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Ass-dumbingly long messages contain dangerously high levels of verbal diarrhoea.

TheWetRabbit is a 38-year-old pedophile babyfur who resides on deviantART and FurAffinity, and will rape your eyes with Photoshop filters in his pictures, fuck your ears with amazing music, then persecute EDiots and Trolls by doing what he does best.

His Epic Quest Against ED

Please - for fucks sake - STFU.

TheWetRabbit first came to attention with his anti-ED journals. He happens to be a friend of Knuffy, who told him about all the butthurt he got!

Oh really? Wisdom from an total tard... now how novel a thing is that, I ask you? Heh. But really...It's a shame such punks aren't shut down and taken too court. Because, as I understand it, even cyber harassment IS a crime punishable by law.



ED is a site custom made for the drama making, scene whore, gutless wonder poser types that run the show over there.

How would THEY like it if people got a hold of all the personal info of the top people over there and plastered it all over the web for people to see?


—Captain Butthurt

Fiction - ED thinks that I "think" their talentless tards "conspiring against him" (meaning me).

Fact - I don't "think" ED is talentless tards, I KNOW they are. As for conspiring against me, this would somehow indicate that I somehow am afraid of them. Nothing could be further from the truth.



See, while this will surely come as a shock to ED, and also maybe those with no taste as well, "humor" in the truest sense of the phrase, does not involve something as totally devoid of humor or good taste as trolling.


—You tell 'em, girlfriend.

TWR's Response to this Article

Hundreds and thousands of words.

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ED says: You tell 'em, girlfriend

WR Punches special ED full force dead in their fugly face, they fall to the ground and WR says:

You tell 'em toothless bloody face. You tell 'em hospital emergency room candidate. You tell 'em gutless wonder. You tell 'em bear trap using, dead squirrel abusing, wastes of space/oxygen and internet bandwidth.

You live only to pull stupid lulzy tricks and mind games on others... then when you find that it doesn't work out for you, you're left looking even stupider than you normally look, (And that is DEFINITELY saying something considering how stupid your normally look to begin with).



Despite what those of you choosing to love ED seem to is NOT an opinion it is a FACT...ONE HUNDRED..PERCENT..FACT...that ED has intentionally singled out countless member of the furry fandom who did NOTHING and yes I MEAN them first. If you can't or don't want to believe that, then please STOP reading this RIGHT NOW.



EDiots Are Talentless Tards; What About Him?

To say something like that, it must be because he's really talented, right? Right?

Only a Fur

But who is TheWetRabbit when he is not being an Internet superhero?

Merry Christmas, Wet Rabbit!

No More Wet Rabbit?

It seems that the other day, our dear furry friend has blanked his DA account and blanked all the comments. But all is not lost. By the way, the last journal entry in this gallery shows a list of people he wanted banned. The list totals to no more and no less than eighty-six users. Three of those users are administrators (namely, chix0r, lolly, and moonbeam13)! Madmantyke (FiztheAncient) also makes a cameo appearance on the list.

PROTIP: Real men settle disputes with words, not fists and knives. TWR wouldn't know this as his balls never dropped, though.

His FurAffinity gallery is still active.

Also, in case anyone has yet to notice, he has changed accounts on FurAffinity to his now called 'PhloppyBunny' account. He continues to stir up drama, as per usual, and attack people on claims he doesn't even know exist.

Beyond DA

Recently, TWR has begun spreading faggotry across YouTube while continuing his War On Lulz. In addition to involving himself with zoophile Wolfeedarkfang, TWR has issued a set of guidelines on how to be a True Furry, as well as helpful tips on keeping profiles safe from trolling.

After a brief period of relative silence, WetRabbit decided he would launch his plan of attack against the trolls that took YouTube from him. However, he didn't find the support amongst the Furry population that he had so desperately desired, and thus soundly concluded that the trolls have obtained victory over them, the reality being that furries are rightfully disgusted with his behavior. As on DA, over time other furries requested that WetRabbit refrain from his crusade, to which he respectfully disagreed. Well thought out and strongly worded messages were sent to everyone with an opposing viewpoint.

Before long, he had accused at least several furries on YouTube of supporting several trolls he so despises. In this incident, he got in a dispute with former friend and once-hardcore supporter EnslavedByDragons, after TWR discovered that he was friends with a troll whom he despised. While trying to discuss the conflicting opinions civilly, TWR went off on a 10 message, 10-30 paragraph long rant for literally four straight hours.

He then, in a last fit of rage upon realizing he had alienated what little support he had gained up to that point, had his YouTube account closed due to failure.

Back on DA

While TWR is no longer on DA with his account baleeted over there, furries begin to ignore TWR's advice on dealing with trolls. After TWR attacked ChuongChoSoi, he posted a journal on DA revealing TWR's faggotry. Chuong also claimed that TWR was using a translator to see what he and Vietfox said about him in Vietnamese. Chuong and Vietfox also claimed that TWR is so paranoid, that he watches every single furry and troll to make sure they don't join forces against him. TWR always believed that furries should not support trolls and that trolls should be removed off the Internet as well as furries who support trolling.

Even though TWR is dead OTI, the hunt for whats left from his faggotry continues.

Edit: The rabbit still lives and is up to his old tricks...again

Back on FA yet again

His activities had been almost unnoticable but he has been hiding under the alias of Phloppybunny since his "ragequit" of the internet. His activities have been his same failworthy hobbies of preaching about his problems with trolls, preaching about his anti-druggy campaign, his support of SOPA and his fail trolling of an asspie furfag.

(Unfortunately he wiped out his page before more lulz worthy material could be retrieved...Bummer)


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