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TheJewelKitten is a cat-type furry, with an original fursona, who's the strongest character ever, and apparently she invented "Skull Collars". She has attracted shitloads of trolls, and has a girlfriend named, Blazer. Her cats look like shit, and she has no knowledge of feline anatomy. Seriously. Even BlueShinewolf draws better than her.


TheJewelKitten's fursona is a plain black cat with a pink skull collar. Apparently, she's the strongest character ever to come into existence. And the only person to ever defeat her is her sister, Nico. Somehow, despite her being the strongest character, Jewel has no muscles at all. Great job, Jewel!!

Wow what an original fursona!

Jewel has even been copyrighted because people kept stealing her. That was pretty clever Jewel. Nobody is gonna troll you for that at all.

Apparently, Jewel is also the first fursona to have a skull collar. How about we respect this? RESPEKT DA COLLUR GAIZZZZZZZZZZ

In all honestly, TheJewelKitten is pretty protective of Jewel. If anyone has the slightest similarity to her, they are automatically a troll, and she flames them. TheJewelKitten refuses to believe her fursona is unoriginal and easy to copy. Well that's smart.

Apparently, Jewel is a snowleopard. With no spots, or markings, what. so. ever. But wait, she's also half maine-coon! It makes so much more fucking sense now C: Snowleopards and MaineCoon cats don't quite go together.


Let's get to the topic of her girlfriend. Blazer, whom she got together with 24 hours after the breakup with Lushi, is another 12 year old furfag who lives in Canada. They've been together for about half a year now, and make an aweful couple. Jewel keeps whoring for more fanart and attention, and acting as if their online love actually matters;

A fan has made a Fan account for this couple, showing how retarded people actually CAN be. Hoping this person isn't serious, allthough it's probably either Jewel or Blazer.


As it turns out, Blazer and Jewel weren't soul-mates after all, as most furries assume their lovers are their soul-mates, even at the age of 12. Apparently in 2012, Blazer grew bored with Jewel's affections and sent her a message letting her know so. Jewel deleted Blazer from her skype contacts shortly after receiving the heartbreaking message.


Apparently Jewel has a twin sister, named Nico. But actually it is VERY obvious this person is Jewel. Their art style has no difference


This person also claims to be the Queen Of All Cats. She actually takes this title very seriously. WE SHOULD RESPECT THAT.

Another unoriginal "OC" wich Nico will protect 'till the death is this piece of shit. Derp, because it's copyrighted. No, i'm totally serious; Nico copyrighted a cat with blue fucking fur and a green collar.

Queen of ALL cats

Okay, so as mentioned, thekittycraps017 claims to be the queen of ALL cats. And she's making sure that none of us forget about it.

The butthurt whore threatens to block anyone who doesn't agree with this. She claimed the title to make sure that nobody else takes it from her. Nico claimed to freeze pepoles accounts because they were "trolling" her. Asking her about it today, she'll just go "i dun n0 wut ur t4lking aboot." But, she doesn't even put up a decent fight, she'll just BLOCK you. Wow, you're good at this, "Nico".

Many people have sense, and realized that what she was doing was OBVIOUSLY stupid and fought her.

Her main adversary was yellowfang98, who "Nico" "apologized" to with an educational video about Internet safety, and the stupid twat forgave her.


Jewel claims to be a real, professional animator, when in reality, majority of her shitty videos consist of 1 - 5 frames.

Hey! I know. Maybe if I make my animals bigger, my art will get better!

Jewel deleted her videos when she decided to get a new design a, (See New Design). Summing all of her animations up, it wouldn't even total in 24 hours of work. Jewel doesn't put up with any form of constructive critisizm, and will often put up a video telling people to attack you or report you.


Someone thought it'd be funny to troll Jewel by reversing the fursona colors- And it was!! Person's name was crystal. They started a shitstorm, and Jewel's anal area started to get sore. Crystal had a twin sister named Nica. Which made Nico's anal area also get sore. Of course, Nica was also a color swap. Crystal claimed to get her idea for her fursona "from a poster". Jewel called her out on her BS, still being butthurt of course!!

Then Crystal came forth and admitted to being ShurShure. Lulz boner killed.

One of Jewels retarded friends trying to make a point.


Jewel got banned for being underage. Defenders of lulz are rejoicing, even your mother is rejoicing.

It's about fucking time.

She got banned for being underaged. Great job, deviantart! You've accomplished something for once.

[She's definately 14.]

Sucking up

Okay. So here's even more proof that Nico doesn't exist!

Read the comments here

Funny how Nico sucks up to Jewel, but Jewel doesn't seem to care.

Who on earth would compliment Jewels art, except Jewel herself?

Jewels number one fan!

Jewel actually created an account pretending to be her "number one fan", went to her own channel and whored herself out with "amg i luv u s0 much im ur biggest fan" and "ur da b3st 4rtist EVAR." further proving that she's really just Jewel trying to look as if somebody gives a shit.

'Maria' then made a video asking people to subscribe to Jewel.

Bitch has to get a better style hide.

New Design

Jewel finally realized what an egotistical faggot she was being over her fursona, she decided to make a new design, I shit you not. Her new design is actually shittier than her old one.

Because ALL true original fursonas MUST have a scarf. It's required.

Now, Jewel is a white cat, with orange markings. Let's not forget the Totally Original scarf!! No fursona has EVER had a scarf before! How did you get to be /SO/ original, Jewel? Hm.

Find someone in real-life you dyke.

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