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Srs bsns, lol.

The Anti-Twilight Movement, shortened to ATM, is one of the more popular Twilight hate sites. Ironically, the ATM is known for hating Anti's as much as Twitards, often posting equal amounts of blogs and hatemail LOL'ing at how retarded they both are. Despite making a website, their general apathy toward Twilight and lack of serious business has brought up the theory that they don't actually care about Twilight and are just really good trolls who are fucking with everyone. This has garnered them much negative attention in the Anti community, but also provided much lulz.

The site's main attractions are their pages of Twifag hatemail, gallery of lulz, and general ridicule towards Twitards and raving anti's alike.

The admins are anonymous and mostly only appear to post blogs, sell shit, ban people, and ridicule their members for liking anime and Harry Potter. The members of ATM are mostly lolis, furfags, and Maddox fans.

Feud with TwilightSucks

After a raging anti-Twilightfag posted a story on the TwilightSucks forum BAWWWING about a Twitard who viciously attacked her friend with acid, the ATM decided to post a blog about the utter bullshit of the story. They later added TS to their Wall of Shame because of all the hypocritical bullshit and raging preteen faggotry infecting the site, claiming that TS was just as insane as Twitards, consisted mostly of trolls, stole content from their site, and lacked any content worth reading. TS members freaked the fuck out, and rationalized the hate by calling theATM butthurt and jealous. Administrator Mars Defden made the shitstorm official by writing an entire thread dedicated to whining about it. TheATM initially LOL'd at the drama, but eventually TS nagged them so much they finally gave in and made peace. But mostly theATM doesn't really care, and is probably just fucking with them. Disregard that, back on the Wall of Shame.

I don't like them; I really don't care.


—ATM admin

LOL exposed.


The ATM has, as of late, taken to banning any member for questioning the situation, whether they were a member at the time or not for retarded reasons like asking questions and changing anything that contradicts their dear leader with, "BAWWWWWWWWW"

...Odds are, if you resort to banning people for asking the same question over and over, then you aren't explaining yourselves properly. Or at all in this case. They just take the equivalent of cramming their fingers in their ears and whistling dixie. O I see what you did thar.



As an April Fool's joke, ATM deleted their site and replaced it with a very serious puppy instead, then decided to leave it up for a few months just to fuck with people. This was followed by muchbutthurt on the part of angry site members, which greatly amused the admins.


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