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The Watterson family.
This show and many others are responsible for the death and decay of animation.

The Retarded World of Cumball is another step towards the furrification of Cartoon Network. Featuring a family of cats, rabbits and a fish, mixed in with stop-motion, green-screen, photography/Google Image ripped backgrounds, and a conglomerate of clashing animation styles and a battalion-size character list of people no one gave a shit about, it's one of the more confusing furry shows to be aired. It got so bad that they mocked themselves with one of their characters being sent to an interdimensional prison where bad ideas were sent cause they were too boring, stupid, dysfunctional and all around fucked up, where shows like Uncle Grandpa and The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack went.

The show follows an autistic furry cub and his naïve, mutant pet fish as they wreck peoples lives, suffer through whatever the universe felt like that day, and from Season 2 onward, lose all positive values they had left and become annoying little dipshits who suffer from USI; even more so for Gumball. The show rips off many other shows and video games, like Family Guy and Street Fighter and dedicates entire episodes to finding entertaining ways to make an anthropomorphic cat cry while his family simply ignores him.

As expected of a European show, Gumball is shown naked many times throughout the first season and is a frequent crossdresser, proving that Europe doesn't give a fuck about CP laws. And no, the censors don't help your case. The fanbase, as a result of this revelation, is now grown to be largely composed of pedophilic, incestuous furfags.

Searching FurAffinity with the title name will net you at least one full page of incest and rape. In a rare case, the majority of /co/ Gumball fans are surprisingly difficult to troll, especially since the most successful proven methods will get you b& and possibly v& depending on your location.

They even entertain themselves by triggering the shitstorms that engulf Adventure Time and Regular Show threads when they're not fapping to Richard getting cucked again, which is also surprising, which almost but not quite redeems the fact that they are all furries anyway, so that point is moot. Note that the "WoGs" generally dislike Adventure Time a lot more than Regular Show, as Adventure Time lacks furry characters.

This show, despite promoting furfaggotry, also netted a shitload of awards from the Annecy International Animated Film Festival award for Best Television Production back in 2011 and multiple British Academy Children's Awards as well, nominations included. It has also been renewed for a fourth and fifth season. Shows what an influence this piece has, eh?

The Main Characters

Somehow a rip-off created a bigger MILF than the original.

All of the major characters are furries, except for the retarded ones like Sussie, which is just an upside-down human mouth with googly-eyes glued on the chin. Yes, they think THAT is an original design. A list of major characters would be:

  • Gumball: The little, unloved sibling that enjoys watching Adventure Time and Regular Show wade in shit. A young furry who is a retarded smart-ass, and acts selfish and self-entitled. Title character, and the universe hates him, for good reason.
  • Darwin: Gumball's underage butt pirate. He wasn't even a part of the family until this fish grew arms and legs when he was fed nuclear fish pellets, with a Fred-like high-pitched screaming voice at times. A common example of an innocent boy, despite them kissing on the lips while the treehouse they were in collapsed. He epitomizes the theory of evolution therefore angering at least 100 retarded Christians.
  • Anais: Gumball's little sister and is smarter than everyone else on this show. The voice of reason behind the family, even though Richard rapes her every night due to suffering the consequences of being cucked.

Everyone else is expendable.

The Formula

  • Most episodes are based around Gumball and Darwin finding out about some shit, and trying to revert, expand, find, or shit on said subject.
  • Every title must always include "THE" in them (eg., The Dress, The End, The Quest, The Rapture) depending on what the episode is about, like it's an episode of Seinfeld.
  • Every episode must have some irrelevant pop-culture humour and at least one out of place comparison to something that someone batshit insane would think of.
  • The main characters must forget the lesson the show attempted to have them learn, if any.
  • Every episode must have at least one joke about someone's ass. Hell, we got an episode where its main joke were three literal asses talking to each other.

The Videos

The "pilot" for this series

Bootleg for some Chinese infant formula

What the Hell is this?

يمارس الجنس مع هذا القرف

12-year-old comments ahoy

The Galleries

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