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The Græt Niggercide of Old ED

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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How niggers responded after learning that their article had been deleted.

Sometime last Thursday, was in some deep shit. It had bad publicity, few advertisers, and was losing money faster than Sanic. Girlvinyl realized she had to do something to save ED. But what?

Well, DeHippo came up with a great idea: "Why don't I delete some of the most popular articles on the site?" Seemed like a perfect solution to the problem, right?

But that wasn't enough for her, oh no. In addition, she forced sweet and innocent MysteryBot to replace every link to the "Nigger" article with the text "black person". And this is the story of how The Græt Niggercide of Old ED came to be.

The Problem With DeHippo's Logic

Considering black person is technically a synonym for nigger, this could have potentially made sense grammatically for when the link to the article was actually the word nigger. However, Girlvinyl failed to take piping into account. Due to the prevalence of retards on ED piping to the nigger article at least 100 times per page, this caused the phrase "black person" to be inserted in completely random places in the middle of articles, leading to a clusterfuck of nonsensical and grammatically incorrect sentences.

Why Should We Care?

How niggers will respond after you help restore their article's former glory.

The articles which were transferred from .com to .ch to .se to .es to .se were exact copies of the original ones. Unfortunately, this means that remnants of Girlvinyl's faggotry are still in every affected article.

Luckily, there is a way to fix this. Because most articles on the current ED are exactly the same as the ones on old ED, you can look at an archive of old ED and find what it used to say.

  1. Find an article that has "black person" in it in an awkward place
  2. Go to the Wayback Machine
  3. Cuntpaste the URL of the article into the search bar, and replace the .se with .com
  4. Click on an archival of the page from a few years ago
  5. Find the place in the article where "black person" appears in the current one
  6. Replace "black person" with what it says in the old article

What About the Jews?

In addition to fucking up links to the nigger article, Girlvinyl also replaced all links to the Jew article with the text "Jew". Although not as big of a problem and harder to notice, this is still an annoyance. If you see the word "Jew" in a place where it doesn't make sense, follow the steps above to fix it.

Then again, nobody cares about the Jews.

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The Græt Niggercide of Old ED

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