The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

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The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is an animated children's TV show about an young boy named Billy who is very accident prone and not too bright. His co-star, Mandy, is technically his only "friend" and never smiles (she was seen smiling out of her own accord in the first episode, however) because she is gothik as all hell. Grim is the Grim Reaper, who uses his scythe and otherworldly powers to entertain and amuse them. He was forced to be their best friends to the death in the first episode when Billy and Mandy beat him in a game of Limbo IN Limbo.



The dumbest fucking character to EVER come out of any tv show EVER. Also 10 years old. Has a huge nose that will not be discussed any further. He probably has a form of tourettes like the fucking moron that wrote this. He is also a fucking retard. He LOVES actions figures and kiddie shows and all the other shit like that, "especially" Sassy Cat. A show about a filthy fucking cat whore.


Mandy is the toughest, most nihilistic preteen EVAR. She acts hardcore and thinks she's the baddest piece of shit in the manure pile. Her chronic scowl and bad attitude makes her the most goth, hardcore character in the series - which isn't saying a lot, considering she stars alongside some pussy pot smoking faggot. She has sooo much angst and gets PMS all the time because of her yeast infection. She wants to take over the world, but sadly,this will never happen as she hangs with two fuckwits who are as dumb as rocks.


In contrast with Mandy, Grim plays the part of a whiney version of death, despite being an all powerful reaper of souls that could send the whiny little cunts to hell to be raped by their Transvestite mothers. He speaks in a Jamaican accent(showing how much the fucking people that created this shit love to smoke weed and get high.) Though, never smokes reefer onstage as part of an agreement with Cartoon Network. He loves to crossdress (Pics or it didn't happen). The most likely explanation for his emo "Oh how fucking much I love to cut myself and write poems about shit that never has happened" tendencies is his obvious lack of a penis.


Irwin is an annoying attempt to prove that the show was totally not racist, by having him get his black ass kicked in every episode. Irwin beats his preteen meat to the thought of Mandy on a daily basis, but Mandy won't give him the time of day, much less give up the pussy. He likes the same stuff as Billy and is just as stupid as him in every way except he has a bit more common sense and book smarts.


Mindy is a classmate of Billy and Mandy who acts super-popular!!! -- and calls everyone else total losers, regularly and frequently. As punishment for being such a bitchy cunt, she often ends up getting screwed at the end of an episode. She occaisionally dies in elaborate and hilarious ways.

Other Characters

Among others:

Life Lessons

This show teaches important life lessons -- such as that taking free wishes from a stranger usually results in the wish-giver causing you to fuck yourself over during an idiotic attempt to improve your already miserable life.

PROTIP: Eclair filling is flammable.


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