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Your worst nightmare.

Taylor Chapman found her 15 minutes of fame by using a cellphone to videotape herself bitching out a cashier at Duncan Donuts for not providing a receipt. What better way to impress your friends on Instagram than to show what a hard-ass bitch you are on Youtube? Unfortunately her plan backfired in the worst possible way and the video went viral, cementing her as an obnoxious, loud-mouthed complaining bitch for the entire world to mock.

During the rant, she berates hapless employees for things they did, things they didn't do, their race, and also accosts customers for their opinion on the matter. Predictably, they look uncomfortable and don't want to be involved, however her camwhore instincts go into turbo-drive and she drags the ordeal out for 10 fucking minutes.


A few weeks after the video grabbed it's nth million view, her employer caught wind of it and released the following statement:

We will no longer employ her for any future video spokesperson positions. Her behavior was disgusting and foul to say the least, and we do not work with anyone who displays such toxic rhetoric as we have seen Ms. Chapman do on her video.


—Power Sales Team

They released their statement as a youtube video however it was taken down after a few days. An archived copy of the YUR FIRED video can be found here.

Next time just take the free doughnut you dumb bitch.

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