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The Dark Knight IMDb Board

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No life, no sex, no brains
So much for the number one movie in the world, it lost out to Sex and the City

Geeks rejoice! "The Dark Knight" (the 2008 movie about Batman) is the Best. Thing. Evar. The act of discussing it only makes life worthwhile. Nothing compares to it —not even sex.

To discuss such metaphysical event that is this movie without carnal desires of any kind, you should go to The Dark Knight IMDb Board.

Welcome to hell

Fap fap fap fap fap

Much like the boards on 300 and Star Wars, TDK IMDb Board is a shithole in the form of a concealed forum. If you're not a geek (and you have my congratulations) stay away from it.

This pit full of comic-book experts has a new topic every two seconds (this is still the case despite this film was released in 2008). The fanbois type frantically with their chubby, sausage-like fingers, twiddling away on the keyboard, and with complete disregard for orthography or life itself. It should be noted that the movie's tagline, Why so serious? (Alt. spelling while fapping: Why so seriouos?) has become a signature line, a nickname, a password, even a meme, but worst of all, a secret salute for geektards everywhere.

Drama in, life out.

Of course you can't express any animosity towards TDK, nor the trailer, nor the director or even the guy who plays Alfred. You can expect this drama and more shit to keep up until the next sequel gets released..

Some topics of discussion

  • Who should Paris f^ck next?
  • Megan Fox's vagina (by thedirtiestplayerinthega - nice one)
  • Joker not Chemically burned?
  • What music would Batman and Joker listen to?
  • A cameo by Cesar Romero (despite the inconvenient fact that Mr. Romero is dead)
  • Do you think The Joker is capable of raping someone?
  • Batman - Christian or Atheist?
  • Batman is gay (literally) - (but we knew that, amirite?)
  • Will there ever be peace between Nolanites and Burtonites?
  • George Bush doesn't care about black people!
  • Gay
  • Ron Paul...REALLY? [1] (The discussion that followed, you guessed it, is worthless)
  • Do you think Batman could ever REALLY exist?
  • Oh noes, Heath Ledger is dead!!! WTF DO WE DO NOW??? (PROTIP: fapping won't bring him back, and it's a dead cert that a gajillion fucking threads on a messageboard won't either)
  • SUICIDAL PEOPLE COME HERE!!!!!!!!1111111
  • Teh Jocker doesn't care about black people!
  • I Tried to Kick a Guy in My Dream and Kicked My Wall In Real Life
  • Imagine if Bruce Wayne was black.
  • Bruce Wayne: Nigger or Jew...or both?
  • Barney the Purple Dinosaur BETTER then Ledger!!!
  • The general audiences should be thanking people like me
  • would batman eat only one packet of oatmeal?
  • Is there anyone in here who liked The Aviator more than The Departed?
  • Which Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants girl would you have hot sex with?
  • POLL: Have you ever eaten your own poo?
  • incest? what do you guys think about incest?
  • ?????
  • PROFIT!!!
  • Get this shit off the top 250!!!
  • This board was so much better during teh old days
  • Would you rather suck a guy's dick or eat out your grandma?
  • Anyone miss CatDog?
  • Can a girl get pregnant in a hottub?
  • A pedophile called me a "creepo" today
  • FALCON PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • TDK reaches 400000 votes
  • which will win out at b.o. - Milla fanboys or Kelly kool-aid chuggers?
  • Wolfman poster
  • STFU stupid ass mother f^cker dumb sh!t B4 I cap you yo punk bitch!
Honest to cock.
  • This guy on Halo 3 just told me that he took 7 Ecstasy tabs at once and (No, go on please)
  • Someone on my Facebook just posted
  • if were 10 best pic noms LAST yr, what else besides DK gets in?
  • Trailer for the new tv series I shall create about us: The Board
  • Man, I am such a nerd
  • that dude on the 1800 call ATT commercials not carrot top the other guy
  • The BEST Dark Knight Review EVER!!!
  • EVERYBODY!!! Look How Hot Lindsay Lohan Has Gotton!!!!
  • Underwear memories
  • Eh Squidward Eh Squidward Eh Squidward Eh Squidward Eh Squidward
  • Ellen Page has a penis

The sad thing is that these are actual posts. Lulz were not intentional.

A message to the TDK board

In all truth you are stupid to claim wars on other boards when you have two posts a second and most of your threads are off topic and nasty. Maybe you Dark Knight bitches are so intent on causing trouble because your offline lives are so fucked up, so unjust that "THE BAT" himself has recruited you to cause chaos because 'it always gets darkest before the dawn." Really people get a fucking life and just go watch the goddamn DVD release for the 87th time or something!!! Go kill yourself, this movie is pretty fucking shit.

Put away those black tights, take care of your kids and your wife. Or better yet get a decent job that prohibits you from being on the computer so much. Scrub your ass and wash that yellowy green dye out. Buy a business suit that doesn't make you look like a cheap pimp (excluding all forms or purple). Stop saying that everyone reminds you of your father and " you hated your father). If you hated pops so much then A) you were a spoiled brat, B) daddy didn't cough up enough cash to pay for your extra screenings of this film, or C) you were born in the hoodz. Answered yes to any of those choices and no one cares to help you. IT'S A DOG EAT BAT WORLD BITCHES!! The entire public knows that The Dark Knight is box office gold so chill out batties. You are suppost to promote justice not paranoid rebellion.


Enter Pimptaddyone, ruining the movie for everybody

Just after an IMDb user named Pimptaddyone (who definitely doesn't have an encyclopediadramatica account) watched TDK, instead of hanging out with some IRL buddies, he went straight to his keyboard and ruined the experience for everybody. Some details below:

Pimptaddyone is kind of a big deal

HAHAHA Disregard I sucks cocks.

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