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Join TheFABNursery! Where your terrible art of morbidly obese Inuyasha characters as babies can get flamed to death!

TheFABNursery is a sick fuck DeviantART club run by Deviantart-favicon.png Tompendragon. F.A.B. apparently stands for Fat Adult Baby, and is a horrible combination of the infantilism fetish and the fat fetish.

Basically, it's pedos + sick fucks = LOL WUT?

Drawing and Writing FAB Guide

We really hope it is, too.
Honestly, I admit I have barely any drawing skills if any. But I do have a great imagination and have worked with many talented FAB artists such as Zanza and the FAB Nurse. I am also an experienced writer, as many of you have enjoyed my stories. I have created this Guide to help you newbie artists and writers out!

Getting Started (Artists):

Q: I'm having difficulty with poses. How can I work on this? A: Ah, one of the first problems many artists start with. It is no shame to admit it. After all, this is a new spectrum of poses that you may not be familiar with. A good bet would be to look at pictures of infants and get a good feel for them. Practice sketching actual babies and work your way to putting adults in that position, eventually fitting in the expanded body. Another idea is to ask an experienced Age-Regression artist for tips, since they are used to this thing.

Q: Babies develop fat differently from adults. Should I be concerned about this? A: It’s up to you if you want to draw the FAB like a fat adult or a fat baby. You can both if you like.

Q: I’m having difficulty with drawing more fitting clothing for FABs. What should I do? A: Like with poses, you should study baby clothes pictures and work on adjusting them into adult-forms for your pics.

Getting Started (Writers):

Q: What should I do for a story? A: That is your choice, of course. I would say pick a girl and/or guy you like that you believe would be fitting/cute/deserving of being a literal big baby. Come up with a situation that could lead to their new state. (See ideas below)

Q: How should the target(s) act? A: There are different types of FABs, so you should decide what type of FAB(s) your target(s) is/are.

1: Relunctant and Round (RaR): This target is fully capable of intelligence and their normal activites, they are just simply gluttons confined to childish limits (Such as needing to be given proper care and garments). In this case, they’d be more annoyed by their state, but would still act like the character normally would.

2: Tubby Toddler (TT): This target still thinks like they normally do, but are more acceptant (and quite comfortable) of their big baby lifestyle. Here the character is more like a big little kid, wanting to play and having the needs of babies They still have intelligence and much of their personality.

3: Ever-growing Infant (EgI): The target can talk, but now is more childlike and prone to the tendecies then the previous. Often their speech would be more like a child just beginning to talk. They also may be unable to walk on their own and spend time crawling. Here, they are more like a developing child who is just beginning to talk.

4: Blubbery Baby (BlB): At this rank, the target is completely mentally regressed. They can only crawl, coo, and need to be taken care of completely. The target would be completely like an infant, crying and such all the time.

5: Pretender Baby (PB): This is just a fat character who is pretending to be a baby. They dress and act, but their mental state is of that of a normal human. They would act like a baby, needing care, but can snap back into their real state if needed.

You can always have a character move from one state to another as well.

Q: What about the Non-Regressed Characters? How would they act? A: Think of their personalities to work in, but you can go nuts here. Maybe one character likes the target(s) as this, and want to become their “parent”. Another could enticed by the lifestyle and want to join in, or have to join in to keep their friend happy.

Ideas Pool:

Here is where I can help you with developing your pics and/or fics.

1: Personality-related: Consider how your target is normally and figure out how to work that into your pic/fic. For example, Nami from One Piece is a money-lover, so perhaps if she was a FAB, she’d be clinging to a piggy bank? Sakaki (Azumanga Daioh) loves kitty cats, so who’s to say she wouldn’t wear kitty designed baby clothes as a FAB?

2: Role-Reversals: Always a funny idea to work with. A role-reversal is having two targets change age-related roles. Sibling ideas include: Souta taking care of a FAB Kagome (Inuyasha), Chiyo-chan watching one or more of her classmates (Azumanga Daioh), or Loki watching a FAB Mayura (Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok). Actually, that last one would be not too much of a change since Loki already pretty much takes care of Mayura now, mya.

3: Parental Figures: A cute idea many FAB-Artists and Writers like. We often call the person who would watch a FAB a FAB-Mama/Papa. They’re often expanded themselves since naturally it would be easier for them to heave around the tubby charge if they were even heavier, but that is your choice. Now you’re probably wondering who should be the Mama/Papa for your FAB(s). For one thing, you could use their actual parent! Ideas include Usagi/Serena’s mother (Sailor Moon), Miaka’s mother (Fushigi Yuugi), or Dawn’s mother (Pokemon Diamond and Pearl). You can also use a lover, such as Michuru/Michelle to a FAB Haruka (Sailor Moon) or Ed to a FAB Winry (Full Metal Alchemist), or a very close friend such as Konoka to a FAB Setsuna (Negima!). Another funny idea is for usage in harem types is to take the only man in the situation or the most mature/maternal of the girls and make them the care guardian to a bunch of literal big babies.

4: Tragedy: Though not the most pleasant consideration, some writers and artists like to use this to explain why the target is acting like a baby (And the weight gain is a side effect). The mechanics is that something terrible happened to them, causing their mind to lock them into a second childhood to escape the pain. While it makes for an interesting story, I rather think its kind of dark and don’t prefer it myself. But I’m including it since it relates to how FABs work.

5: Scams: A perfect mechanic for the pretending FABs. They are pretending to be a baby in order to obtain something. For example, maybe an overly stressed high school girl decides to spend the day at a daycare run by a caretaker with horrible eyesight?

6: Magic Gone Wild: Perfect for series that involve magic like Inuyasha, Negima, and Mythical Detective Loki. Some spell goes wild and the targets fatten up and start to act like babies, even if its not constant and rather spontaneous.

7: Revenge: This is a vague concept at first, but with some thinking, it can make for great pics and fics. The idea is the FABification happens out of revenge. One type of a revenge is a character hypnotizes another into thinking they’re a baby and fattens them up. Another could be the character goes FAB to spite another, such as Rika to her fashion model mother (Digimon)

8: Development: This is a type of FABification that is the result of the character being like this for many years. Many artists and writers like to use the idea of a mental condition that prevented the target to developing completely out of the baby days, and are still like this in their older years. In this case, many of their friends and family take care of them as they were a real baby.

9: Fish Out of Water: Though it sounds confusing at first, it is quite understandable when explained. Many times a character will make a progression from spirit/robot/etc to a full-fledged human. However, their bodies may not be used to yet, and they would have be to taken care of like babies until their bodies adjust. Such ideas can be Lime, Cherry, and Bloodberry (Saber Marionette J/Again/J to X), Rukia (Bleach), or Nuku Nuku (All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku)

10: Desire: This is just the character’s desire to be a FAB. Many times we have latent fetishes we discover later and/or keep to ourselves, so it wouldn’t be too out there to say a girl/guy wants to be a literal big baby. Besides, its your work, so you’re the one who decides this. The characters would fatten themselves up, put on cute baby clothes for their new plush size, and act the part.

I hope my guide has been a big help to you newbie artists and writers. Happy drawing/writing!


—TheFABNursery, Yes, there's even a fucking guide for drawing and writing this shit. TL;DR, no less.

In Short: Take your favorite character and then make it fat and babylike.

Trolls, eh?

So one courageous DeviantART member decided to link FATFUCKNursery to this article, and it garnered several responses-- most of which state that nobody cares. But if you really don't care, then why are you responding?

Guess who doesn't care about that piece of crap website for virgin 40-year olds who live in their mom's basements and only have that and World of Warcraft to make them feel good about their pathetic lives? WE DO!!!


—TomPendragon, pedophile and crazed club founder

On top of this, the original comments were hidden, so good luck in finding them. It also turns out that FATFUCKNursery also hides comments involving constructive criticism. Does this mean that she'll be full of lulz? It's just a matter of time before drama is started and becomes bigger then Snapesnogger's drama (though, admittedly, nothing can beat the good ol' naga drama... but fat fucks might come close.)


How To Piss Off FAB Members

  1. Tell them how adult babies and obesity is a horrid combination.
  2. Tell them that obesity is not sexy, but is in fact a health hazard.
  3. Tell them to make their characters lose some weight.
  4. Troll the hell outta their fanarts.


Say what you guys will. Art is art; it's not just one general thing. Just because you guys don't like it doesn't mean you're absolutely right. Someone could make the same claim about your art. So just leave the people like this in peace. You're being pests and no matter what you say, you're not going to change our minds.


Just to sum this crap up; pedophilia is awwright.

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