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Teamspeak is a small step forward in the ways of communication on the Internet, allowing basement dwelling nerds to communicate voice to voice. It's yet another useless advent, but one that may just encourage them to get outside and breed.

Which could be very BAD for humanity.

It's extremely bad for humanity actually. (Wikipedia submission.)

This: "oh stfu you worthless cockjuggling leukemia-patient" is an example of common teamspeak Dialouge as their servers are full of internet tough guys and 12 year old children.

For a list of games that utilize teamspeak, plz see our list of XBOX games.


Teamspeak is still an untapped market for lulz provided you have downloaded a voice changer so no one notices how much your voice fails. There are many way to achieve these lulz. Here are some examples:

  • Blow in your mic. It's simple and inexpensive.
  • Go into a World of Warcraft server and talk about how awesome your RuneScape character is.
  • Make fart noises.
  • Laugh like a retarded baby.
  • Disagree with what everyone says no matter what they are talking about.
  • Make fun of peoples voices.
  • Have sex with yourself.

Examples of lulz on Teamspeak

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