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Not since Sesame Street has there been such an edutaining programme as Teletubbies, with its strong pro-scat and pro-homosexuality message. An instant hit with Christians and Jerry Falwell, the program dumbed down an entire generation with its pro-cross-dressing and pro-"potty potty, in my mouth" propaganda!

Dramatis Personae

Po: A Maoist communist - the archtypical red - Po is a butch lesbian who refuses to wear a skirt and demanding others around her to go "potty" in her mouth. Yet behind this facade, Po suffers from a stumpy's Napoleon complex and threatens people with a circular ball. The symbol above Po's head represents the Azn rising sun and portends global domination by 2014.

Laa-Laa: The straight heterosexual of the bunch, LaLa is the typical girl who like all sick deviants, takes pride in forcing others to engage in sick sexual games of gender reversal. She will often force the rest of the Teletubbies to wear her skirt.

Tinky Winky: The ringleader of the Teletubbies and their deviant agenda. With his purse and skirt (taken from Laa-Laa), Tinky Winky seeks to convince the world that being queer is normal and acceptable.

Dipsy: The token black Teletubby. Has an on-again, off-again thing with Laa-Laa, who likes to force Dispy to dress like a tranny for her amusement. Does not like wearing a skirt. But he does love to wear his pimp hat, which covers up his phallic antenna.

Noo-Noo: A symbol of the military-industrial complex, this leviathan of a vaccuum cleaner sweeps across the Teletubbies landscape, hooting like one of the Martian tripods and sucking up innocent rabbits as it goes.

Baby Jesus: This Jew charlatan gazes down from the heavens gurgling nonsense and promising a "happy bedtime" in the afterlife.


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Teletubbies Get off My Laaawn!!!

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