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Teen Titans

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Teen Titans femdom.PNG

Once upon a time, comic book nerds had the fantastic idea of crossing over all the sidekicks for one great fantastic sidekick orgy, so they could skip through the fields of olde, pick flowers, and do other gay shit. Because DC comics had nothing better planned for the sidekicks, they decided go with the fans' wet dream and the comic series about Superhero rejects banding together because they really, really suck was born. However, despite whatever comic book fans tell you, the series went to hell even before Cartoon Network raped it up the ass because, like any comic book series, it suffered from featuring about five million characters, none of which served a purpose besides satisfying a specific fetish.


Oh boy! If you like one note characters, then man, it's got a lot of that. These characters are so typical that all of the fans root for the villains. Then again, the villains include Joseph Fritzl, Tom Anderson, Satan, and other pedos, so it's no wonder they pwn the brats 90% of the time.

  • Robin: The only character that non-comic-book nerds recognize. Thus, he's the leader. It's also for this same reason that he's the leader in the comic because who ever heard of Beast Boy or Cyborg before the Teen Titans? I've been told that they exist.
  • Raven: Space-Satan's daughter that is loved by fanboys of the show because of how beatifully rendered her tits are and fangirls love to ship her with Beast Boy because "OMG! THEY HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON! THAT'S SO CUTE!!11" Mind raped Robin or Nightwing or whatever in the comic because he was going to marry Starfire and the writers decided to Conviently make her want Robin to fuck her like a 15 year old boy in a whore house with a wallet full of $50s. Serves no other purpose than to be a public service message brain washing young boys with the idea that the weird emo girl that cuts herself can be a pretty decent fuck if she has a nice body and is cute.
  • Beast Boy: The so called "funny" virgin that can fall in love with anything with tits faster than his dick can get hard. Best friends with the nigger because minorities gotta stick together. Best known as being the weakest link of the group despite Robin not having any powers.
  • Cyborg: Token ethnic of the group who receives no fan attention at all because he never eats fried chicken like a good little nigger. Instead, his role is to build shit while the white, green, and gray folk go out and do the real work. It was also decided that Cyborg couldn't go on any missions because, like any ghetto convict, he drove a loud car and shot everything he saw. When he does appear in fan fictions or art it's usually as a rapist because that's what everyone thinks that niggers do. His real comic counterpart is actually friggin' hot, though.
  • Starfire: The socially-retarded one whose sole purpose is to provide underage pantyshots, nip slips and be so oblivious that fanfags will think that she'd actually let them fuck her. In TTG they go inside her before they go inside Cyborg, leading the Rule of Fantastic Voyage Plots to be broken (only go inside Cyborg if it's the Teen Titans doing this kind of plot) and people hating her for dumb reasons (TTG sucks anyway and Cyborg is the worst portrayed in the show, but Cyborg needs to be gone inside.)
  • Terra: Takes Beast Boy's virginity, joins the bad guys, and is hated by the fangirls for "STEALING BB FROM RAE RAE!! BETRAYING THE TITANS! THAT BITCH! I'LL FUCKING KILL THAT SLUT!" Even more hated by fans because in the comic: She smokes both cigarettes and cock. Is a jailbait whore that fucks Deathstroke and is drawn a whole hell of a lot chubbier in the comic then she appears on tv and has fucked up teeth. The only thing that the Tv version has in common with her comic counterpart is that they're both flat chested because it's common knowledge that only 13 year old girls that are with the good guys can have 32 double D mommy bags decorating their chest. Submitted as further evidence, look at Ace from Justice League Unlimited. This bitch has two backs.

Unlike the tv show, the writers of the comic have actually admitted that it was their goal for them to want the reader to hate Tera and not sympathize with her like in the tv show because, in their words, "She is an evil whore with no soul."

  • Deathstroke: Main villain of the series that is best remembered for making Tera his bitch and Getting ripped off by Marvel comics and renamed Deadpool. His most notable achievements are his almost raping Raven on her birthday and getting pwned by his dead bitch of a wife in the eye, allowing him to be skullfucked by Trigon in later episodes that are mega popular with the show's fans because of a loli version of Raven that has more fan art, hentai interpretations than there are real numbers in mathmatics.

In the original Teen Titans series he was named Slade because the asshole censors working for Cartoon Network didn't like the idea of a character in a children's show with the word DEATH in his name. They felt it might tramatize them by helping them to realize that they aren't immortal and one day will become worm food and sooner or later, everything dies. Right here is a good reason why so many colleges and universities need safeplaces for all their sensitive snowflakes and why we will get our asses kicked if there is ever a third world war.


  • Arkham-Insanity: Draws Titans CP
  • Nesshelper
  • Neo arcane: Starfire's biggest faggot
  • Dakari-King Mykan: Makes videos of Beast Boy lip-syncing Sesame Street songs and writes emo fics about Beast Boy wanting to pound Terra's vagina.
  • Bbraefan1530 Mostly just blogs about others who do shipping art of Beast Boy and Raven while occasionally posting some of her bad art. Has recently taken to writing very bad near bestiality fics about Beast Boy and Raven screwing like mad.
  • Sonbreezie: Likes Cyborg.

Teen Titans Go!

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Teen Titans Go!.

In 2012, people got hyped up for what they thought was Season 6 of Teen Titans. Too bad they failed to realize the show is nothing like the original and if anything is a spinoff of the original. Now they are butthurt and won't stop complaining about it, let alone fuel the fire with constant rants on YouTube about it.

Lost episodes

Have you spotted the trend?


TITANS, GO!!! About missing Pics

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