sister who thinks she's better than everyone else and gets everyone in trouble. A frequent beauty pageant winner, likely through illegitimate means. Also a massive slut, with a taste for grown man and being Little Miss Cumdumpster.
Lola Loud plays Rust

Supporting characters

  • Ronnie Anne Santiago: Lincoln's Mexican girlfriend who beats the shit out of him one time. The fandom loves her even though she's only been in three episodes. Also Bobby's sister. For some reason, the retarded fans ship Ronnie with Bobby while Lori fucks Lincoln.

- Hector Casagrande: Old

- Rosa Casagrande: Old

- Carlos Casagrande: Papa of the Casagrande Spic bastard children.

- Frida Puga Casagrande: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW!1!!!!1111!!1!1!11!!!

- Carlota Casagrande: A Lori and Leni ripoff with unusually wide hips.

- CJ Casagrande: A retard suffering with Down's Syndrome and he loves to play pirates.

- Carlino Casagrande: A stupid tryhard tough guy who is also in love with Lori.

- Carlitos Casagrande: The spic baby. Very ugly indeed.

  • Flip: An ugly, smelly, Jewish owner of the shitty shop Flip's Food and Fuel and because his name is Flip, he is a Jew-Filipino Ape-Hybrid. Constantly cons the blond-haired pigskinned inbred niggers, the Loud Family like a boss. Business is business, especially when you go to the dentist every 10 years and stuff your dirty socks in the nacho cheese.
  • Agnes Johnson: Agnes Johnson is the retarded schoolteacher of Lincoln and his class. In an episode, she said she named a polar bear "Mrs. Johnson". No seriously, it's not Agnes, it's Mrs. Johnson. She deserves to be incinerated to oblivion in a blast furnace.
  • Coach Pacowski: The retarded coach that forced Lincoln and his classmates to go on a brutal obstacle course with CRUSHERS!? SPIKES!!1! bARbEd wiRe...
  • Principal Wilbur Huggins: A gay principal who still watches kiddy comics for the mentally challenged. An utter killjoy who stole Lincoln's comic just so he could meet the Ace Savvy creator, who is a smelly, wrinkly old man living deep in the sewers.
  • Girl Jordan: A spoiled brat who quickly shot to fame after she hung out with Lincoln and his slaves. She is very good at dodgeball and is also a cheat. What's surprising, is that she is a staff member on the show! The sick fuck fanbase is making porn of actual people! BITCH WTF!
  • Mollie: Girl Jordan's best friend and fellow rich kid/spoiled brat. Also gets fucked alot.
  • Cookie QT: An adorable and cute little girl who sells cookies and what adds to her cuteness, is her mom who's Azn. As with most cute characters on the show, she has been reduced to fap material.
  • Stella: A Filipino ape nigger who quickly becomes the cocktease for Lincoln's Friends. Ever since she came, porn artists are going on overdrive.
  • Trent: A tall, thin kid with large glasses and clothing that is actually good, and possibly the only good character on the show. Roasts Lincoln and that pigskin's pet negro like a boss with his best friend Lance.
  • Joshua: Chandler's goon #1. Secretly in love with Chandler despite being too much of a tough guy to admit it.
  • Miles: Some fat, retarded sack of shit who carries a ghetto blaster around. His hair is so bad and frizzy it's unreal.
  • Richie: Another one of Chandler's goons. The legend, Trent is somehow friends with him, even though Richie the widow's peak hair kid is Chandler's slave.
  • Hank & Hawk: 2 smelly douchebags coming from the shitty neighborhood of Hazeltucky, apparently the water crisis affected the shitty town, so now the people are ugly freaks. These freakazoids are later trolled at Lucy's haunted corn maze.
  • Steak and Stan Stankco: Overmuscular mutants that enjoy massive amounts of steroids. The momma is probably even bigger and scarier than them.

The creator

The show was created by Chris Savino, known for being a writer for My Little Pony, Ren and Stimpy, Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Test, and for fucking up The Powerpuff Girls before Cartoon Network fucked it up even worse with the reboot. He has said the show was based on his own experiences growing up in a large family, which makes one wonder about his relationship with his own siblings. It's also worth noting that prior to The Loud House, he wrote a comic strip entitled The Complex Adventures of Eddie Puss, and it's about a cat kid who has the hots for his mother. No, really. Explains a lot about the prevalent perversion on display in The Loud House.

On October 18, 2017, news sites revealed that the show's creator was "almost" as perverted as his fanbase in a rather fitting turn of events worthy of his followers, resulting in his immediate termination from Nickelodeon much to the butthurt of pedos and tumblrfags nobody gave two shits about. Despite this, the show will still be running to ensure Nick's new progressive cash cow remains relevant, after which, they'll go back to milking shit like SpongeBob.

All aboard the incest ship!

As if it wasn't already fucked up enough for a fanbase to ship a show's main character with his ten sisters, fans of The Loud House decided to take it up a notch and create their own vision of what Lincoln's deformed and retarded incest-children would look like with each of his sisters. The most popular of these disgusting abominations is "Lacy Loud," the product of Lincoln knocking up his sister Lynn.



A typical fan fiction

Atomic.gif Warning!


  It's Leni's sixteenth birthday, and she only wants one thing. Barely legal; a ripe and mature young woman, she gives her request to her older sister, Lori. She wants a man to cum deep inside her tight, virgin pussy. No birth control. No condoms. No cares. Just raw, passionate, rough thrusting, as he wraps his hand around her neck, holding her down to the kitchen table, driving his thick cock into her pink pussy. She moans and writhes under him, in pain, in pleasure, unable to tell where one stops and the other begins but she knows she doesn't want it to end. He tells her he's ready to blow his load, but she doesn't want him to stop. Keep going. Keep fucking her. Don't ever stop. She's so close! She just needs a few more thrusts! The dick throbs and grows inside her. Her pussy begins climaxing, squeezing down so tight he can barely pull out. Leni wraps her legs around him and cries out, barely a choked gasp as his hand keeps her neck down hard. The man sheathes his whole dick inside, and erupts like a fountain, gushing out sperm into her tight little cunt. He holds her tight as he unloads fully into her. His eyes baring down on her thoroughly dominated nubile body. The sixteen year old blonde moans as she arches and squirms and wiggles under him. She purrs as she feels his cum coating her insides like warm honey. Then, the man pulls out, and Leni whines at how empty and cold she feels.
  So, another man, taller and darker than the last one, steps forward. His cock lays right on top of her once-virgin pussy, like a fine Belgian dark chocolate resting on a pure, creamy white cake. He grinds on her a few thrusts, until Leni starts glaring up at him. She cusses him out, ordering him to fuck her. He blinks, not expecting her to use bad words... then again, she is getting a ten man gangbang for her birthday... the dirty mouth only heightens her beauty; contrasts with her snowy complexion and innocent smile. He levels his dick with her entrance and hilts himself in one thrust, making her squeak and arch off the table. Coated with another man's cum and her own shlick, he goes in so easily he could just about cry. But he doesn't want her this way though. So he picks her up and lays her on the floor, makes her turn onto her hands and knees... all without ever leaving her tight pussy... He grabs her legs and stands up. The teen girl is bent like a bow, upside down, and he starts fucking her raw and fast. The girl's arms are trembling as they try to keep her head off the ground while he brutally fucks her. And when he cums deep inside her cunt, gravity aids him in making all his fertile sperm pool inside her womb. The tall dark man exits her pussy, and hands her legs over to a third man, like passing a toy from one brother to another.
  In less than five seconds, she's straddling a man she's never seen before and likely will never see again. His hands are on her hips. He's fucking her pussy, faster than the other two before him. The cum in her womb is dripping down his length. Or maybe it's her own lube creaming his dick. Or probably it's both. She's screaming in pleasure, but she's also sensitive. Every hard thrust hits her sore womb. Her clit is burning from the shock of being fucked so much for the first time. And to think she was still a virgin only minutes ago. She nearly passes out as another climax hits her. And while her lips are open, crying out for the stranger to fill her up with his seed, a fourth dick slides across her tongue and into her throat. It's so big and heavy, his balls slap against her chin, his cock spreads her jaw, her eyes tear up and her makeup begins to run down her cheeks. The first man erupts inside her abused snatch, and holds her down. Plugging her hole up until he's flaccid and pops out. The man in front of her is fucking her face, using his thumb to wipe away her tears while his other hand fists her hair and holds her head in place. She feels him start throbbing and she prepares herself to take his seed straight into her stomach like the good little whore Leni is... but instead, he pulls out and starts jacking himself off with his hand. She looks up at him with wide, innocent eyes, her cheeks stained with black makeup and tears, her mouth wide open and her pink tongue out and ready for him to paint her whiter than her skin already is. With a cry, he shoots his load onto her, one rope hitting her nose and eyebrow, one hitting her cheek, one splashing onto her tongue (and she curled it inside and swallowed immediately with a hungry growl), and the final one hit her chin. Leni was left in a daze, but her hand reached up and played with it, then scooped it up and dumped it onto her tongue. Soon, she was clean again, but her lips and her pussy were hungry for more. A lot more. And fortunately there were still six men left to fuck her innocent once-virgin body raw. Leni is dropped onto the floor. Her sweaty, cum drenched body is heaving for air. Her little clit is screaming to be left alone. But she knows it's not over yet.
  Lori got them both the birthday special, and she can hear her older sister getting reamed by her own set of ten black studs. The teen girl is shaking and twitching from her intense sexual activity. She's lifted into the air before she realizes it. A fifth stranger is holding her legs up. A sixth is holding her arms up. Her butt is hanging between the two men, jiggling in the free air as they manipulate her body to their liking. The blonde girl's head is tilted back, her hair showering down to the ground beneath her. A new dick is sheathed into her mouth and she groans under the strain of it, fresh tears falling down her face. She feels another cock press into her dirty pussy with a gentleness she didn't expect. Then, all of a sudden it thrusts deeply into her, giving her a swift and hard fucking. When one hits her womb, the poor girl bounces backward and takes the other man's cock straight to her throat. When he thrusts his hips against her, she springs down onto the cock ravaging her pussy. She's like a rag doll being tossed back and forth, pounded into a squirming ball of dripping cum and sex. The man in her throat grips her arms tight enough she cries out around his shaft, her silky throat massaging him as she struggles to take him. But she doesn't mind it. She's a masochistic that wants them to use her body like she's nothing more than a fleshlight to cum inside. He groans and thrusts harder; the man in her cunt laughs at his friend, but it doesn't stop the inevitable. His first throbbing wave of cum shoots down her throat right into her belly. Then, he slips out and his pulsing cock, resting on her lips and chin, shoots across her breasts and stomach, painting her with his hot seed. As Leni regains her breath and savors the taste of black cum dripping down her throat, she feels the other man pick up his pace; fucking her so hard her small, perky breasts are bouncing wildly and her thighs are turning pink. With a growl he hilts her on his dark shaft and gives her the fourth creampie of the night. Soaking her insides with fresh cum, Leni purrs and squirms against him, urging him to make sure he's the one that has the best chance at knocking her up for being such a good fucktoy for her pussy~
  Leni is set down on her feet, her legs quivering and barely able to hold herself up. Sticky cum drops down her thighs and down her breasts and tummy. She closes her eyes as she tries to wipe the sweat from her face, her wet bangs sticking to her forehead. God, her whole body is soaked in one way or another. A new stranger grabs her hips. She can't even see him. She has no idea what he looks like, but he's strong. And his hands are black like smoldering coals. He feels so warm on her belly as he pulls her up. Her feet hang limply above the ground. She grins as she feels his erection prod at her opening. But then he slips back and pokes around at her butt. She squeals and her heart jerks. Another man steps in front of her, putting his hands on her breasts and squeezing her chest. She cries out as she feels him trying to impale her pussy on his dick. The first cock feels slick and sticky. He must be lubed. He finds her tight pink hole and slowly starts spreading her apart, inching himself inside.
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  Her last two black cocks approach, and she doesn't have anything else to say to them except "fuck me," even though she's sure she won't be able to walk straight for the next week. The two men don't even bother with making eye contact or speaking or asking for permission. Strange man number nine kneels before her, lifting her ass into his legs and sliding his rock hard cock into her slick folds, groaning at how tight her teenage pussy is even after the dicking she'd received already. The other man walks behind her, standing over her face. He grabs her feet and puts her soles together, slipping his dick between them. Leni smiles perversely, not even considering they can fuck more than just three parts of her body. Now she wonders if they could screw her in other ways... like her tits~
  She can't give it much thought however. Her pussy is getting a good once over for the sixth time that night. The man is bending her down almost flat as a board as he dominates her nubile body like a savage animal breeding its prey. His hands go to her shoulders and presses her down flat, and the girl holds still, whining and whimpering like the submissive doll she is. Her feet are getting stroked with two strong hands; such an odd contrast to the brutal fucking going on in her sore pussy. The dick sliding between her soles is warming her up, like an affectionate bloom that comforts her and gives her strength in the final stretch of her birthday bang. The man fucking her feet gives in first, pulling out of her warm hug and kneeling down over her grinning face. He stares into her bright blue eyes and gushes all over her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, her hair. Coating all of her in his cum. The girl moans and goes to start licking it up, but ends up going still when the man fucking her pussy growls at her. She turns her eyes on his; they are full of possessive fire. She opens her lips and coos to him, "Do you own this pussy?" He groans as he fucks her even harder, rocking her across his lap. "Better believe I own it.". He lifts her shoulders up, hugging her to his chest, her legs bent over his shoulders. Leni is suddenly very thankful she'd taken up yoga with her roommate. "I'm gonna cum in your pussy," slamming his dick into her and grinding against her clit hard. The girl simply smiles and blows a kiss at him. Moaning and begging him to do it, to fuck her, to not stop, to never ever stop. To breed her little white pussy with his big black cock~
  With a monstrous growl, he hilts himself and inseminates her with load after load of fertile cum. Leni moans breathlessly, completely addicted to the feeling of being filled to the very brim with baby making juice. Leni lays back on the ground. Her body wet and hot and trembling from having far too many orgasms for such an innocent virgin angel~ She looks up and grins. It looks like the first eight men want to go for another round. They circle her, each pumping their hard cocks as they gaze down on her small perky body. Leni smirks at them, bending her knees up and squeezing her tits. She's aking herself look smaller, younger, more fertile~
  The eight men draw closer, not caring when they bump elbows. And when the golden haired vixen opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue, and calls, "ahhh," like a hungry girl seeking her next meal, they all blast across her body. Their cum drenches her from head to toe, showering every inch of her. The girl laughs as she feels the warm, sticky goodness go literally everywhere! Fuck! It will take her a long time to clean up, but that's ok. She falls back and continues giggling like that good student that got an A+ after studying for a long time. She pumps her feet and her hands into the air, and she cries in girlish glee, "Best! Birthday! Bash! Ever!"

Honesty, Miscegenation is Magic!

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