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Typical TeenChatCenter User

Teenchatcenter.com is a browser based chatsite run on Akiva's ChatSpace software, started by some fag named Andy who thought that putting a bunch of prepubescent retards together when such a site already existed was a good fucking idea. Unlike more evolved sites of its nature, which generally feature forums and other shit nobody cares about, Teenchatcenter.com thinks itself to be above such things and strives to create a userbase made entirely of people that it shamelessly advertises to. It also lacks any definitive spoof protection short of needing a proper FullName and a .dll(though a blank space for the FullName is apparently good enough to defeat this protection, you will still need a spoof/lol.dll for your mIRC and a proper RAW JAVAUTH to get in). This is no longer true, the JAVAAUTH has been changed and the old spoof DLL no longer works for this server.

Mobert, the site's bot, is a(presumably) completely IRC based piece of shit that only offers basic flood protection and simple commands to kickban users(because typing in /mode #TeenFlirt +b (hostmask) is the most difficult task on the planet).

How To Properly defeat Mobert and his AIDS

Your bots should be ignoring eachother, and changing names constantly.
  • Step 1. In order to combat Mobert's faggotry efficiently, it is important that you swiftly find a .dll for spoofing ChatSpace, install it into your mIRC folder, and get a working remotes script for it. If you don't have any of this and/or are 13, you should stick to psyopping by participating in nightly events(we'll get to that in a bit) or try the alternative. It is best to connect your shit during the early evening hours, as this will most likely ensure that few admins are on, and that the few that are will not be paying attention. You may need to have some bots stay the fucking night if you plan to do any morning or afternoon griefing.
  • Step 2. Now that you're on IRC, a multitude of options have become available! Unfortunately, most of these become immediately unavailable due to Mobert's l33t flood protection. However, solutions have already been found. Provided you've got a cell in your skull, you can easily find a scripting website and download some fun games for your mIRC. Games such as Trivia and other owner-side functional activities can easily be brought in en masse. Others such as Uno, which require actual input from chatters, should be ignored, as you can't control the amount of flooding your bots will cause.
And when you're checking your midget java client, you get something like this. PROTIP: Announce that it is now 'Trivia Night' on java for added lulz!
  • Step 3. Since you have a dickload of your bots connected on various proxies by this point(you should, but if not, try the alternative again), let's cause some shit with them! Most site moderators will just leave #TeenFlirt for periods of 30+ minutes for no reason whatsoever. Get yourself Jondo and get the fuck on the java client to watch your hard-earned lulz commence. Make sure to /ignore *!*@* when you connect to prevent pissants and retards from controlling your bots and shutting off functions, and keep admins from pinging and versioning them if you have them lying in wait. If your bots are failing due to Excess Flood, try toning down the speed, you've got plenty of them there and the java client is about | | that goddamn tall. Don't forget to try to interact with your bots and pretend to be pissed.

PROTIP: Tor should never be used for this.

PROTIP(again): If you can't understand why, kill yourself.

P.S. If you really, truly insist on getting 'lulz' from harassing idiots for over 30 minutes with 'lol phon plz,' be sure to give the numbers to dedicated faggots such as KoraX on the proper radio channels on Raidchan or partyvan. Making and recording calls yourself is useless. There are people that do this kind of shit for entire nights and make recordings that get replayed for years.

Gallery(of LULZ!) :D

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