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The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius was the last great gasp of creativity from Nickelodeon before it decided on its current path of Stoner humour that recycles jokes and story while changing the setting only half of the time like SpongeBob SquarePants, Incest humour like The Loud House and "Nicky and Ricky put their Dick in Dawn" or its wannabe, live action Animu shows like "Knight Squad" that try to make school look cool and as a place of acceptance and equality.

What was once one of the greatest shows on Nickelodeon and the equals of Ren and Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life, Jimmy Neutron disappeared from the Nickelodeon line-up, most likely, because it's creators wouldn't sell out a-la Butch Hartman, The Fairly OddParents and SpongeBob Squarepants by allowing itself to be reduced to Burger King toys and a plethora of garbage episodes, every season, that have forgotten the main premise of the series but get aired because they have the show's original name at the beginning.


The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius was created in part by the hilariously Funny, can we get the number to his dealer, we are 100% certain that his final words will be "I did it for the lulz" Steve Oedekerk, who is also known for the equally funny Kung Pow: Enter The Fist, and some other guy by the name of John A. Davis.

The original Jimmy Neutron 2001 theatrical release has the distinction of being the first CGI movie produced entirely with "OFF THE SHELF" software. The 2001 Jimmy Neutron was originally intended to be a television pilot but the executives at Paramount, probably standing at the time and therefor were not putting pressure on their brains liked what they saw. Smelling Shekels, Paramount executives decided to fund what they were shown to be made into a feature length movie.

In 2002 Jimmy Neutron was released as a television series and ran for three seasons from 20 July 2002 to 25 November 2006.

The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is currently being whored out on NickToons.


Smart kid creates inventions that get his ass in trouble or causes problems in his neighborhood and then has to use that same Genius to get himself out of trouble or fix the problem that he caused leaving the net gain of his work at absolute fucking zero.

The problems he causes usually include, but are not limited to: Alien invasion, shrinking everyone in his town, Doing a Doctor Who and teleporting his hometown to 300 million years in the past, making candy that is more additive than Crack and has all the school age girls, hell, all the women in his hometown doing degrading things for him to Get A Fix, causing global warming/cooling and changing the space time continuum so that one of his friends becomes a Hitler like leader in the future.

Main Characters

Name Description picture
Jimmy Neutron If you need to be told that this is the main character of the show, you should really do us all a favor and start testing that theory that it's possible for someone to drown in a teaspoon of water. He is a 10-year-old genius that has invented his own rocket pack, a robot dog and a device for making coal into diamonds. Usually his inventions spectacularly fail unless the plot demands that they work. For instance, in the movie Jimmy's shrink ray doesn't work at first and then shrinks his teacher, accidentally, to insect size. When he needs it to sneak out of his house, it all of a sudden works perfectly. Mostly, his inventions are used to set up a problem only he can solve while the slack jawed monkeys that make up the majority of the town of Retroville's population and your family look on in amazement. Surprisingly, with all the times he has almost destroyed Retroville you'd think the townspeople would have driven him and his family out of town like they were Jews in 1930s Germany but in his defense, Jimmy does have a Deus Ex Machina, fix any situation with a good old fashioned mind-wipe Hypno Beam that was introduced in the first 2 or 3 episodes. Jimmy is known, trolled, lovingly by his friends as Nerdtron, Big-Head and why the fuck do we still let that family live here? His best friends are Carl and Sheen. He tolerates Libby and for some reason can't stand Cindy Vortex but takes her on all of his adventures because, you know, pussy. Despite having the Hypno Beam, we are surprised that Jimmy has never used it on the girls of his school or is he saving that one for Jimmy Neutron: The College Years?
Cindy Vortex The Bitch of a girl that is always put in Children's Shows and secretly harbours feelings for the main character but can only show them through insults and all around nastiness that leads viewers to believe that the minute the two of them have a decent idea of what they need to do that they'll be screwing like Chinese catfish in American streams. She pretends to be a Feminazi but like all wimmins all she wants out of life is for a Man to step up and tell her to go make them a sammich. Most of her issues with Jimmy deal with the fact that she used to be the smartest kid in school until Jimmy moved to Retroville and showed her that no matter how good a woman might be, a man is always vastly superior. Like all girls, Cindy hates the School's prettiest girl Betty Quinlan. She is best friends with Libby Folfax and tolerates Jimmy's friend Carl Wheezer but has a real dislike for Jimmy's other friend Sheen Estevez because he's a no brained, hyperactive Fanboy that she knows will do irreversible harm to the gene pool if he's ever allowed to breed.
Sheen Estevez Was given his name because the creators of the show are big fans of Martin Sheen. Jimmy's throw caution to the wind friend that has probably been on every ADHD medicine twice, not including the illegal meth hook-ups his doctor convinced his parents to sneak into his Fruit Loops in the hopes of helping him calm down. Sheen's basic role is to serve as the voice of Bad Reason for Jimmy and get him to go with what most likely will be an obviously bad idea. Sheen also serves as a walking joke for Fanboys where he has to collect every variant toy that is produced and has an encyclopedic knowledge about his favorite show Ultra Lord, even authoring the official website, FAQ and wikia. Has a crush on Cindy's best friend Libby to Cindy's disgust. Probably the most loyal of Jimmy's friends because as he is a Sci-Fi Geek, Jimmy and his inventions are like a gift from G-D.
Libby Folfax Libby Folfax is the token character of Jimmy Neutron. To make her interesting she is descended from Egyptian Queen Queen Hasabataslapya (wtflol). She is in no way as smart as the two main White Characters Jimmy and Cindy (which isn't really a suprise considering that she's a nigger). Mostly serves as the character who reminds Cindy to take a tranq and quit being such a bitch all the time. Despite the creators trying to make her into a positive Black character all she is really known for is being into Music, mostly hip-hop and Rap, is the hands down Cool member of the group because law says black people always equal cool, is an obvious good dancer and can't swim. Later, when she and Sheen start hooking up, Libby, like a good woman, starts watching Ultra Lord so she can understand what the hell he's talking about 90% of the time.
✡Carl Wheezer✡ The obvious Jew of the group who is there to help balance out the two, Aryan main characters. Serves as Jimmy's voice of reason and is always telling him that something is a bad idea but like a Jew that isn't in a management position, he is never listened to. Like Libby, Carl is a walking stereotype in that he has an overbearing mother, an innefective male for a father, is always worried about his health, can always be found with an inhaler and is alergic to pretty much everything. Has a crush on Jimmy's mother and dreams that he has Jimmy's life, intelect and that Jimmy is the idiot friend.
Goddard Jimmy's mechanical dog that is named for Robert H. Goddard who is credited with creating and building the world's first liquid fueled rocket. Goddard also spells D Rad Dog backwards so bonus points for the reference. Goddard looks exactly like what you'd expect to get from an engineer if you asked them to draw a Scotty Dog. Mostly there to balance everything out and give Jimmy normalcy with the "Boy and his dog thing". His one trick, playing dead that results in Goddard blowing up in a small thermal nuclear explosion and then reassembling himself serves as a Deus Ex Machina when Jimmy needs to escape from somewhere or win a bet over who has the best dog.

Other Characters

Name Description Picture
Judy Neutron Jimmy's mother and all around good example of what a woman should be in that she's a stay at home Mom, cooks, cleans, can rebuild a transmission, is a competant mason and has a Class A welding license. Wears the pants in Jimmy's family.
Hugh Neutron Jimmy's father and an overgrown Manchild that is responsable enough to hold down a decent Job that can cover all his family's expenses. Everything else like paying the bills, running the house, maintenance and ensuring that they all don't die in a screaming fire bringing forth death's hell sent minions is left to his wife Judy while he works on his duck decoy collection.
King Goobot V Villian in the 2002 Jimmy Neutron that kidnaps all the adults in Retroville so that he can sacrifice them to Poultra, a giant chicken. Other than that, he's only of any relevance because he's voiced by baldie himself, Patrick Stewart.
Betty Quinlan The prettiest girl in school that all the other girls love to hate and call a Whore behind her back. Number 1 in Jimmy's Spank Bank because he has amassed a large collection of pictures of her. Betty is aware of this and even willingly contributes to Jimmy's obsession because it pisses Cindy off to no end.
Professor Calamitous Is supposed to be the main villain in the Jimmy Neutron universe but, unfortunately, he is more like You in that he dreams big but can never make it into the big leagues because he hasn't learned to finish what he has started.
Jet Fusion A James Bond style spy in the Jimmy Neutron universe that is supposed to be so charismatic and personable that he can talk his way into even the biggest Lesbian's pants, convince an atheist to change their wicked ways and even talk into existance a god for them to worship. The spy agency BTSO recruited him for this reason alone
Baby Eddie Jimmy's 17 1/2 month old, evil genius cousin that has the goal of killing off all the Neutrons so he can inherit the family fortune. Like all infant geniuses he still hasn't figured how to control his colon and not have to wear a diaper because he can't seem to get the intricate subtleties of what it takes to not go around Shitting himself.
✡Martha Wheezer✡ Carl Wheezer's ball busting mother that ensures that Carl will be afraid of everything that he can name and speaks with a voice that can only come from her being a 2 pack a day, non-filter smoker since she was 5. Babies Carl to the point that he will either never be able to function as an adult and live in her basement or get married to a woman with 6 kids, adopt them and get stuck with them when she splits on him.

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