The Great /pol/ Social Justice Raid of 2013

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Well, at least her nose looks like a beak...

January 10th, 2013. For those who typically browse /pol/, it was a night like any other night; bashing Jews, bashing liberals, bashing niggers, and bashing everyone who isn't Ron Paul. After all, that's why /pol/ exists, to keep those faggots off of the other boards.

Eventually, a thread was posted that managed to stop the white chimpout for longer than five minutes. /pol/ bitches about Tumblr all the time, but this was different: This was actually worth noting. A deathly silence fell upon /pol/, and for once, the words "JIDF" or "Reddit" were nowhere to be found. Something strange was brewing: /pol/ actually struck gold.

Imagine everyone's surprise when something actually happens, when a category five shitstorm of drama was discovered. And from the churning, fecal waves of the shitstorm emerged a great spout of water, from a blowhole so massive it threatened to swallow the /pol/iticians whole. From the abyss emerged a whale and lolcow so massive, so colossal, and so supersaturated in lulz, and so Lovecraftian, that the only thing that can manage to fell the great hambeast will be its own hand.

This is the story of SnowyOwlWhiteCotton, perhaps the first great lolcow of 2013. And yes - /pol/ actually did something epic for once.

Thar She Blows

Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

It all began when some faggot on /pol/ stumbled across a picture on Tumblr - yes, the board that hates Tumblr more than anyone else on 4chan obviously goes there, too - of some Jewess pretending to be a Red Indian. Naturally, the Social Justice Warriors on Tumblr, ignoring the indisputable, scientific, empirical fact that Jews are not white, flew into a rage almost immediately. The anguished cries of "CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE" blocked out the sun. Anonymous comments began flooding the Prairie Wigger's Tumblr well into the night. /pol/, bizarrely enough, slowly began to rage.

The OP claimed that she was actually Native American, drawing more rage from all corners of the Social Justice enclave. And lo, from the depths, emerged the great SnowyOwlWhiteCotton. The screams of "RACIST" and "WHITE CIS BITCH" could be heard for miles. /pol/ fell silent, in awe of the sheer amount of blubber the creature contained.

The hambeast in question, Rose Gutierrez Jimenez, is obviously not Native American herself. If anything, she was probably mad that someone else stole her idea of pretending to be a Featherhead, therefore denying her the privilege of being a special snowflake. Naturally, /pol/ smelled blood in the water, and once it was discovered just how much of a lolcow the unslain Titan had the potential to be, the raid began.

The irony in this is the fact that /pol/ was actually defending a Jew, but considering she's actually kinda hot, we can only assume that they made an exception.

BRB Suicide

Who thought they had it in them?

Once the flood of concerned anonymous comments began informing SOWC of her weight problem and desperately advising her to seek help for it, the wannabe Squaw posted the above image, informing Tumblr that she was going to take their advice and end it all. /pol/ declared victory, and a new queen was crowned, ushering a new golden age of Zionist Occupied /pol/, complete with a chieftain's headdress.

Unfortunately, the victory proved to be short-lived. As expected, the puta had only posted the suicide threat as a way of garnering sympathy, which, of course, resulted in nobody giving a fuck. Realizing her cry for attention fell upon deaf ears, she deleted her Tumblr, only to reopen again later.

Proving what was already known, the first thing she did upon reopening her Tumblr was disabling anon comments and declaring victory. And of course, once /pol/ began making their own Tumblrs and continued the raid, another suicide threat went up. If at first you don't succeed...


you are wonderful, snowyowl! I love you. <3 To anons and other supporters of racists--fuck you. Trying to justify your racism is getting sad now. Cry your pathetic white tears on my blog if you feel you need to. I like to collect them and then simply sprinkle them over my meals. Gives it nice, privileged flavor.


Tumblricon.png werewolvesandstarships, White Knighting by describing what white privilege tastes like.



Tumblr, without trigger warnings.

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