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The Juggernaut is a fictional character in the X-Men series. His popularity soared when Randy Hayes and Xavier Nazario made an unfunny dub of an episode of the X-men animated series (the old one, not the even suckier Evolution series Fox made to leech off the success of the first movie).

Thanks to them, it inspired some other assholes to redub other cartoons. Doug and Dexter's Laboratory to name a few.

The writers of the third X-men movie were so gay that they included the infamous line, most likely to get brownie points with the fans in a desperate attempt to atone for having cut Gambit from the character roster.

The same niggers called up two of their friends, Sonny Benitez and Eddie Vasquez (estranged brother of Jhonen Vasquez), and made a two part sequel, entitled J2: Juggment Day out of footage from The Juggernaut Returns.

Memorable Lines

While "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!" is the most famous line from the redub, there are several other notable phrases that assholes like to spout off whenever possible, including, but not limited to:

The sequal to The Juggernaut Bitch has no memorable lines because it is even more unfunny than the original and thus not meme-worthy. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS

Practical Applications

There aren't any. Although there was a recorded instance on the Hitmanforum wherein member OverGrad47 made a lame ass thread and another member, Captian Steve, posted the script to The Juggernaut Bitch in it. Whether his purpose in doing so was to bring lulz to the thread, pwn OverGrad47, or to simply raise his post count is not certain, but it is clear that he "won the thread".

YouTube Douche Baggery

JewTube removed all copies of The Juggernaut Bitch from its site due to "copyright infringement", but we all know it's because they did WTC.

However, you can still find the video on Google video. YouTube isn't the only place people put stupid shit.

Hulk Vs Juggernaut

Both Juggernaut and the The Incredible Hulk are both constantly cited as two of the strongest fags in all of Marvel Comics. However, die-hard fans of both characters often fight over which of the strong-men are, in fact, the superior fighter. Thankfully, some Norwegianfag on JewTube has straightened it out for them. However, this fag happens to be a die-hard Hulk fanboy, so his opinion is still worth nothing.

In the World War Hulk story line, Hulk and Juggernaut do fight each other, bringing much joy too all comicfags. Hulk won when he told Juggernaut to GTFO and Juggernaut did because he's a dumb shit and can't stop running once he starts.


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