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This article may cause you to facepalm, because everything written is factual. Feel free to go spam every site this faggot goes to and tell him how retarded he is..
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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

At ED, we throw around epithets such as The R Word to characterize most everyone, but some people merit this description more than others. Enter The Gentleman. He is an ugly brat who can most often be found h4xx0ring fitness websites for teh l0lz, utilizing only the greatest skill and advanced tools (i.e., sqlmap automode). Additionally, he is a (former) wannabe operator of #OpIran and a successful troll.

Early Begginings

My nickname is The_Gentleman, and this is my story.

I joined anonymous two years back. I connected to a server called, it still exists and i met a couple of people Mirmuit, TarenCapel, Severus_Snape and mr_p, and arash


—At Anonymous, everyone who claims that was there 2 years ago is an oldfag (despite the crappy redaction).

Once upon a time, The Gentleman joined a little channel in a shitty IRC network and proceeded to bitch about everything, asking retarded questions like: "lol how do I ddosz0rs?" and sucking cocks in an admin circlejerk until he got ops. Then, he actually began to work and was invited to a super secret, kewl kids only channel known as #OpHack. It is worth noting that Sabu had been logging the channel some time previously.

The #OpHack era

jan 07 21:19:03 <TarenCapel> poor t_g with the fucking tables.

jan 07 21:19:57 <TarenCapel> like the FIRST TIME you do a goddamn thing it HAS TO WORK

jan 07 21:20:14 <TarenCapel> or it failed and screw this and anger and dont talk to you for two days and etc.

jan 07 21:20:21 <TarenCapel> well t_g at least


The Gentleman's logic and reason was clearly underdeveloped, to the point that he hacked a fitness forum in a brazen act of support for a Persian democracy... with sqlmap. What a skiddo.


TarenCapel started acting wierd. He left from time to time and eventually gave all authority to mr_p. He made him sucessor on every chan in existance. I didnt think too much of it, me and mr_p were mates and we used to joke and laugh since iranserv. But then mr_p changed. he became less and less joyful, he got a BNC and eas everywhere logging everything. I argued with him alot over the work that was happening. Severus_Snape made a server called Ideanode. It was a good idea and worked pretty well. Then one day the server, website and everything related to it disapeared. Severus_Snape disapeared and so did TarenCapel. Mr_p was an oper on ideanode, this is what i call the connection.


When the IdeaNode staffers were looking for sponsors, The_Gentleman proposed a link to his VPS (hosted in his basement, naturally), which the co-founder, TarenCapel, promptly refused as he did not place a great deal of trust in a 15 year old boy with ADHD.

<TarenCapel> Ok, listen. It's me or The_Gentleman, he will have access to his own box and see all the users' IPs, will you give him oper?

<Severus_Snape> Fuck no lol.

<TarenCapel> Ok, bbl my little pony.


After Severus_Snape pasted the logs to The Gentleman in a query, T_G took a turn for the emo and started to bitch about how terrible his life was being the operators' bitch, sucking cock everyday and getting nothing in return. At this point TarenCapel made Snape "apologize", though T_G was starting to become a massive, resentful nigger.

ene 07 16:03:42 <TarenCapel> ok listen

ene 07 16:03:47 <TarenCapel> GO EASY ON T_G

ene 07 16:03:50 <TarenCapel> he is like 8 or sth.

ene 07 16:03:56 <TarenCapel> please go easy on him. srs.

ene 07 16:03:56 <Severus_Snape> lol


TarenCapel Quits

Taren became aware that Sabu had logs of every dirty 1337 thing he discussed. He decided to GTFO, but not before naming a successor. As he was the only one who performed effective work for #OpIran, it was critical to choose a competent replacement. mr_p was selected, much to the chagrin of The_Gentleman. Thus, The_Gentleman unleashed his pent up rage upon everyone, as if to say, "I worked like a chimp and I'm still not an admin."

IdeaNode gets Wiped

Snape realized that all the IRCops were either v& or too frightened by the prospect of working on a new server (hence the connection with Sabu; one day after he was unmasked, IdeaNode was founded) He could not waste time on that ghetto IRC anymore, so he just got the fuck out and let the gifted server expire. As only one server was hosting the webchat, IRCd and website, everything died at the same time. Snape ran to Mexico for 4 and a half months, and nothing of value was lost.


The Gentleman, using his wonderful logic, realized that mr_p, the only IdeaNode IRCop remaining, turned Snape and TarenCapel over to the partyvan. Using his profound abilities of observation, he noticed that mr_p was more angry with everyone and had become a tyrant of IRC. To expose this secret drama, he pasted gems of insight such as his Pastebinfavicon.png TL;DR story and PM logs in which he informed everyone what a fed mr_p was (Pastebinfavicon.png this, Pastebinfavicon.png this and Pastebinfavicon.png that). He then proceeded to skip the fuck out on AnonOps, in which mr_p's domain was "totalitarian and totally unfair," in favor of AnonPR, where he sucked still more cocks and became an IRCop.

Drama strikes back

Leave me alone!!!11

As an IRCop on AnonPR, he made a niggers1-ish mistake; he released his password publicly. People even nuked AnonPR, making Vorado (Mr. Netadmin) believe that it was the IRCd's fault.

16:22:26 < The_Gentleman> msg nickserv identify Redwall


The only account that didn't use that password was his o:line, which was fortunately (for him) set up by someone else. Even his VPSs had passwords like redwall21.

[03:38] <The_Gentleman> yeah, but did you ever try to take a dozen viagra pills?


—The real and the unique gentleman on AnonOps.

16:22:26 < The_Gentleman> msg nickserv identify Redwall


16:23:13 ::: [email protected] has quit: NickServ (GHOST command used by magneto)


—Incompetence at its best.

[05:40] -Global([email protected])- [Network Notice] Vorado - Welcome back to AnonPR.

[05:40] -Global([email protected])- [Network Notice] Due to the high possibility that passwords have been recovered by unsavory individuals we are deleting all nick accounts and... starting over.

[05:40] -Global([email protected])- [Network Notice] Please re-register EVERYTHING. Oh yeah, I also nuked everything else because there is no reason to risk anything.

[05:42] -Global([email protected])- [Network Notice] Vorado - Vorado has to go and reformat his computer because it's running windows and he doesn't like that, so please keep off the drama for now.


—Too much of a coincidence, maybe?

16:54:28 <~Vorado> I q:lined TG's nick

16:54:33 <~Vorado> Ready for a laugh when he reconnects?

16:54:38 < spoonzy> <magneto> the old me wouldve changed his pw and run around yelling IM A GAY GENTLEMAN

16:54:38 < spoonzy> <magneto> now im too lazy

16:54:40 < magneto> lol

16:54:45 < spoonzy> hmm?

16:54:48 <~Vorado> "WHY CAN'T I USE MY NICK"


—No one likes him

Click here for the full logs.

At this very moment, he has emoquit and no one knows when is he coming back... but if you should happen to see him, pass along this article. Thanks.

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